Exploring Matunga East, Mumbai: A Vibrant Blend of Communities

Exploring Matunga East Mumbai: A Vibrant Blend of Communities

Matunga East is one of the oldest neighbourhoods, and the area is known for its South Indian atmosphere. Read more to know everything about Matunga East, Mumbai.

Matunga East, situated in Central Mumbai, is one of the most vibrant areas in Mumbai. The locality is primarily a residential area and has a blend of different communities staying in harmony. South Indian, Gujarati, Parsi and Jain communities are the prominent residents of this area. Matunga is a prime location in Mumbai City, situated in a prime location with excellent connectivity.

Matunga is known for its flower market, which features an array of gorgeous flowers. If you’re looking to rent or buy a place in Matunga, you are in the perfect place. Read more to find out about everything related to Matunga. Places to visit, what to do and the many gated communities in this locality.

6 Must-Visit Places in Matunga, Mumbai

1: Maheshwari Udyan

Kings Circle, or Maheshwari Udyan, is perfect for early morning walks or evening strolls. There is also an open-air gym and a ground for sports in the Udyan. There are many eateries around the place which is extremely popular for their breakfasts.

2: Aurora Talkies

Aurora Talkies are perfect to take you back to the world of cinema. This talkie is a massive part of the history of this locality, and Aurora talkies are more famous among south Indian residents. Though the appeal of multiplexes isn’t there, this one-of-the-kind talkie is perfect and regularly plays Tamil and Telugu movies, among others.

3: The Book House

Bookworms heavily love this place all over the city. The Book House is iconic and has been in the area since 1958. The book house also has academic books making this place extremely versatile and popular.

4: Sree Ram Mandir

One of the oldest South Indian temples in Matunga, Sree Ram Mandir, is situated quite close to the flower market. The temple has a pleasant and serene environment, a must-visit for spiritual and religious people.

5: Dumpling Delights

Matunga is a variety of South and North, Dumpling Delights is the perfect spot for momos, and their unique momos are a must-try. The place is famous among young adults and North Indians.

6: Ram Asrhay

This iconic outlet is known for its South Indian food. The Ram Ashray is a hangout spot and is quite popular among youngsters. The dosas and idlis in this hotel are famous all around Matunga. Since there is excellent connectivity, the hotel is easy to access.

Neighbourhood and Infrastructure

  • Matunga East has one of the most developed neighbourhoods in Central Mumbai, and it s a residential colony. This posh neighbourhood has a mix of communities.
  • The locality is well-connected, making it perfect for residents to travel easily. There is connectivity through road, monorail and railway as well. The proposed Dadar metro station is expected to enhance connectivity.
  • The Mumbai airport is also near this locality, with many routes for the BEST buses.
  • The locality hosts a few of the most prominent schools in the city. There are all the required necessities quite close by.
  • The location is near other well-known areas like Sion and Navi Mumbai. Mahim and the different regions.
  • Though the neighbourhood is known for its well-developed social infrastructure, constant traffic jams and water logging is standard during the monsoon season.

6 Top Gated Communities in Matunga

1: Sidaan Sadhana Building

Launched by the Sidaan enterprise, the gated community has a range of 2 BHK apartments built around 0.12 acres of land. The Sidaan Sadhana Building is quite close to hospitals, schools, restaurants and banks, making it easily accessible.

The location is also quite close to the critical landmarks of Matunga. The building features many amenities, and it also has rainwater harvesting. The building has 10 flats and is close to a few of the best restaurants in Matunga.

2: Kesar Horizon

This carefully intricately designed building is located near Kings Circle Station. The facility offers a supreme lifestyle. It has many amenities, and the building provides a sauna, gym, clubhouse, mini theatre, and many other features.

Kesar Horizon offers houses with up to 5 bedrooms. The facility promises to blend contemporary architecture and comfortable living space perfectly.

3: Shanish Amrut Smruti Apartment

The developers of Shanish Amrut Smruti Apartment are a crucial player in the real estate industry of Mumbai. The buildings focus on quality and value for money, and the apartment and their houses are built with the latest modern designs. The building is close to many schools, restaurants, shopping malls, etc. The building has the basic amenities and a party area on the 0.22-acre land it is built on.

4: Krushna Kunj Apartments

Located at around 1250 sq. ft., this building has 20 floors and is close to Sion Matunga. The apartment is easily accessible by Eastern Express Highway. The apartment has semi-furnished houses with 2,3, and 4BHK houses. This project is the first gated community created by The builder and its censure to provide a spectacular view of spacious homes.

5: Godrej Five Gardens

This new launch is by renowned builders. Godrej has spacious homes with over 45 amenities. The apartment, with about 77 units, is built in a total area of over 1.35 acres. The apartment is near the Eastern Express highway, making commuting easy. The spacious houses also have a beautiful view.

6: Tejukaya Signarehas

These skillfully designed flats are ready to move. The building has around 19 floors and has 2 BHK apartments. The building has semi-furnished homes, and the project has a 24/7 power backup and many other amenities.

What’s Great in Matunga East?

  • Matunga East is a developed locality with many homes in a mid-income segment ready to move.
  • The locality has many residential apartments, villas, independent houses and apartment complexes.
  • Many employment hubs are close to the locality, including offices of BKC, World Trade Centre, Lodha Excelus and so on.
  • Matunga Road and Matunga railway station is nearby, and there is easy access to Western Express Highway and many other linking roads.
  • The employment hubs, in addition to the excellent connectivity, rapidly increasing demand
  • The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Internation Airport is around 14 kilometres away from Matunga
  • The social infrastructure is quite good, with shopping malls, Markets including a famous flower market, Banks, and schools. Restaurants and so on.

What’s Not So Great in Matunga East?

  • The locality is a low-lying area which means that during monsoon season, the place can see a lot of water logging.
  • Low-pressure water supply is quite common in and around the room.
  • The treatment of sewage and waste management is not upto the mark, causing a constant problem for the residents
  • Air pollution has been raised as an issue quite a few times and is one of the significant civic concerns.
  • There are very few public community toilets in the locale.
  • Matunga East is also a busy area that constantly leads to congestion and traffic problems.

4 Activities in Matunga

1: Shopping

Suppose you’re a fan of elegant sarees. Shilpa Sarees provide the best quality materials at extremely reasonable prices. There are many options around Matunga for shopping, and the place is a perfect spot for saree lovers. From a comfortable cotton saree to an elegant silk saree, find whatever you need in Matunga.

2: Jogging

Many gardens in and around Matunga are perfect for brisk morning walks, a run or even an evening stroll. Keep yourself healthy with the breakfast hubs around the park. Hang out with friends while kids can play in the garden. The gardens are perfect for relaxing and taking a break.

3: Praying

Be it the beautiful and tranquil shrine of Don Bosco’s Madonna or the Sree Ram Mandir and its poojas. These spiritual spaces are visited regularly; people from all different faiths come together here. These places of worship have a certain allure like no other.

4: Market and Flowers

The Matunga Market has various selections, including fresh and exotic vegetables. These places are preferred more by the South Indians, who are attracted by the flower market. Matunga Market also has many pooja items and household necessities, and these places are perfect for shopping for necessary everyday items.


Matunga East is a vibrant locality, a residential colony with a mix of various ethnicities. There are plenty of things to do in this locale. Matunga East is known for its connectivity and is located in Central Mumbai. The locale is easily connected to the employment hubs, and the demand for this area is increasing. There are prominent schools and institutions in and around the locale.

The social infrastructure of the site is also exceptional. Matunga East has its downs, like traffic or water clogging during monsoon. However, the locale is growing in demand. Many residential options are affordable for mid-level income as well.


Which part of Mumbai is Matunga?

Matunga is located in central Mumbai towards downtown Mumbai.

Is there a metro station in Matunga?

No, However, there is a proposed Dadar Metro Station.

How far is Mumbai Airport from Matunga?

The Mumbai International Airport is around 14 kilometres away from Matunga.

Is Matunga a posh area?

The locale is a quiet residential area and posh, while the house area is also affordable.

Which are the best schools in Matunga?

The Don Bosco High school is the most famous among Matunga’s prominent schools.

Where to hang out in Matunga?

South Indian restaurants like Cafe Madras, ANand Bhavan etc. Kings Circle, Matunga market and so on are perfect for hanging out.