Puri Construction to be in Trap for Fraud in Gurugram Projects

Puri Construction to Be in Trap for Fraud in Gurugram Projects

Eight home buyers filed an FIR against Puri Construction for usurping their money by fraud! But, the company denied all the allegations and said that these home buyers have other motives.

Eight homebuyers filed a complaint against Puri Construction with the Economic Office Wing (EOW) of Delhi Police.

The home buyers also complained that Puri Construction promised that the property will face amazing scenery. However, on visiting, the home buyers found that the flats were facing towards a functional crematorium. Home buyers also accused the builder of deceiving them while purchasing the “luxurious” flats.

The “Emerald Bay” housing project is in sector 104 in Gurugram, Haryana. And this housing project was supposed to have nine towers that would include 30 floors and offer amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, meditation area, skating park, kids pool, floodlit tennis, badminton court and much more. Builders also promised that the properties will face amazing views and the views will be just like some seven-star hotel!

Around January 2013, the builder of Puri Construction presented an amazing layout of the project but later on, all of them were just blank promises made to the home buyers!

In the FIR, the home buyers complain that these properties are not livable even after ten years, and this housing project does not have any needed amenities and was promised. It also has very poor construction, inadequate sanitation, destructive location and more!