Andheri West vs East—Which is Better for Living?

Andheri West vs East: Which Is Better for Living

Mumbai is a dream city that hides all blemishes at night and promises to give a lifestyle venture. There is a certain pace, social life, and thrill of professional life.

Andheri is a well-known spot in Mumbai. The place is famous for breweries and pubs. It is next to the western section of Mumbai and inspired by Udayanagari, a hill near Mahakali caves. Andheri gets separated into two parts- Andheri East and Andheri West. While both areas lie neighbouring each other, they have vastly distinct characteristics, such as price trends and residential development.

Both Andheri East and Andheri West provide a wide assortment of headquarters areas. It is increasingly becoming a commercial hub supporting several malls, stores, western cafes, nightclubs, galleries, bars, gyms, spas, etc. The distance between Andheri’s West and East is 2 km.

The prestigious academy of Andheri is bhavan college, Rajiv Gandhi institute of technology, and Sardar Patel College of entertaining and prominent entertainment productions like Yashraj & Balaji telefilms. For instance, both localities offer the possibility to earn higher returns on investment.

Why is Andheri West Different from Andheri East?

Andheri is the most known suburb of Mumbai, divided into west and east regions, and Andheri west is the older part of the two. It is famous for its infrastructural luxury with education institutes, healthcare facilities, five-star hotels, TV & film fraternity, and retail areas, which clarifies it as one of the most convenient vicinities to finance. It is a more exclusive micro-market and hence considered to house some posh residential apartments in Mumbai, especially on the Lokhandwala and Versova sides.

Andheri east is well-connected to most places in Mumbai.

The eastern side was well known only for MIDC and SEEPZ, but at present, it is home to some prominent corporate names, media places, and IT organisations. Andheri east is better linked via the western express highway and cabins to the central and upper-middle-class segments due to its lower property expenses. It also acquires high connectivity due to its proximity to the international airport.

Infrastructural Difference

Andheri west offers world-class educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and commercial schemes. The area delivers stores from renowned trademarks and fine dining cafeterias. Andheri west has superior road and rail connectivity that helps people to consume their time. This area is close to Mumbai’s most prestigious district.

On the other hand, Andheri east ensures better connectivity due to its good location advantage. The area is near Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj international airport. Besides, the arrival of the metro rail installation is another aspect that will navigate; the growth of real estate here. The area has top-class hospitals, educational institutes, and best dining restaurants that benefit home buyers.

Variations in Property

Andheri west is older than Andheri east. This spot has an upper-class crowd merging movie and tv superstars and many films studious. The place is ideal for youngsters to stay and grow. Aptitudes of top well-built restaurants, exclusive cafes, animated street shops, lounges, and night spots are available; that add pleasure to the locality. The grand apartments dominating the Arabian sea get priced at many crores.

They feature all the trendy conveniences like retail stores, swimming pools, multi complexes, sports areas, etc. In this area, homes with 2bhk are favourably in demand.

Contrary to this, Andheri east was initially a commercial and business hub. But it has been altered into a famous residential area. The arrival of different companies has progressed the residential property demand in neighbouring regions like Kandivali; Powai is well-known. This area’s most widespread structure types are 1 BHK and 2 BHK homes.

Variations in Terms of Buyers

Andheri west offers top-class establishments and a neighbourhood for Bollywood celebrities and tv entertainers. Also, the area delivers high returns on investment. Here, high-class advantages upgrade the demand for properties more than in Andheri east.

In Andheri East, demand for properties gets navigated by medium and upper-middle-class home buyers. Real estate experts said this area equips better choices for the investment market, combining mid-segment and affordable houses. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) and the Santa Cruz Electronics Export processing zone (SEEPZ) are in the surrounding area.

The Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) and Lower Parel are also nearby, creating a desirable destination to purchase or lease a property for individuals working in the locality.

Rental Trends

Andheri west would earn a monthly rent of Rs. 25,300-30,000 for 1 BHK unit measuring 500-700 sq. ft, while 2 BHK units with a carpet area of 800-1000 sq. ft might tempt Rs. 43,000-50,000 per month.

On the other hand, Andheri east is one of the micro-markets in Mumbai, and witnessing heavy traffic is one of the best key factors; that keeps rental prices lower than Andheri west.

The monthly rent of 1 BHK unit can be Rs. 22,600-26,000. The larger units demand monthly rentals ranging between Rs. 34,000 and Rs. 54,000, respectively.

Capital Amounts in Andheri

Property in Andheri west costs approx Rs. 23,200 per square foot. Wadhwani says that luxury constructions in the area will cost between Rs. 3 crores and Rs. 20 crores. Property prices in Andheri west are much more increased than in Andheri east. Luxury schemes in Andheri East start at Rs. 2 crores and may reach Rs. 6 crores.

Upcoming infrastructures

New projects by top builders, new houses in Andheri Mumbai, and great floor plans are approaching in the city.

In Andheri West, schemes are:

  • Platinum life
  • Chandak unicorn
  • Transcon triumph tower 3
  • Vraj one
  • Chandiwala pearl regency
  • Oberoi reality springs
  • Mayfair housing Akshay
  • Crystal Atlantis

In Andheri East, schemes are:

  • Avant heritage
  • Sardar inspire regency
  • Veena synergy
  • Have more Bellissimo Andheri
  • VKG park estate
  • Sangam Veda
  • Atul blue Fortuna
  • Akash Shrishti heights

Best Locations to Hangout in Andheri East and West

Places to chill in Andheri east and west Mumbai city has several spots to explore, but Andheri East and west have fantastic areas to chill out with friends and family. Both regions have their speciality. Let us discuss the well-known zone and choose the mesmerising one from the list.

Attractions in Andheri East

Mahakali Caves

In every trendy and technological advance place lies a highly-energetic spiritual centre emitting optimistic vibration. Some caves; already have been carried by monks as a home, while others served as viharas. Still, this site is acceptable to many visitors. Choosing Mahakali caves is the best option for relaxing with loved ones, friends, or family.

Powai Lake

Powai lake is one of the top attractions in Andheri Mumbai. The site is well-maintained with peace, and the perfect place to enjoy on weekends with colleagues. Even for morning or evening walks, Powai lake streets are an excellent blend of greenery. This place is extremely popular with locals and tourists.

Clue Hunt

A clue hunt is an attractive spot in Andheri east. A place to test your quick thinking and is superior for a work team building with friends and family. The company has made an incredible prestige for a fun activity. A kind of challenge is given to every group, having 60 minutes to escape from a locked room; and finish the task. This game helps people to enjoy themselves together with so much fun.

World Of Bollywood Tours And Travel

The Bollywood tour allows visitors to explore some of the famous Bollywood studios, culture, and history and gets the opportunity to meet superstars. The people, who live in Andheri East, can interestingly learn about some exciting and informative tours. For long-time Bollywood fans, who are curious newcomers to the genre, this can give them a better way to enjoy themselves in Andheri east.

Attractions in Andheri west

Gilbert Hill

In Mumbai, Andheri west has several sites to explore. Gilbert hill is one of the world’s only three monolithic volcanic rock formations and a popular tourist spot in Andheri west. The hill gets surrounded by the tiniest buildings and feels like an adventure for tourists. A place is best-suitable with precious friends and family, free of cost.

Versova Beach

A long walk and watching the fascinating sunset with friends or family is the best thing to do. The soundest fact about Versova beach is that it is less crowded and only segmented by a creek from the former beach. The Versova beach fascinates visitors to observe natural beauty and surreal horizon views. Moreover, the beach delivers sports like snorkelling, cycling, horse riding, etc.

Also, Ganesh Chaturthi gets glorified with a lot of pomp and performance, and the season marks tourists in thousands to be a part of the celebrations, creating it one of the prominent places in Andheri west.

Funky Monkey Play Centre

Funky monkey play centre is a world-class indoor play zone designed for children in Andheri west. It helps in developing the value of Andheri west. The indoor environment is safe for children to spend time and develop spontaneity. It has two play zones, a toddler and a junior. The place has a lot of fun soft toys. Funky monkey is a captivating destination for the whole family to enjoy and relax.

Lokhandwala Complex Market

In Andheri west, the Lokhandwala complex market is energetic at festival time. In a city of the crowd, the place feels crazy with friends and family. Stores are available in the market, with beautiful small shops and narrow galleries. Sites like Lokhandwala make an individual; live in every moment of chaos around them. The place is best to chill in Andheri west and increases the value among visitors.


Andheri is the final stop before the positively premium localities of Juhu, Vile Parle, and Bandra begin. So, there is a high demand for housing at Andheri from people living in the western suburbs who desire to get nearer to the town at not-so-high prices. Andheri west and east both areas give you a high return on investment.

Andheri east has decent connectivity and outperforms it due to its proximity to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj international airport. Additionally, this area is densely populated, the rental costs are lower than in Andheri west and even called the densest micro market.

In the controversy about the best region of Andheri, one thing is clear: one should invest after examining one’s funding, investment portfolio, and proximity to your working span.

Both areas have their standards of living. Choosing between two depends on the comforts of the individual.


Is Andheri an east posh?

Andheri east is the most reputable area to stay. There are many suitable properties to buy and lease, and the place has good pubs and eateries, as people desire.

Is Juhu in Andheri West or East?

A well-known sprawling Juhu beach lies in Andheri’s west. Covered by the Arabian sea to the west and Versova to the north.

How far is Andheri West from East?

The distance between Andheri East and Andheri West is 2km.

Is Andheri East better than Andheri West?

The presence of the metro rail, and its closeness to the western and eastern express highway, make Andheri east a desirable location for people to live there. The East area outperforms well as compared to Andheri west.

Which is cheaper, Andheri west or East?

Andheri East is densely populated, and the rent costs are lower than in Andheri west. Here, you can get a 1 BHK property at a monthly rental of Rs. 10,000-31,348.

What is Andheri west known for?

Andheri west is famous for pubs, restaurants, and breweries. The standard of living in this area is high, and you can enjoy the therapy in the bungalows area. Also, you can head to the local hub or Opa to dance it out.