7 Open Kitchen Designs Ideas for a Luxurious Home

It makes use of high-tech kitchen equipment like steam ovens, vacuum drawers  as well as fridges to keep your food items fresh and healthy for a long time

Smart Open Kitchen


An open kitchen with traditional décor is the perfect blend of the old and the new

Traditional Open Kitchen 


Multi-drawer cabinets, concealable kitchen appliances, and foldable drawers can give additional storage to your kitchen

Open Kitchen Ideas With Concealed Storage


Glass partitioning is an effective tool to demarcate common spaces

Glass-Door Partitioned Open Kitchen Design 


Premium wood like rosewood, teak, and oak can be used to add sophistication to your kitchen space.

Wood-Based Open Kitchen Design.


An open kitchen hinges on blending with common spaces and increased functionality like dedicated marble or granite countertop or kitchen island

Modern Open Kitchen Designs With Countertop


Pristine white or muted shades like peach, off-white, and cream can serve as an excellent color palette choice for your entire open kitchen concept

Pristine White Open Kitchen Design



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