8 Greenest Areas of Mumbai for Investment

If you are willing to live in greener areas in Mumbai where you can enjoy nature, here are the greenest areas of Mumbai you may think of investing in.

Architects and investors are always warmly welcomed in Mumbai, renowned as the city of ambitions. The city’s property investment possibilities offer lucrative financial returns on alluring potential, and one may anticipate numerous emerging infrastructure and growth initiatives in the area. In Mumbai, few green spaces provide a tranquil and pleasant living environment.

The presence of green areas significantly impacts the Mumbai property market. The city currently contains green and less green areas for real estate investments. It demonstrates unequivocally that demand and availability for residential and commercial projects will increase in Mumbai’s property market. Which also will speed up the property sector market’s total trading activity. This article shares information on the greenest areas of Mumbai that you may think of for investments.

The Greenest Areas of Mumbai

To live surrounded by nature, property buyers in Mumbai may purchase in various communities. The accommodation facilities within those places have provided the finest facilities for opulent plus comfortable living. Due to the effect of greenery, such as playgrounds, lawns, etc., prices may vary. Mumbai’s greenest neighbourhoods include the following, which are wise to invest in:

1: Ghatkopar

With the advent of metro lines, Ghatkopar has become a developing area. Residing in Ghatkopar has several advantages, one of which is the accessibility of public transit, which involves quickly getting to and from places. Thane, Powai, and Andheri, three of Mumbai’s most popular office locations, are nearby and accessible to the neighbourhood.

With its extensive expansion, Ghatkopar will have a first-rate infrastructure that includes large highways, hospitals, schools, and commercial centres. Thanks to the abundance of local restaurants, shops, playgrounds, and theatres, you have plenty of options for where to spend your weekends or evenings. Therefore, Ghatkopar should be one of the top selections if you want to purchase a residential home in Mumbai.

2: Chembur

Chembur has become one of the most sought-after destinations to lease and purchase residential real estate since it is close to some of Mumbai’s main critical industrial areas, including Kurla, Deonar, Mahul, but also Ghatkopar.

There have been landmarks there. High-rise skyscrapers and apartment constructions have gone up significantly in Chembur. Within several miles, you may discover a variety of retail outlets, marketplaces, shopping centres, sports clubs, gymnasiums, and movie theatres.

Chembur’s prime place and the recent construction of metro stations with multiple stations across its length are two main reasons it has drawn so much awareness. Chembur is indeed the location to go if you’re seeking economical accommodation.

3: Panvel

In Panvel, you may get suitable apartments with superb infrastructure and interconnection. Panvel has made significant progress and is now one of the more searched real estate sites for low-cost residences, tall buildings, and industrial estates. This location connects the main as well as western routes.

Panvel is a location for metropolitan regions and thus will shortly be among the closest regions to the planned airport terminal, which is scheduled to be up and running. In addition to networking advantages. Property investors can’t resist the developments several companies are constructing in Panvel with top-notch amenities & services. However, Panvel should be on the checklist for searching for green properties when seeking desirable investment options in Mumbai. You can also consider it if you want to have properties on lease.

4: Thane

Among the most popular places to purchase real estate includes Thane, an expanding metropolitan suburb in the boundaries of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Thane has the ideal balance between residential and commercial properties. Thane also distinguished itself from other property markets within surrounding areas by expanding its infrastructure and inexpensive culture with basic amenities and value-oriented prices.

It increases availability and a continual necessity for Thane’s housing segment. Thane has emerged as a popular option for prospective buyers looking for a perfect area to live, collaborate, and perform because of its superior geographic and social connectivity. There are also significant shopping areas and shopping complexes, and you can usually get all the affordable homes with luxury accommodations. The houses also have excellent scenic surroundings & green space, which is liked by all.

5: Mulund

In the current real estate market, Mulund has emerged as a craze. It offers top-notch conveniences and improved living for people who desire to live luxurious lives. Mulund is developing high-rise structures, neighbourhoods, and townships, which will alter how people view real estate. Mulund real estate prices are sure to rise due to the success of construction projects such as the Metro expansions in the region.

Mulund will benefit significantly from the planned Goregaon-Mulund Link Road’s substantial infrastructure and connectivity improvements. Although the first stage of this project’s construction has not yet begun, once it is finished, it will undoubtedly entice better appreciating rates shortly for your investment property.

6: Dombivali (East)

When it comes to significant investment opportunities in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR), presently, its Dombivli East, a rapidly developing neighbourhood. It is a reasonably designed neighbourhood with good infrastructure and primarily residential developments bordered by lovely flora, making it a great place to live peacefully.

Dombivali has a first-rate management system, generally with high-quality amenities. Along with providing good infrastructure, it also has a robust system of public transportation alternatives, including buses, railways, and metros, that make it easy to go around the city.

Dombivali is unquestionably a choice if you want a dream property with contemporary facilities at a reasonable price. Its rapidly expanding infrastructure and affordable homes provide fantastic investment opportunities for purchases and rentals.

7: Goregaon (East)

One of Mumbai’s top areas for homes is Goregaon East. Its most extensive green spaces are in the outer suburbs of Mumbai. The headquarters of several significant property developers are also located in this area. Goregaon East through Mumbai has other incentives for property investors besides only housing parks and gardens.

Fast and affordable city transportation is available from the Goregaon Metro Station along Line 2 of the Mumbai Metro. The distance from Ghatkopar to the Mumbai Airport Terminal is only 9 kilometres. There are top-notch medical, educational, and leisure amenities in the area. Also exciting are the job possibilities in the locality.

8: Malad

Malad is another one of Mumbai’s main green spaces. Buyers in this area have a selection of residential and commercial real estate, and the majority of housing options in the area are tall residential buildings. With the city’s renowned educational, medical, and cultural resources, this neighbourhood is rapidly rising.

Significant areas of western Mumbai are close to Malad, and there are also a sizable variety of nearby housing projects that are either finished or still under development. The top colleges and universities are all around Malad, and several of Mumbai’s well-known malls and shopping centres.

Mumbai serves as both India’s economic hub and its economic hub. Mumbai’s real estate industry gives its fair share by contributing most to the city’s green spaces. With their high-rise residences, soaring office properties, and top-notch amenities, these areas draw locals, immigrants, and speculators.

Why Should You Think of Investing in Mumbai’s Green Areas?

Mumbai is known as India’s financial hub. The city is alluring because it welcomes visitors from various backgrounds. Have you recently wondered whether Mumbai is becoming a haven for investors? The solution is relatively straightforward. Mumbai’s property industry, however, provides investors with a high rate of return on their capital. It is among the main factors luring Indian and foreign business people to Mumbai.

One such metropolis with outstanding public transportation options is Bombay. The city’s reputation for gridlock and congested streets has changed. Due to the wider roads and highways, one can see a fantastic amount of connection nowadays. With regional trains, railroads provide good services to passengers.

Mumbai has excellent transportation options for getting about the city. Mumbai also has additional transportation options, making it easier for residents to remain connected to the city. Infrastructure projects like monorails and metro stations are being built more frequently in the town, which can ease traffic problems.

Mumbai’s real estate industry is undergoing a significant transformation. One can now observe a tendency towards inexpensive homes, and there is a massive market in Mumbai for it. Nowadays, it’s simple to find luxurious and expensive apartments.

The current infrastructure of both cities is one of many projects the Mumbai government is currently working on. One won’t witness a crowded construction process either. In addition to being enlarged, roads are carefully managed. Developers of residential properties are flocking to this area, where many big infrastructure ideas are emerging.

Everyone can find a spot in Mumbai. Consequently, people coexist peacefully and participate in a variety of festivities. It is among the factors that contribute to the preference of Mumbai homeowners. No other region in the nation can offer you such a potent fusion of diverse cultures.

Mumbai investments in real estate is a wise course to take. In Mumbai, simply having a home is a success. Buying in Mumbai may be an intelligent choice, considering the demand for properties there and globally.


Proximity fosters desirability, promotes demand, and drives up the price of property investment. Now, investors are fully aware of this and have begun to regard real estate investments cautiously. You may have to choose the best investment options that are available for you.

In Mumbai, there is currently demand for many real estate projects, and several real estate developers are now looking for greener areas and have started their projects there. Thus, there is now a huge demand for properties in greener areas.

Therefore, always consider a neighbourhood’s connectivity, aesthetics, and facilities in addition to any possible future expansion when choosing where to invest. Lastly, what constitutes a suitable location depends mainly on your needs and tastes. Choose carefully, and invest wisely by having accurate market information.


Is there any significant impact of green areas seen in the market?

Yes, when people become more aware of the greener areas, they all want to shift there and buy new properties. As a result, the prices of properties are gradually increasing along with the demand.

Are the areas easily reachable?

All these areas in Mumbai are green and easily reachable by all people. Since they are connected through all the public transport methods, it is straightforward to go to each place.

How can you invest in these areas?

There are a lot of upcoming and ongoing projects in these areas going on. You may know about all these areas through the brokers and then consider investing in properties of your choice and budget.

What can be said about the future of these properties?

Since there is increasing demand for luxurious living and apartments, people are considering investing or moving to other areas where they get all the facilities. Also, they believe the area is easily accessible. It is why the demand for all these areas is increasing, and people plan to invest there. So it will be very fruitful in the future by getting maximum returns.

What is the development in these areas?

These areas are generally under development or are developed. Many upcoming and ongoing projects can be seen out there.