Scamsters Busted: Two Arrested for Cheating Buyers with Fake Property Deals in Delhi’s Chhatarpur

Scamsters Busted: Two Arrested for Cheating Buyers with Fake Property Deals in Delhi's Chhatarpur Img

Scammers (Gunveen Singh and Jitin Pal singh) were caught for selling two properties in Chhatarpur by claiming the property agreement to be in their name.

In a recent incident in Delhi’s Chattarpur area, two individuals have been apprehended for their involvement in a fraud where they promised to sell properties but ended up cheating a person of Rs 4.85 crore. The culprits, identified as Gunveen Singh (45) and his brother-in-law Jitin Pal Singh (40), have been taken into custody by the police.

Yogesh Tyagi, who is the director of M/s Balaji Metropolis Pvt Ltd, claimed that Gunveen Singh, along with Jitin Pal Singh, introduced themselves to be the owners of two properties in Chattarpur. They convinced Yogesh Tyagi to invest in these properties for Rs 4.85 crore.

According to the complainant, Gunveen assured him the properties were free from legal disputes or encumbrances. In 2018 the sale agreement was executed, and Yogesh Tyagi paid Rs 2.80 crore. However, in August of the same year, he discovered that the property was involved in a civil suit, which was already pending. Realizing he had been cheated, Yogesh Tyagi demanded a refund of his money.

The police, taking the matter seriously, investigated the complaint and successfully arrested Gunveen Singh and Jitin Pal Singh for their fraudulent activities. During the investigation, both the culprits tried to abscond, and a non-bailable warrant was issued against them.

Such cases remind individuals to exercise caution when engaging in property transactions and to thoroughly verify the legal status of the properties they intend to purchase.