Only 7% of Real Estate Agents Get the MahaRERA Certificate By the Deadline


7% of Maharashtra’s real estate agents have passed the MahaRERA test and get the certificate within the deadline (September 1).

In a recent report, it’s been revealed that out of all the real estate agents who signed up with the Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA), only a tiny 7% have received the official certification to offer their services.

Earlier this year, in January, MahaRERA made a rule that every real estate agent had to pass a test and complete some training by September 1 to become certified.

Out of the 44,858 agents registered with MahaRERA, just 3,217 of them managed to get the certification. MahaRERA disclosed that 405 agents passed the first exam, followed by 2,812 in the second, and only 7% of all the agents got what they needed.

As only a few agents have the certificate, MahaRERA is considering giving them some more time. Some agents have already requested an extension of six to seven months.

Sachin Shingavi, the head of the Association of Real Estate Agents Pune, argued that these tests aren’t necessary. He believes that agents won’t make mistakes if developers share all the necessary information on the website. Also, he pointed out the test cost, which is a hefty Rs 5,000.

Mustafa Kothambawala, a MahaRERA-registered agent from Pune, also said that this certification isn’t necessary because MahaRERA-registered projects already have to follow the rules.

Another anonymous agent urged MahaRERA to extend the deadline quickly to prevent confusion for homebuyers.

The agent training included online tours of the MahaRERA website to help agents understand how to access information about promoters, projects, and legal details. The one-hour test contains questions about the responsibilities of promoters, homebuyers, and agents.