A Quick Look at Dahisar West, Mumbai

A Quick Look at Dahisar West Mumbai

Consider the locality if you want to shift to Dahisar West, Mumbai. So here is a full locality review on Dahisar. Read More about Dahisar Here!

Mumbai has traditionally been a sought-after location for Indian property buyers. Its prominence as India’s corporate centre and metropolitan appeal has led to a sizable and growing real estate market. Meanwhile, many firms in Mumbai also suffered when the property market began to collapse.

Given that costs in many of Mumbai’s key marketplaces were relatively high, a change in mentality resulted in pricing modifications. The property market in Dahisar has been expanding for a while, so many people are considering shifting to Dahisar West.

If you plan to shift to Dahisar West, here is a complete locality overview. This will help you to decide where you are willing to move to.

About the Dahisar Area

A small community called Dahisar is located on the northern outskirts of Mumbai. Because of its easy road-rail accessibility and well-established civic and social facilities, Dahisar has become known as one of the most desirable residential areas. The area is now more accessible because of the approaching implementation of metro line developments. Over time, Dahisar has seen a surge in the prevalence of housing developments.

One of the well-known neighbourhoods in Mumbai’s metropolitan area is Dahisar West. The neighbourhood, situated along the Western Route of the Mumbai train network, is encircled by all the other well-known settings, including Dahisar East, Borivali, and Mira Road. The neighbourhood comes under Dahisar Police Station for any safety or legal matters.

The New Link Road connects the Western Express Route. This New Link Road, which gives connectivity with the Western Express Highway and subsequently to other areas of Mumbai, is reachable from Dahisar West in around 5 to 10 minutes. Via Dahisar Station, decent local and rail access is upon that western route.

The region is also conveniently interconnected to job hubs, including office buildings and industrial estates spread throughout Mumbai’s neighbourhoods. Within 10 to 20 kilometres of Dahisar were each of these. This region has access to local transportation and auto-rickshaws, while Mumbai International Airport is approximately 20 kilometres away. Several small business owners and entry-level to middle-level workers want to buy real estate in Dahisar West because of its low cost of living.

6 Reasons to Live in Dahisar West

Due to the massive influx of migrants and more modern settlements, property value in Dahisar has soared dramatically. Dahisar’s once-beautiful scenery is no longer discernible. However, the area retains many development possibilities since developers have created various residential and business projects nearby.

The municipal and local government also strives to enhance the neighbourhood by constructing pedestrian pathways and launching beautifying initiatives. In addition, wide, slick roadways and overpasses are now being built for better connection. Dahisar is an area you may give thought to.

Now, you be thinking about why you may live here. Consider the following points when considering living in Dahisar, west.

1: Developed Infrastructure

In Dahisar, the social security system is very advanced. Numerous reputable and top-notch colleges and universities in Dahisar, and it is straightforward to get to reputed hospitals in Dahisar. Additionally, numerous places for entertainment and well-known retail centres close to Dahisar are accessible to locals.

2: Easy Transportation Connectivity

Through the city’s extensive road and rail networks, Dahisar West is well interconnected to the rest of the area. The availability of the Metro line has improved connectivity, which has raised the demand for apartments in Dahisar West.

3: Enjoy Nature and Green Parks

Because there are so many green spaces, Dahisar offers a tidy and refreshing environment. There are parks in the area that will provide you with breathtaking views. For this purpose, several reputable developers are introducing luxury developments in Dahisar with first-rate amenities, stunning views, and reasonable prices.

4: Employment Opportunities

When there are a lot of projects in the area, then there will be more workers needed. Also, huge companies are coming to invest in the area, creating substantial employment options. The malls, schools, and hospitals also require staff. Overall this development in the infrastructure creates opportunities for more people to reach out.

5: Cheap Property Pricings

In Dahisar now, property prices are comparatively low. So if you plan to invest money, consider some projects in that area. This can also be considered when you want to have suitable property investments for giving on rent.

6: Future Price Prospects

If you are considering investing in an area where you may get a possibility of increasing the price, then here in Dahisar, it is possible. Based on the connectivity and development happening, Dahisar is a good place where you can expect a significant return on your investment in real estate. By examining the market price trends, it is possible to figure out that supply-driven price growth has peaked and that rates have stabilised due to a lack of market activity.

The entire infrastructure projects of Dahisar have increased significantly during the last few years, which has benefited the property market. Dahisar may suit people who dislike living in crowded, hectic areas. Dahisar West buying property is a viable choice due to the area’s good infrastructure, accessibility advantages, and affordable homes.

The Locality Review of Dahisar West

Dahisar has developed due to its excellent social system and proximity to other southern locales. Remember that there is still much more natural and open space than in the different regions, with much more construction and a higher density. The area is well-served regarding educational opportunities, even with school systems present.

The area provides a mix of housing complexes that are finished and those that are still being built. The majority of the property in this neighbourhood are multistory flats and cooperative housing associations. There are numerous market complexes in the area. Large hospitals are located nearby, and there are multiple educational institutes nearby. Malls and commercial shops are within 6 kilometres.

In Dahisar West, the availability of water and electricity is acceptable. Yet, inhabitants’ most significant concerns are flooding, poor drainage, and garbage disposal. Additionally, the neighbourhood’s internal roadways need upkeep.

Why May You Consider Living in Dahisar?

  • Situated in the best location next to the Western Expressway Highway, which connects to Central and South Mumbai
  • Most of the housing stock in Dahisar West is available for occupancy, and most units are 1 BHK.
  • There are current and planned housing developments here by reputable builders.
  • Compared to Dahisar East, housing apartments in Dahisar West are more expensive and older.
  • The Mumbai Suburban Train system connects the area through the Dahisar Tube station upon that Western line.
  • In just a 5 km radius, the chemicals and industrial sectors are the locals’ primary employment sources.
  • Development is not allowed on the protected marshland land that covers a significant portion of Dahisar West.
  • Provides a large selection of lodging for paying guests that migratory workers prefer.
  • New Link Road and Swami Vivekanand Road are important thoroughfares in Central Mumbai and beyond.
  • Famous educational institutions and eminent hospitals are nearby
  • Popular shopping centres in the area include Reliance Mall and Zoom Plaza Mall.
  • The Mumbai international airport is also located nearby, which is within 20 km.

What Needs Attention When You Are Thinking About Dahisar?

  • prone to flooding and waterlogging mainly during the rainy season, mainly because of the flooding Dahisar River
  • The people of the highly contaminated Dahisar River complain of a foul odour and discomfort.
  • The huge slum Ganpat Patil Nagar has a lot of unlawful interference in the sensitive buffer area.
  • Water supply interruptions are frequent, and water tankers are heavily reliant.
  • Internal roadways are deteriorated and include potholes.
  • Air quality in the area is severely impacted by the general rubbish burning in the neighbouring slums.
  • The Western Express Highway is heavily congested due to the significant road congestion at Dahisar Toll Plaza.
  • A constant issue in the neighbourhood slums is the lack of public facilities.

There are numerous excellent housing options from reputable builders in Dahisar West if you’re considering relocating there. Property is reasonably priced, and facilities like quality shops, restaurants, and academic facilities are constantly emerging in this neighbourhood because it is developing.

4 Benefits of Living in Dahisar

Due to its excellent road-rail accessibility and well-established social and civic facilities, Dahisar has become known for being one of the most desirable residential areas. The area is now more accessible because of the approaching implementation of metro line developments.

1: Enjoy Shameless Connectivity With the City

Dahisar West is the northernmost of Mumbai’s inner west. However, it has an excellent connection to the rest of the city thanks to the Western Railway, Western Express Route, and soon-to-be-available Metro network. The metropolis could significantly enhance the area’s connection.

2: Enjoy Nature and Parks Around

Residents of Dahisar West can enjoy the hills, the waterway, magnificent vistas, and natural beauty. Because of its closeness to parks, you can enjoy morning vistas of lush greenery. In a recently constructed high-rise structure, you can enjoy stunning city views at night.

3: Enjoy the Good Social Infrastructure

Additionally, Dahisar West provides access to high-quality local social infrastructure. Many options are nearby, including theatres, dining establishments, gaming areas, and shopping malls. Reputable hospitals and academic institutions.

4: Enjoy Good Future Returns

Dahisar is controlled primarily by multistory structures and business centres on the property investment front. With a connection to the job centres, Dahisar’s retail network has also improved in addition to its welfare systems. It gives Dahisar a perfect place to invest in real estate because it will ensure significant profits.

Due to these elements, Dahisar real estate appeals to purchasers and tenants and benefits investors. However, choosing to invest in property is a crucial choice. However, before deciding, use prudence and thoroughly understand the market.


Dahisar’s overall infrastructure development has quickened recently, resulting in a beneficial effect on the housing market and significantly impacting Dahisar property price patterns.

With the building of major highways, walkways, flyovers, and other structures, along with ongoing growth, Dahisar is expected to swiftly emerge as one of Mumbai’s numerous sought-after commercial and residential neighbourhoods.

The previous few years have seen a tremendous increase in Dahisar’s infrastructure development, which has helped the property market. If you prefer living in a relaxed region, Dahisar is a good option. Due to the region’s robust infrastructure, benefits in terms of connectivity, and reasonably priced housing, Dahisar West real estate investment was a feasible option.

With this guide’s help, those planning to live in Dahisar West know the locality, which is how they can easily consider living or investing in this area.