Exploring Andheri West—8 Reasons to Live Here

Exploring Andheri West: 8 Reasons to Live Here

If you like to live in posh residential areas and enjoy all the benefits of proper connectivity, consider living in Andheri West!

A neighbourhood within Mumbai, India’s western region, is called Andheri. Mumbai has a broad property investment offering to match the finances of all purchasers in the country, from enormous mass apartment complexes to the most expensive properties in the region. Mumbai is blessed with homes that are worth it and offers a perfect balance of utility and grandeur.

For many years, Mumbai’s defined facilities are preserved by India’s wealthiest civic leadership, a range of employment opportunities, a lower price of living than almost any other Indian metropolis (aside from housing costs), and a robust transportation network have all attracted homebuyers.

This article will share general information on Andheri West, providing a complete locality review.

Overview of Andheri

In contrast to its eastern neighbour, Andheri West is primarily a residential neighbourhood and one of Mumbai’s key urban centres. The demand for real estate in Andheri West has grown significantly over time, and there are several luxury and ultra-luxury projects in the neighbourhood that renowned builders are managing.

But although Andheri West is primarily residential, it is also home to several of Mumbai and India’s most influential media and entertainment companies. Has easy access to important office and commercial hubs within 5-8 kilometres of its location. Additionally, it is close to hospitals, clinics, malls, markets, marketplaces, and restaurants to make it a self-sufficient neighbourhood. Within the area, there are many transportation options.

It also offers easy access to several key roads, including the Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road and the Andheri Ghatkopar Link Road, which connect to Mumbai’s eastern suburbs. Government organisations have also recommended a variety of construction projects to complete the gaps.

One can travel 8 kilometres to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport in typical traffic in an hour and a half. The nearby location includes Andheri Railway Station, private cars, shared cars, and cabs are all conveniently available. Additionally, buses run by BEST have a specific sound frequency.

Investment in Andheri West

In the modern world, living a pleasant and stable existence requires a combination of many elements, each of which has a significant impact. In the ultra-modern and cosmopolitan metropolis of Mumbai, the value of a home that radiates safety and calms only increases as you go through life.

The house’s architectural style only influences our fantasies of an ideal world with the home of our desires. Andheri West, one of Mumbai’s most well-known and beloved suburban neighbourhoods, maybe at the top when finding a sought-after home option. At the moment, this location is unquestionably the best housing purchase one could make in Mumbai.

In classifying existing homes, Andheri West has become the focus of all those seeking their ideal dwellings in Mumbai because of all the correct purposes, regardless of the splendid architecture, gradual towns, or incredible accessibility to commercial undertakings, making it exclusively the best among all.

Locality review of Andheri West

In the past, Mumbai city incorporated Andheri, often known as the “suburban district,” into Greater Bombay. Meanwhile, the suburban area has recovered since the early 2000s and has become one of the region’s most sought-after locations for residential and commercial properties.

Andheri comprises one of the main places in Mumbai (regarding the east and west ends) and is well-connected among most locations in Mumbai. The eastern side has numerous important business brands, media organisations and IT firms. The Western Express Highway provides easier access, and because real estate costs are lower, it attracts middle-class and upper-middle-class residents. Because of its proximity to the airport terminal, it also receives excellent marks for connectivity.

In contrast, Andheri West, the elder of the two areas, is renowned for its extensive infrastructure, including educational institutions, healthcare services, five-star hotels, the TV & film industry, and retail, making it among the most excellent places to invest in. Particularly on the Lokhandwala and Versova sides, it is a more affluent micro-market and is thought to contain some posh residential complexes in Mumbai.

The area also values the fantastic social structure. Home to numerous anticipated instructive organisations, retail and entertainment objections, medical treatment offices, and beautiful cafés that is only the starting, the land area provides for something like an upmarket local place. Andheri West is among the city’s well-known real estate hotspots due to its open doors.

These upgrades have helped Andheri West develop into one of Mumbai’s more exceptional neighbourhoods. Given the wealth of areas like Lokhandwala and Versova, it has always been attractive to people looking for a place to live.

Positives of Andheri West

  • Versova Metro Station, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, and Andheri Railway Station all have good connections to the area.
  • Western Express Highway offers the area reliable intra-city communication.
  • An industrial cluster located in the area is called Andheri Industrial Estate.
  • Some well-known shopping centres nearby include Infiniti Mall, Citi Mall, and Crystal Point Mall.
  • There are excellent educational and medical facilities in the area.

Negatives of Andheri West

  • Due to inadequate drainage, there is waterlogging during the rainy season.
  • Several roads have cratered.
  • Some localities have illegal parking
  • Congestion in the traffic during busy times
  • Roads with poor garbage management

Development, superior infrastructure, public programmes, and public transportation are the foundations of Andheri West. Both high-quality residences and flats are well-suited to this area. The costs of the properties in this area have escalated over time and may continue to do so in the years to come. On their property investments in Andheri West, the investors may profit greatly.

8 Reasons to Live in Andheri west

Andheri West has many more high-end residential developments and luxurious property projects. Properties in Andheri West, Mumbai, is the finest place to invest for several reasons, some of which are as follows:

1: Perfect Connectivity

Andheri West is at the centre of Mumbai, offering a more comprehensive range of interconnectivity than even the wealthiest parts of the city. The presence of the metro system and the relative vicinity to the Western & Eastern express roads give the people of Andheri West the impression that the city is much closer and more accessible, making it easier for them to get to any point in Mumbai.

Other notable roads close to Andheri West are the Jai Prakash Road, Swami Vivekanand Road, and Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR). Along with other sites, the International Airport is also close to this place.

2: Modernised Social Infrastructure

If you have ever been to Andheri West, we are confident its attractive infrastructure has made an impression on you. Andheri West is home to some of the greatest in the hotel industry, along with beautiful architecture and a variety of reputable healthcare facilities, schools, retail stores, entertainment areas, and fine-dining restaurants.

3: High Returns on Investment in Future

Investing is a phenomenon whose outcomes or profits cannot be immediately known. Purchasing a home in Andheri West allows you almost immediately to start enjoying the benefits of your investment. By knowingly or unknowingly buying a home in Andheri West, we are fostering a life for ourselves and our families surrounded by some excellent facilities & institutions, standing at the leading edge of growth & empowerment, and having a solid connection for business activities. We are also doing this while living in a gradual neighbourhood that supports you at the leading edge of empowerment.

4: Luxury Living and Quality of Life

Most requirements for a superior quality of life are met in Andheri West, a residential area. The magnificent apartments here masterfully capture the metropolitan feel and lifestyles while concentrating on your well-being and offering tranquillity. They provide a rich living experience supplemented by first-rate amenities.

5: The Developing Infrastructure

With over 400 layouts, huge plots, and recreational areas, Andheri West has the most in the current development plan, opening the door for more significant infrastructure improvements. Private speculation has a lot to choose from in Andheri West. The Maharashtra Government aims to create 3 flyovers to process additional traffic, which could add towards the benefits of residing here.

6: Expanding Growth and Job Opportunities

Malls, theatres, respected academic institutions, hospitals, and other attractions are all easily accessible from Andheri West. Its proximity to upscale restaurants, shopping malls, and other amenities makes it a desirable place to live. Employment hubs in SakiNaka, BKC, Oshiwara, Goregaon, and Bandra are all close by.

7: Easy Access to All the Essential Places

In addition to being conveniently positioned, Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital is also close by. Families that desire to be in the thick of things but still find the tranquillity that worldwide design can offer have lots to do and see. The rising value of land in the middle of the city, with significant facilities within strolling or driving access from any primary residence, ensures that anyone wishing to purchase a home here will get a decent return on their investment.

8: A Prominent Location for a Lot of Homes

Fundamental residential properties have appeared in Andheri West due to growing demand for the lifestyle it offers. Coming home to this residential neighbourhood means experiencing elegant architecture paired with intelligent design, a tribute to top-notch engineering and first-rate amenities. Living in crowded quarters can be uncomfortable. Andheri West’s abundance of future residential housing with 2 and 3-BHK homes makes a bold statement for those looking to invest at the correct time.

These are a few of the causes one ought to decide to invest in Andheri West real estate. Tell the top real estate agents what you need in a call. The most extraordinary homes for investment will be recommended to you by them. Begin your investment journey right now.


For decades, Mumbai’s developed road, which is overseen by the wealthiest civic command in India, has a range of employment opportunities, a lower cost of living than that of any other Indian metropolis (aside from housing costs), and its effective public transportation network have all attracted homebuyers.

In conclusion, Mumbai offers a broad real estate supply to match the requirements of all regional purchasers, from enormous mass housing projects to the most expensive properties in the country. Mumbai is blessed with homes well worth the money and a superb balance of elegance and practicality.

For those who live in Mumbai’s prestigious neighbourhoods, the positive way of life is even more fantastic. Andheri West is one of the most incredible places for individuals seeking to live close to everything while enjoying a comfortable lifestyle in a residential neighbourhood.


Is Andheri West a nice area?

Indeed, Andheri West is an upscale neighbourhood. Many upscale homes, fantastic restaurants and bars, and upscale shops exist. The local civic amenities include well-kept roads, reliable schools, and hospitals.

Is it safe to live in Andheri West?

Yes, it is safe to reside in Andheri West, and it is a hub for employment and a desirable residential neighbourhood. The region has decent residential structures, lovely commercial buildings, several schools, shops, and restaurants.

What bus station is closest to Andheri West?

There are a few bus depots in Versova, including Four Bungalows and Seven Bungalows, and the main bus terminal in Andheri West is located at the railway station. Additionally, the area is dotted with bus stops that provide access to all of Mumbai.

Does Andheri West have a metro station?

Yes, there are metro stops in several locations within Andheri West, and they currently provide access to both the Central and Western regions.