Retirement Homes in Pune – A Modern Take for Old-Age Home

Retirement Homes in Pune

A retirement home is where older adults stay and receive care when they cannot help themselves. Let’s find out what facilities provides in Pune.

The retirement communities of today are very different. Senior citizens who want to stay the rest of their lives in a friendly community with good company and freedom to follow their interests should actively choose it.

People should also be aware that retirement homes, often known as assisted living facilities, are not the same as nursing homes. These facilities provide care for those who require ongoing medical attention, and their emphasis moves from fostering independence to encouraging healing. Now let’s understand retirement homes in Pune.

Facilities Provided at Retirement Homes

Quality of Life

Independent living units comprise retirement communities (also known as senior living homes) and could be a senior-oriented apartment buildings. As a result, you can anticipate all the amenities you would find in a typical residential apartment building, along with special features to aid seniors.


These retirement residences were built with senior citizens’ convenience and comfort in mind. Infrastructure for Independent Living Units (ILUs) and shared infrastructure reflect this.

A paid senior citizen living in retirement villages typically has open, well-kept lawns, lots of recreational amenities like gyms and swimming pools, indoor and outdoor activities, common community halls, restaurant-style cafeterias, and supermarkets on the campus.

Medical Care

In case of a crisis, senior living facilities have qualified medical staff on-site who can offer first aid and prompt medical care. Additionally, all retirement communities have affiliations with prestigious medical facilities where residents can go for routine medical exams and specialised care. You can drive on your own in a retirement community or ask the staff to take you to and from the hospital for regular exams.

Most senior living facilities also offer additional medical help and care as needed. Seniors with limited movement and who need extra care are given additional in-home services like physiotherapy, bathing, medicated dressing, feeding, and grooming. You can also hire a paid assistant or maid to clean your apartment.

Food and Nutrition

You can continue preparing meals in your apartment’s kitchen while living in a senior living facility. However, if you want a break from preparing meals daily, you can eat tasty, wholesome, and balanced meals in community cafĂ© halls.

Hosting family and friends

You own your apartment in a retirement community, so you can continue to receive and host children, grandchildren, extended family, and friends just as you would in your regular home.

Recreation and Entertainment

You can choose from various on-campus activities at senior living communities to help you create the most of your golden years memorable.

Senior living communities provide you with various leisure activities and hobbies to fill your free time. These include yoga, badminton, indoor game halls, meditation, and Satsang classes.

Safety and Security

Qualified employees watch over senior living facilities and can find CCTV cameras at all observation locations with 24-hour surveillance. Additionally, all employees have received training in emergency first aid.

Lifestyle and Emotional Support System

You have several peers your age living in a retirement community. Additionally, you can expand your social circle and meet people who share your interests by participating in various entertaining activities and opportunities.

Retirement communities are more than just wealthy nursing homes. They are thriving communities where you can spend your golden years in the best company with the best possible emotional support.

Retirement Homes Facilities in Pune

Athashri, Pan Card Club

Athashri is a project of Paranjape Schemes, innovators in creating home developments for older people in the nation. They know that older people should be able to live independently with freedom, security, and dignity.

Maherwat Senior Citizen’s Home

Maherwat is a senior living facility located on Sinhaad Road in Pune. It offers its residents in-house cuisine, gardening, meditation, gym, and activity centre. They have devoted the last 25+ years to working tirelessly to give seniors years of comfort and dignity.

Abalmaya Old Age Home

The trust works for senior citizens by offering them affordable housing, meals, 24-hour care, laundry, and entertainment via TV and newspapers. Currently, 57 older people receive these services, and 10 to 15 senior citizens can take advantage of their annual free charity policy.

One silver Homes

The high-quality, person-centred care offered at ONP Silver Homes enables residents to lead meaningful lives. They also consider each person’s preferences and respect their decisions throughout their care continuum.


The criteria that enable you or a loved one to live as independently as possible while maintaining health and safety should ultimately guide your selection. There are various facilities available for retirement homes in Pune.

The degree of urgency may also influence your choice now, but keep in mind that you can wait until later to discover the best fit. An immediate placement facility is appropriate and must meet care needs or safety issues.


What is senior living?

Senior living refers to a wide range of housing and healthcare options for older adults, including independent living, assisted living, and memory care.

What kind of retirement homes are in India?

India has two categories of retirement homes: independent senior living homes and assisted living facilities.

What is the cost of retirement homes in India?

The cost of senior living homes in India depends on the location and the amenities offered.

What are the various types of accommodations available in retirement homes?

Retirement homes offer different accommodations; some will offer you independent villas and large apartments, while others offer condos and studio apartments.