Param Capital’s Director Makes Record-Breaking Purchase in South Mumbai

Param Capital's Director Makes Record-Breaking Purchase in South Mumbai

Param Capital’s director, Asha Mukul Agarwal, bought 3 fancy Mumbai apartments worth Rs. 263 Crore, setting a new benchmark within the city.

Founded in 1993 by Mukul Agrawal, Param Capital has built a reputation for its commitment to long-term, value-based investing in private and public markets within India.

Asha Mukul Agarwal, the director of capital market investment and trading firm Param Capital, has made headlines by purchasing 3 super fancy apartments in South Mumbai’s Malabar Hill. This amazing deal costs more than Rs. 263 crore, making it a hot topic in real estate.

Agarwal got these incredible apartments from a famous real estate company called Macro Tech Developers, which is part of the Lodha Group. These apartments are in the residential tower known as Lodha Malabar, located on Walkeshwar Road. These apartments, located on the 24th and 25th floors of the building, are huge, covering a total of nearly 19,254 square feet, which means they offer some breathtaking views of the city and the Arabian Sea.

The transaction breakdown reveals that Agarwal has secured two luxurious apartments on the 25th floor, featuring a combined area of 9,719 square feet, for a hefty sum of over Rs. 132.75 crore. Additionally, she has invested a significant Rs. 130.24 crore in a single apartment spanning 9,535 square feet on the 24th floor.

This massive purchase didn’t just get attention because of its price tag. The stamp duty, like a tax paid during the property registration process for all three apartments, was nearly Rs. 13.15 crore. It was part of a trend in Mumbai’s property market, where they collected over Rs. 1,121 crore in stamp duty just in September, setting a new benchmark for the real estate sector.

In addition to these luxurious apartments, Agarwal’s investment provides her exclusive access to a remarkable total of 10 car parking slots within the tower, further enhancing the charm of these properties.