Online Property Mutation: Haryana Makes Property Changes Super Easy

Online Property Mutation: Haryana Makes Property Changes Super Easy

Haryana welcomes the online property mutation process, where ownership is transformed with a click. No more paperwork, just a digital adventure.

On Thursday (6 July 2023), Haryana’s Chief Minister, Manohar Lal Khattar, disclosed the launch of an online portal to simplify the property mutation process in the state. Mutation refers to the transfer of ownership rights for a property. So, the portal allows for the automatic generation of mutation documents after land registration.

The portal showcases the mutation detail, which can be checked by anyone interested. However, a period of 10 days will be given for raising objections to the mutation. The mutation will be automatically processed if no objections are raised within the allotted timeframe.

Per Chief Minister Khattar, digitalisation of the mutation process is a significant step towards clean and transparent governance. Previously, people had to endure a cumbersome and time-consuming process to get the property mutations. This new initiative simplifies and expedites the process, saving people from unnecessary hassles.

Furthermore, the Chief Minister stated that the registration of properties will now be handled by tehsildars, sub-divisional magistrates and district revenue officers.

Chief Minister Khatter stated, “Soon, we will introduce a new system under which the registry of property can be done anywhere in any district.”

In addition to the property mutation announcement, the Chief Minister also announced the withdrawal of cases registered against scheduled caste community members, with the condition that the crimes were not heinous.

Launching the online portal for property mutation marks a significant milestone in Haryana’s governance. With this development, the state aims to provide efficient and transparent services to its citizens while reducing bureaucracy and ensuring a smoother process for property owners.