Exploring Badlapur: A Location for Better Living

Planning to settle in Badlapur? Here’s all you need to know about this place and its future.

Are you planning to settle in Mumbai, and do you want to live in a tourist attraction? Badlapur is your stop to end your search for a perfect place to see yourself well-settled. Badlapur is a part of Mumbai, and it is a small town located in Thane of Mumbai. Badlapur is also well-known for its tourist attractions, as this small village is beautiful and developed. Apart from its beauty, it has many attractions that draw visitors from all over the country. You will feel calm, serene, and enthusiastic once you reach this wonderful place. It has many water parks, resorts, dams, bridges, a Badlapur dam, and a Badlapur fort for your visit.

Friendly neighbourhoods consisting of Sonivali, Belavali, Manjarli, and Katrap surround Badlapur. Further reading about this locality to know more.

What’s Great About Living In Badlapur

Badlapur is a very nice locality, and it promotes affordable living, making it easy for those who want to have everything around at a minimum cost. You don’t have to worry about the social facilities available to you. It has some of the best schools, banks, shops, and other nearby accommodations. So you will get everything around quickly.

If you plan to buy a house, you will be left surprised by its affordable prices. Housing rates are comparatively lower in Badlapur than in other locations in Mumbai, and it has a railway station to help with commuting. Also, with the current development scenarios, it is developing more excellently, and many housing projects are coming up and being accomplished.

Why Not Choose Badlapur?

There are countable reasons to choose this stunning place as your address. However, if you travel a lot, this village can cause issues in your to-and-fro commutation.

The village has its railway station, yet it has no metro line that will affect your commute.

Travelling nearby can only be performed via train. As per the plan by the government of Mumbai, a metro line 5 is proposed that covers Badlapur along with many other villages and cities nearby. Travelling in a town can be done only through local transport, which can be the only reason for not choosing Badlapur.

Liveability Index and Physical Infrastructure

The infrastructure of this village varies as per the homeowners. As it is less developed than others nearby, the residents prefer to build their own designed houses, which is optimum for homeowners. Although there are some issues in connectivity, this place copes with other facilities to make it residents friendly. As Badlapur comes to the metropolitan region, the residents can experience high-end development within the village.

The best thing one can encounter is easy travelling. You can only reach the railway station and airport late if your luck fails. The connectivity to the airport is under 60km, and the same is for the Railway station. You will get beautiful sights nearby. Bhiwandi, Kalyan, and Thane have come up with the fastest-growing industries. Overall, this place has everything in its area, so living here is satisfactory and is expected to improve for good. The city’s livability Index is lower than many cities nearby and will increase shortly.

Social Infrastructure

Everybody checks for nearby locations whenever they plan to relocate to any place, and you always check for social sites for a feasible life. Badlapur has many social facilities for the residents, including schools, shopping complexes, Banks, ATMs, and many more places.

Following are many social facilities in Badlapur:

Schools Nearby:

  • Anthony’s Convent Higher Secondary School
  • Fatima High School
  • Mother Teresa English Medium School

Healthcare Centers Nearby:

  • Dhanvantari Hospital
  • Mamta Hospital
  • Aditya Hospital

Restaurants Nearby:

  • Venky’s Family Restaurant and Bar
  • Grillin
  • The Food Garage

Banks/ATMs Nearby:

  • HDFC Bank
  • ICICI Bank
  • Bank of India

Some Popular Roads In Badlapur

There are no metro facilities as of 2023. However, a plan will launch metro line 5 that covers Badlapur too. Road connections are by far the best. Several famous roads are:

  • Badlapur Road: From Badlapur Road, you can reach Cole, Usarghar, NV, and many other prominent locations via Badlapur Road.
  • Barvi Dam Road: Barvi dam road and Ambernath road land you to many places like Sonivali.

Nearby places— Distance Calculator

There are many locations nearby you can visit anytime.

Locality and Distance from Badlapur

  • Ulhasnagar (11.6 km)
  • Kasgaon (7.4 km)
  • Umbroli (9.2 km)
  • Ambernath (6.8 km)

So if you want to visit somewhere, these places are perfect.

Commute Duration From Badlapur

Road networks fully cover every area. One can get to any destination quickly. Usually, residents have their vehicles for travelling purposes. Several locations and their travel time from the main city:

  • Ulhasnagar (28 minutes)
  • Umbroli (26 minutes)
  • Kasgaon (21 minutes)
  • Ambernath (18 minutes)

Now you are wondering about travelling by cab to a nearby location. Here are the cab fares from one place to another place, such as

  • Ulhasnagar (600 rs for round trip)
  • Umbroli (550 rs for round trip)
  • Kasgaon (500 rs for round trip)
  • Ambernath (400 rs for round trip)

One can book their cabs from different locations to your destination. So the transport facility is quite well in the village.

Unlike many big developed cities of Maharashtra, the best part is you will be free from traffic.

How Is the Response Of People Living In Badlapur

The residents of Badlapur are happy in every way. The development and abundant social facilities are sufficient for them to live a happy and satisfactory life in a posh state, i.e., Maharashtra. You will get everything in just one place, and your social and professional life will be bliss. Many prefer to live in metropolitan cities, but overall, it is the best choice.

How Can An Individual Reach The City?

Any individual living in Mumbai can easily reach here. Board a train to Badlapur Railway Station to reach the destination. You can also take auto support to get to the city. And the final way to go to Badlapur is by booking a cab or taxi.

What Are The Attractions To See in Badlapur?

Although Badlapur is a simple city, it still needs to be modernised compared to other prominent cities of Maharastra.

There are many places you can visit while you are in Badlapur. Several attractions are:

  • Vrundavan Resorts
  • Matoshree Resorts and River Park
  • NIRVA the Cottage and Restaurants.

A beautiful serene resort equipped with all the facilities and a modern design to make you feel you are in a different zone.

3 Services In Badlapur

The city is a safe place equipped with many social facilities. There are excellent social facilities in the city that you will see further. Those who want to settle in any place wish to have services around. Always check for available social facilities whenever you pay in any home.

There are many services available for you. Some want interior designing, and we want movers and packers services. Some want repair services and many other services.

Several different types of services are:

1: Interior Designing

One can take assistance in giving a new look to their home. Interior designers help design the interiors, place a specific corner, select a colour, and overall design the house.

Rodge interior, Ok Gaurav interiors, and many companies provide interior designing services in Badlapur. You can contact them if you want help.

2: Movers and Packers

So you are shifting to a new place and will need a group of people to pack your items safely and securely. Movers and packers are services provided for the safe and secure transportation of housing items from one place to another. They also help in settling down the things in your home.

Bajrang Packers and mover and Unicorn packers are the service companies that help pack your goods to carry them.

3: Legal Services

You can also seek help from professional advisors whenever you decide to purchase a property in Badlapur. From verifying documents to selecting a location, everything can be done securely with the help of legal advisers.

Although there is a list of services and service providers in Badlapur, you can effortlessly search for them nearby. You will always remain satisfied with the benefits of these companies.

Projects In Badlapur

Diversity is visible in the projects located in Badlapur. Developers have added their best productions with enhanced techniques to suit the development.

Many projects in the city directly become landmarks. You will always be satisfied with the beauty and sophisticated buildings.

Some of the productions are:

  • Deepali Residency
  • Raj Tulsi City
  • Aryan One
  • Pranjee Garden City
  • Arihant Anmol

Apart from these, there are many more such landmark projects to give you a glance at living your best life here.

3 Reasons You Should Invest In Badlapur?

As a part of Mumbai, Maharashtra— this city has seen visible growth in recent years. The town is located within 68 km of the prominent landmarks in Mumbai, so without investing in expensive Mumbai, you can choose Badlapur instead. Also, this place offers reasonable projects to buyers, and the prices are pretty low compared to the posh landmarks of Mumbai. The cosmopolitan ambience of this city draws several professionals to build on low prices.

1: Low Cost of Housing

Badlapur in Thane has come out as one of the popular destinations for home buyers. The prices here are drastically different as compared to Mumbai and nearby places. For the last 4-5 years, the growth has been tremendous. So, you will get a wide range of properties at different prices in the city. You will get the property in Mumbai for more than one crore, and the same property will be available between 70-80 lakhs there.

2: Connectivity Facilities

As it is a small town in nearby Mumbai, you will see a small range of travel facilities to and fro. The development and growth of connectivity are increasing at a good pace. The main draw here is its proximity to adjacent sites with n improved travelling facilities. A metro line 5 is also in the process of building. So, you will see metros running within the city, covering all the locations.

3: Ease of Living and ROI

With the rapid development over the last few years, the growth is visible. Quality schools, shopping complexes, clubs, and housing projects are increasing yearly. This location has come a long way in terms of development. Also, you can experience a taste of luxury at minimal prices here. It was recorded that the average annual growth by Badlapur is 5 per cent with significant revenue.

So no doubt, Badlapur will become a new Mumbai for the residents of Maharashtra. The growth and development are just right.

Future of Badlapur— Will It Become Smart?

With the food rate of development and architecture design, it is expected to witness some of the best architectural productions in the region. It will also be expected to receive a handsome appreciation in both properties and development.

Badlapur lies on the outskirts of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, and it will have a metro line running between the villages.

The housing properties will increase to give more options for residences. It will have more shopping complexes, schools, and other development places for adequate growth of residents of this city.

Over the years, it has experienced tremendous growth. It has a cosmopolitan ambience and draws the attention of many investors.

These are the factors that will keep intact the growth momentum for the next few years. You will see a newly furnished Badlapur through your eyes.


Maharashtra is well-known for its film city and extravagant life. Also, Mumbai comprises seven islands in which many sub-divisions have visible differences, and the circle of those islands together makes Mumbai. Badlapur, Kulgaon, Manjarli, and Katrap include the community.

Apart from its stunning beauty, a railway line separates the village into two halves. These two halves are referred to as the eastern and western halves. The primary market is in the western half, while the Gaondevi, or goddess town, is in the half of the west of the location.

This city will emerge as the perfect location nearby Mumbai.


Is Badlapur safe for investing?

Suppose you want to experience living nearby Mumbai. Then, choosing this place is a perfect choice for you. It offers many kinds of residential properties that are good investment options. Well connected with Mumbai, the prices of properties and lands will increase in the coming years.

What are the tourist attractions in Badlapur?

Apart from being a part of Mumbai, Badlapur has many tourist spots that will mesmerise you—attractions like Barvi Dam, Barrage River Point, Chintamani Chawk, and a Vatsala’s Farm. Many spots will leave you in awe.

Is Badlapur safe to stay in?

This city offers you excellent connectivity with a serene environment. The connectivity will improve in coming years with a metro running nearby places covering different locations. It is safe to build your own home and live peacefully.

Which part is best in Badlapur?

There are a total of 17 localities present in Badlapur. Katrap, Kharval, and Belabali are the best localities for staying in Badlapur.