PAC Directs Noida Authority to Breathe Life into Stalled Sports City Projects

PAC Directs Noida Authority to Breathe Life into Stalled Sports City Projects

Assembly panel gives green light to kickstart Sport City projects in Noida, igniting a game-changing wave of development.

In a significant turn of events, Noida’s Sports City projects may finally see the light at the end of the tunnel as an Assembly panel urged the Noida Authority to permit the resumption of work on the stalled projects. These ventures, which were conceptualised in 2008, faced a series of challenges, including complications arising from sub-leasing land to third parties and non-compliance with sports infrastructure requirements.

A ray of hope shines upon the 15,000 eager homebuyers whose dreams were put on hold due to the delay caused by failing to meet the basic licensing prerequisite of integrated sports facilities alongside housing developments. As the sub-leasing intricacies and uncertainties plagued the projects for years, the Assembly’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has taken a decisive stance to expedite progress.

The PAC’s directive, issued on July 24th, instructs the Noida Authority to permit developers to resume work on projects where ample land is available.

Along with 15,000 prospective homeowners, an additional 15,000 occupants are struggling to register their homes due to developers falling short of licensing requisites.

Noida’s Chief Executive Officer, Lokesh M, confirmed that the Authority is committed to following the PAC’s recommendations.

Envisioned as an integrated mini-township sprawling over 300 hectares, Noida’s Sports City projects aim to combine contemporary sports facilities with residential and commercial areas. Four distinct locations across the city were designated for this ambitious endeavour, including Sectors 78, 79, 101, and 150.

The PAC’s intervention, prompted by a Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) audit report, marks a pivotal moment in this saga. Three meetings have transpired, culminating in the directive to allow two prominent builders, Lotus Greens Group and ATS Homes, to resume their operations. The builders need to present revised maps showcasing the integration of international standard sports facilities on 70% of the land, alongside affidavits attesting to the availability of green and sports spaces.

As Lotus and ATS prepare to present their responses, Noida Authority has enlisted private consultant Skyline to investigate delays and address CAG objections comprehensively. A dedicated three-member committee, spearheaded by an additional CEO, will analyse CAG’s concerns and compile a comprehensive report.

Anticipation now turns towards September’s upcoming meeting, during which the reports will be presented before the Noida Authority’s board and the PAC. The focus remains steadfast on adhering to the initial vision of allocating 70% of the land for world-class sports facilities while homebuyers eagerly await the completion of these long-awaited projects.