What Is a Unique Property Identification Code? UPIC Property Tax

UPIC Property Tax

A property has a 15-digit unique property identification code or UPIC. Nowadays, the government has started to provide unique numbers that identify municipal access services. If any owner owns multiple properties, then a UPIC Card will be issued to them for each property, meaning they will get a different card for every property they have.

Information on property and property owners can find on UPIC cards. The card’s first three digits represent the ward number, the next four represent the colony number, and the final three represent the individual properties. The UPIC property tax goal is to increase the size of the EDMC jurisdiction’s property tax base.

Building size and other property criteria are available to a unique property identification code, and such information gets monitored and revised frequently. Such records, if kept, would inform property owners about elements that might lower or raise a property’s value. Even private operators have such records in several nations.

UPIC Property Tax in Delhi

Property in Delhi would act as the capital if a formal property system existed. For example, one system enables people to transfer assets between hands without involving too many transactions. In the US, commodity marketplaces represent ownership rights without being physically examined, which also applies to stock market trading. Similar way, real estate deals can occur in Delhi.

Each residential unit differs from the others in a variety of ways. It enables trading without a physical examination by connecting them through a formal framework. They can evaluate the economic characteristics of assets more rapidly in this manner than they can manually.

For the first time, those who own property in the East Delhi Municipal Corporation region have UPIC cards and the UPIC numbers for all ten wards of the EDMC, including:

  • Mayur Vihar Phase-1
  • Kishan Kunj
  • Shakarpur
  • Trilokpuri East
  • Krishna Nagar
  • Raghubarpura
  • Dilshad Colony
  • Dilshad Garden
  • Ashok Nagar
  • Rohtash Nagar

All, so South Delhi has started issuing UPIC cards for the properties in its jurisdiction. This scheme allows taxpayers to access their records and upload their documents, and the card has a QR code officially linked to the property owner’s record files.

What documents Are Necessary for UPIC Number?

The documents to get a UPIC property tax number are as follows:

  • Ownership property at the time of data collection.
  • Registered sale deed
  • Conveyance deed
  • Electricity bill
  • Fixed-line telephone bill
  • Municipal Tax receipt

You must submit if the authority asks you to submit other relevant proofs.

How Can You Search Your UPIC Property Tax Number?

There are some simple steps that you have to follow:

  • Use your mobile number, name, address, or zone on the EDMC-approved website, www.edm cubic.in, you can find your unique property identification code or number.
  • First, look for EDMC on Google by going to the website www.edm cubic.in
  • When you get to the page, click on the link that says “Click here for the list of UPICNo” to see it running on the screen.
  • Next, choose your zone, ward, and area. If the property’s address or name appears, your UPIC number will display in the list.
  • Alternatively, you can search using your mobile number, owner name, or address.
  • You can apply or wait until the door-to-door property verification for the UPIC card is complete.
  • Additionally, you can call the citizen assistance line at 155303 for further information and read other FAQs about UPIC in EDMC wards from the source of www.edmcupic.in below.

How Can You Search for UPIC Numbers on Local MCD Websites?

Your UPIC property tax number is available on MCD websites by your zones, such as EDMC, SDMC, and NDMC. Following these easy procedures will allow us to locate the UPIC number of your property on the EDMC website.

  • You must first go to the MCD site for your region, for instance, EDMC.
  • Once you do, click Citizen Login on the property tax link that appears.
  • You will prompt to log in here, but you can log in without signing up, so get signed up first.
  • Register with your email address and mobile number.
  • Once logged in, you will have the opportunity to search properties. You may then login using your mobile number or email address.
  • Select the “Search Property” button, and various search possibilities appear.
  • Try any of them, and you’ll be able to see information about your property, including the UPIC number, the unique identifier, the amount of taxes paid, etc.
  • If you still can’t find your UPICNO after trying here, you must request it.

How Can You Add If a Property Is Missing?

You can add property information by following these steps if your UPIC property tax number does not list in the search engine results.

  • First, look for EDMC on Google by going to www.edm cubic.in.
  • Upon arriving at the website, select the Services > New and Missing Property option.
  • It will show a form to enter your property details after selecting the “new and missing property” tab.
  • Complete the form by entering all the information needed, depending on whether the request is new or absent.
  • You will enter information like the property address; after that, you can submit your form.


It would be best to obtain a Unique Property Identification Number (UPIC Property Tax) from East Delhi Municipal Corporation if you intend to register property in east Delhi with the Delhi government revenue department. It provides long-term benefits of the plan, including expanding the tax base and incorporating online information on properties, their status, etc.

You can also register in South Delhi. The authority has provided UPIC cards with QR codes that can scan and easily access.


Who can apply for the UPIC?

Only citizens who own property within the East Delhi Municipal Corporation boundaries are eligible to receive UPIC cards. Remember that every property shall assign a UPIC, and owners who own numerous properties will give a card for each one.

How can I apply for a UPIC or get one?

An authorised person from East DMC will come to your property to get information about it. You will receive your UPIC card based on the information about your property.

If your premises are locked, ensure you attend the East Delhi Municipal Corporation’s Community Centre at Block 12, Ward No. E024, Geeta Colony, Sahadara South Zone, Delhi-110031.

What is the purpose of the UPIC card?

The UPIC card is very helpful when using municipal services. Using this card, you can access your property’s information on the MCD website. You can submit or edit your property tax return online if you have this card.

What documents are required to obtain a UPIC?

Your property’s documentation should provide when the data is collected. You can provide a registered sale deed, a conveyance deed, an electricity bill, a fixed-line telephone bill, or a municipal tax receipt are all examples of acceptable documentation. If you need to apply for a rebate, you must provide the necessary documentation.

If I don't live in Delhi, how can I apply for a UPIC?

If your property is inhabited, you can ask the occupant to engage with the assessor, provide copies of the necessary paperwork, and offer your current mailing address and phone number. A UPIC number will provide for your location, which you may later pick up from the occupier.