Tilting Tower Trouble in Gurugram: 20 Residents Evacuated as 5-Storey Illegal Building Leans

Tilting Tower Trouble in Gurugram: 20 Residents Evacuated as 5-Storey Illegal Building Leans

Danger strikes Gurugram as a 5-storey building leans dangerously in DLF 3. 20 people were rescued, but illegal construction raises the alarm.

On Monday night, a 5-storey building in DLF 3, Gurugram, started to lean to one side. About 20 people residing in the building had to move out because it was not safe anymore. They were scared when they saw the building tilting and thought it was an earthquake. But it turned out that the building was improperly constructed, and some excavation work happening next to it might have caused the problem.

The owner of the building, Balwant Singh, did not follow the rules in construction. As per the rules, he could only build two and a half floors, but he built five instead. It is the reason the building was not strong enough. The plot owner next to the building, Pawan Yadav, was digging the ground without getting permission from an architect or engineer.

People in the neighbourhood helped the residents of the tilted building to move out safely. They also called the town and country planning department and the district administration to inform them about the situation. The authorities gave notices to Balwant Singh and Pawan Yadav. Balwant Singh has been told to leave the building immediately, and Pawan Yadav has to stop the excavation work.

The notice given to Balwant Singh states, ‘It has been come to notice that the existing building has tilted at the site; therefore, the property owner is directed to immediately vacate the building and get the building audited by government empanelled structural engineer.”

It is not the first time illegal buildings have been a problem in DLF 3. Previously, the authorities found many buildings built without following the rules. They have recommended taking legal action against some property owners. These illegal buildings have pressurised the area’s infrastructure, like electricity and water supply.

Now the authorities are trying to fix the situation and ensure that people in DLF 3 can live safely in their homes. They want to demolish the tilted building and take action against those who broke the rules.