5 Cheapest Packers and Movers in Pune

5 Cheapest Packers and Movers in Pune

Are you planning to move to your new place or your office to another location? You may need a little hand; for that, who will you ask for help? Don’t worry; packers and movers have your back.

Packers and movers are the companies that help people pack and move their goods and products from one place to another. They have complete responsibility for the belongings they are moving and provide a refund in case they lose or break anything.

If you are currently living somewhere in or near Pune and planning to relocate, you must have realised by now how difficult it will be for you to pack everything without damaging them by yourself.

If you are looking for a helping hand who can rescue you from this situation, then house movers can help. In this post, you will get complete detail on house packers and movers and a list of the 5 cheapest packers and movers in Pune.

What is The Meaning of Packers And Movers?

The basic meaning of packers and movers is that of a group of well-trained people with a particular company. Packers and Movers’ main job is that they help you during your relocation. Whenever you hire a packer and mover service, they assist you in packing and moving your items safely to your new place/destination.

If you start packing by yourself, it is time-consuming and challenging. Therefore, it is very advantageous to hire packers and movers. Top movers and packers have all the necessary skills and knowledge to pack, handle, and move all kinds of goods.

Top packers and movers in Pune use the latest techniques and modern equipment to carry out secure loading and unloading of all home goods in best-fit trucks as per the number of home goods.

To avoid getting in touch with unprofessional moving firms, it’s necessary to check and verify the authenticity of each mover and packer Pune agency before getting in touch with them. You need to compare the estimated packers and movers charges, services offered, moving company profiles, and customer reviews and ratings to choose the best movers and packers in Pune before contacting one.

5 Cheapest Packers And Movers in Pune

When planning to move to your new place, you need packers and movers who provide you with quality service that comes under your budget. So, below is the list of the top 5 cheapest packers and movers in Pune.

1: South India Packers And Movers

This company works with a target to provide quality and flawless service using its latest and innovative techniques.

2: EZ Cargo Movers

They have an experience of around 14-15 years in the relocation industry and have prosperously served many of their clients nationwide.

3: Made Easy Cargo Movers Packers

This organisation has been serving since 2007. They have relocated more than 7000 customers annually and assure live cargo tracking to each customer.

4: Jai Kishan Movers And Packers

This company has been working since 2010; they provide services in more than 20 cities across India.

5: Vishal Packers And Movers

They have been offering specialised relocation services, and they also assist with custom packing. They are one of the independent relocation companies in India.

Factors Influencing The Cost of Local Movers And Packers in Pune

You need to know the factors influencing the cost of the local movers and packers in Pune before hiring any company’s people to relocate your goods. So, here is a list of factors that influence the cost for local movers and packers in your locality.

  • Shifting rates will differ based on the type and the size of truck used for secure transportation; safe packers and movers in Pune will use Tata 407, Tata Ace, Mahindra Bolero pickup, or other suitable trucks as per the number of goods to be moved.
  • As per the reputation of the local packers and movers in Pune, their estimated moving charges for short-distance relocation will vary slightly since the service quality and cost per service will differ.
  • The number of items needed to be moved significantly determines movers and packers in Pune for local transport charges. It is the first factor considered when calculating the quantity of packing material needed, the size of the transport vehicle required, and so on.
  • Since damages are low during local home relocation, local packers and movers in Pune do not use high-quality packaging except for delicate and valuable items. Packaging charges will vary depending on the packing quality required for safe and secure goods shifting.
  • The total manpower needed for local shifting in Pune will differ based on the house size to be relocated. For standard 2 BHK apartment shifting, at least 3 – 5 men will be needed to finish the work on time. Also, based on the total amount of work involved in performing loading/unloading tasks like roping, shifting items through narrow staircases, etc., best packers and movers in Pune, charges for local shifting will vary accordingly.

6 Factors Which Affects The Cost of Domestic Relocation

Before hiring any house relocation company’s packers and movers, here is a list of factors that affect the cost of domestic relocation.

1: Quantity And Type of Goods

The total number of goods to be packed and moved is a main cost-affecting factor as it helps packers and movers to determine other cost heads in relocation, such as packing prices, labour charges, and transport charges.

2: Distance to Destination

Domestic packers and movers charges for inter-city moving depend on the shifting distance and the demand for relocation from Pune to the desired destination city. If the route to the destination falls under a high-demand route, it will cost much less than a low-demand route.

3: Packing Quality Required

If some delicate or fragile items are to be packed, interstate packers and movers in Pune will charge higher amounts due to the extra packing required.

4: Size of Transport Vehicle

Long-distance transportation will ultimately depend on the number of items you have to move and the destination you are moving to; the truck used may differ, and transport vehicle sizes vary from company to company.

5: The Number of Moving Labor Needed

Domestic packers and movers in Pune employ sufficient moving labourers to help complete the move with extra care and on time. E.g. For shifting a standard 2 BHK house/apartment, a minimum of 4-5 men are required, and at least 6-7 moving labour will be needed for moving 3 BHK homes.

6: Total Work For Loading And Unloading

Based on whether a lift is available in your building, and depending on the floor on which you are residing at both origin and destination locations, the work required for loading the goods and then unloading them will be more, which will lead to an increase the packers and movers Pune charges.

3 Tips You Can Use to Reduce House Shifting Charges in Pune

Follow these easy steps to reduce the costs of packers and movers services in Pune and avoid unnecessary expenses while moving.

1: Plan Your Move in Advance

Start planning at least a month before your house relocation to have enough time to complete your pre-move tasks, which lets you find suitable packers and movers in Pune.

2: Get Rid of Unwanted Items

As the number of goods is a significant factor determining your home shifting prices, reducing unwanted stuff will help you get much lower house relocation prices from affordable packers and movers in Pune.

3: Select The Right Day For Moving

Top packers and movers in Pune will be in massive demand during weekends and month-end and charge high packing and moving rates, so make sure to schedule your move during weekdays or the middle of the month to enjoy the local economic home shifting Pune at cheap and best relocation prices.

Tips to Hire the Best Movers and Packers in Pune

Finding the best packers and movers in Pune can be hectic and risky due to the presence of fake companies in the transportation industry. Ensure you follow these tips to avoid fraud and mishandling of your goods.

  • Check the company’s details, like their website, years of experience, and the services they have provided. Remember to cross-check the packers’ and movers’ contact numbers mentioned on the website.
  • Visit the packers’ and movers’ offices in person and check if they have a professional office set up at the exact address mentioned on the website.
  • Check the quality of their packaging materials and whether their transport trucks are arranged or rented from other parties.
  • Try to get more details about their service quality and past performance by reading genuine packers’ and movers’ reviews and ratings on popular review websites like Google.
  • Get cost quotations from top-rated packers and movers so you can easily compare the transporting charges, quotations, services offered, and packers and movers reviews to choose the best packers and movers in Pune that suit your concerns.
  • Check for hidden charges and negotiate to get the best offers and discounts on the packers’ and movers’ Pune prices but do not compromise on the company’s services.

Tips For Home Relocation Planning

Whether you are transporting a few goods or doing complete household relocation, it is something that takes time to be done. You must plan appropriately and create a moving checklist before starting the process. Research the best room-shifting services in Pune at least one month before the shifting date and avoid doing it at the last minute. For the complete packing and moving services, get a cheaper estimation for local packers and movers in Pune.

Pack your important documents and organise your jewellery and other valuables before moving. It is safe to avoid moving valuable things with even trusted packers and movers in Pune and keep them with yourself.


When planning to move to your new place within or out of Pune, you can hire trusted packers and movers in Pune who have significant experience to ensure secure relocation. Shifting in Pune requires good planning and efficient implementation instead of doing it yourself. It is recommended to book home moving services from professional packers and movers.

Home relocation involves preparing all your goods and their packaging, buying the required materials, and finding a dependable truck rental service to book for house-shifting transport. Moving big appliances and furniture by yourself may damage the goods if they are not packed and loaded/appropriately unloaded, and it can injure you due to incorrect lifting methods. So, hiring movers and packers with the necessary skills plays an important role when you are shifting while comparing the price range between multiple companies and finally choosing the best with a low price.


How to find the trusted and best packers and movers in Pune?

Try to find affordable companies, and don’t go for low prices; they might trick you. Check ratings and reviews, and verify their documents and terms and conditions.

Do the packers and movers in Pune provide unloading services?

Yes, packers and movers in Pune provide unloading services. They can charge extra depending on the situation.

How much do the packers and movers charge in Pune for local shifting?

Packing costs, labour charges, and vehicle size are the factors that affect the cost of shifting.

How are the price beak-ups for packers and movers?

Packing and unpacking fees, handling charges, transportation costs, fuel charges, tax and unpacking, disassembly/reassembly, home rearrangement, storage, etc.