Panchkula Realtor Incurs a Loss of Over Rs. 70 Lakh on a Cheap Land Deal

Panchkula Realtor Incurs a Loss of Over Rs. 70 Lakh on a Cheap Land Deal

Fraud of Rs. 70 lakh property deal in Panchkula which was not in the seller’s name.

Prem Chand Singla, a real estate dealer residing in sector-12/A of Panchkula, lodged a complaint against three individuals for defrauding him by selling non-existent land for Rs. 70 lakh. Singla informed the police that in August 2022, he was introduced to Harjeet Singh and another individual named Lal Singh.

Harjeet Singh is a resident of Kami village, and Lal Singh is from Panjokhara. They came to meet Prem Chand Singla to sell him a 12.6-acre land deal. After getting this exciting offer, Singla went to look at the site and then agreed to buy 100 Kanal and Marla land from them by paying Rs. 56 lakh per acre.

Later, Singla told them that he wanted Revenue Patwari to inspect that site. However, Lal Singh told him not to worry and that he would arrange the revenue patwari.

After this incident, Lal Singh got one person in the office of a realtor and introduced that person as the revenue patwari. Within a week, Singla finalized the official paperwork for the land transaction, having paid Rs. 70 lakh.

Only a few days later, during a visit to the site, Singla learned of the deception when a farmer informed him that Lal Singh did not possess any property in the area.

These actions are an eye-opener for all the buyers to properly inspect the property and documents before making any deal.