Plan in two weeks to resolve stuck housing projects in Noida

Plan in Two Weeks to Resolve Stuck Housing Projects in Noida

A plan to resolve the logjam between stakeholders of group housing projects in Noida, Greater Noida is expected in two weeks, a senior Uttar Pradesh government officer said on Monday.

According to officials, a meeting of Noida Authority, Greater Noida, bank representatives and real estate developers was held here on May 20 to discuss an action plan for “stuck up” housing projects in the region.

During the meeting, some of the bankers also expressed their concern over the region’s “declining feasibility” in terms of investment in future, an official, who attended the meeting, told PTI on condition of anonymity.

“A lot of housing projects in Noida, Greater Noida have been stuck for a long time. Home buyers in many projects which have been delivered are awaiting registry of the homes for a long time,” the official said.