Which is the Safest Place for Women in India?

There is a lot of debate on places that are safe for women or not. But the question arises which is the safest place for women in India? Here is a brief on this subject.

In India, being a woman entails overcoming several safety issues. And this is sad, considering the crucial role women play in determining the scenario of the nation. In other words, people must receive the level of security they merit. Numerous women now leave their hometowns for career or academic purposes and move throughout the nation. But the question arises of which is the safest place for women in India.

Women in today’s world are abolishing the boundaries and require secure co-living communities where they may live without fear of danger. They must thus feel protected and secure everywhere they go.

In several Indian cities, initiatives to empower women are being developed and supported, allowing for the unrestricted movement of women who choose to work or study.

Below are a few lists of the top safest places for women in India. Therefore if you are considering moving out or just surfing for places that might be suitable for your next adventure, this list is for you.


Popularly known as the city of joy, Kolkata has secured the position of being the safest city in 2021 by the NCRB(National Crime Reports Bureau). The people-friendly commute system and residential areas assure the migrants, especially women, of their safety. Its distinctive civilisation and culture attract many people to reside here.

This city has a friendly environment and a vigilant police system, and inhabitants are more aware of women’s safety. The diverse cuisine this place offers often entices people, and has a comparatively cleaner environment filled with kindhearted citizens.

Highlights of Kolkata

  • This city offers a high earning potential.
  • It offers a wide variety of educational opportunities which can be achieved in one’s comfort and provides accessibility to prestigious employers.
  • In 2019 and 2021, this city was named the safest city by NCRB.
  • The city is renowned for its popular museums and libraries, and women often feel protected and respected here.
  • The transportation system here is convenient and safe, and one can choose what they might want to travel from: metro, rail, private or public buses, rail, auto-rickshaws, and taxis. Anyone can travel from one place to another regardless of the time.


The silicon valley of India is the most popular place for software engineers and IT companies. People from all over India migrate to this place; surprisingly, the number of women is encouraging. The Bengaluru police are famous for their involvement in assisting the needy.

The city is well connected through its transportation system, which is accessible 24/7. It has a beautiful climate all around the year, and its nightlife is famous for its bustling environment. With reasonably priced residential areas and attentive security services, it is one of the top locations to move to and is preferable for women.

Highlights of Bangalore

  • The city has BMTC-managed buses, metro rail services, public taxis, rickshaws, and private cabs that help people in smooth commuting across the city.
  • The diverse menu offered by this place attracts people from all over the world.
  • The diverse population makes the living environment here safe and united, especially for women.
  • The rental apartments here are reasonably priced, secure, and pleasant.


The city of dreams, or the Bollywood capital, is undoubtedly one of the world’s most affluent cities. When it comes to safety, this vibrant metropolis has repeatedly been on the list of one of the safest places for women. It serves as the nation’s commercial hub and offers many employment opportunities.

The city never sleeps as even the stores and transport systems are available anytime. That is why working till late at night is common, and it is for women as well. With strong online and offline affluence, Mumbai police are setting examples for other cities.

Highlights of Mumbai

  • The residential prices here are comparatively higher than in other cities, but considering the security and facilities provided, all the costs are justified.
  • This city is filled with lucrative opportunities and pleasurable activities for entertainment. This city is famous for its fantastic nightlife.
  • The infrastructure of the city is highly appreciable. The roads are well-lit and well-connected, and fully under surveillance.
  • People generally prefer local trains but private and public taxis or cabs, buses, and auto rickshaws are available almost every time.


It is famous for being the cultural capital of India and surely has a substantial cultural presence. It boasts of its low crime rates, thus making it a favourable place for tourists and migrants, especially women.

Apart from being a cosmopolitan hub, its beaches and rich culture are appreciable. It is home to several IT hubs and has an excellent transient system. In 2022 it will be on top of the safest places for women. With its rich tradition and educated populace, it is one of the preferable destinations for women.

Highlights of Chennai

  • It is comparatively easier to find affordable and secure housing.
  • CCTVs cover the city well; law enforcement forces do a thorough job of providing security at their best, and help is readily available.
  • The residential areas are close to workplaces, are opulent yet reasonably priced and provide a secure environment.
  • Accessibility is never an issue here, considering its effective transportation system consisting of public buses, autos, private taxis, cabs, and trains.


It is famous for its textile mills and is one of the safest cities for women. Being home to its vibrant cultural heritage and the heart of Gujarat, the crime rates here are comparatively lower.

With regular police patrolling and utmost surveillance, the feasibility of staying out late at night is recommendable. With its incredible environment for industrialisation, it has become a hotspot for entrepreneurs. The pleasurable cuisine is just like the cherry on top, and the vibrant festival vibe is also one of a kind.

Highlights of Ahmedabad

  • One of the recommendable things about this city is its verdant and pollution-free surroundings.
  • The pleasurable tourist destinations are a sight for the eyes. Even the people here tend to be upbeat.
  • One can choose taxis, personal vehicles, municipal transport services, auto rickshaws or cabs for commuting across the city.
  • Its rapid urbanisation and industrialisation have become a favourite place for women entrepreneurs.


Popularly known as the Queen of Deccan, this city is surely becoming India’s next most popular IT hub. With this, it also attracts many aspiring employees and startups to settle here. A large number of them comprise the women’s population. With low crime rates, many women prefer to choose this city.

Pune is home to notable companies and educational institutions that draw many women. It has always been a cultural and customs hub, attracting many aspiring artists. The pollution is minimal here due to the greenery and open spaces.

Highlights of Pune

  • With monitored and well-lit roadways and twenty-four-hour surveillance in residential areas, it is preferable to reside.
  • In 2022, it was ranked fifth for being the safest city for women.
  • The city’s connectivity is feasible, and one can take the help of public buses, rail, cabs, and auto rickshaws to commute across the city
  • Urbanisation and higher living conditions result in higher rental prices. It is easy to find housing that is well-furnished and present in secure surroundings.


Hyderabad is also known as the city of pearls and is famous for its Nizams. Apart from being famous for it, it also has lower crime rates and higher living conditions, resulting in higher employment rates among women.

This metropolis is internationally renowned for its diamonds, tourist attractions, lakes, etc. Large MNCs buildings and professionals populate it prefers to stay here considering the preferable living condition.

Highlights of Hyderabad

  • It has an excellent transportation system accessible to the public. Buses managed by APSRTC managed buses, taxis or cabs, Multi-Modal Transport System railways, and auto rickshaws are a great means to commute.
  • The superior public infrastructure and highly enticing architecture are a sight for the eyes.
  • The city is comparatively less polluted than the other developed cities.
  • It has a vigilant Police force that is attentive to public grievances.


Even though the present cities are considered safe for women to reside in, we still have a long way to go. We should be able to make every place compatible enough for them to live and create opportunities everywhere so that they do not have the compulsion to relocate to other regions. It’s high time we improve our law enforcement authorities and infrastructure, make places friendly for everyone to live freely, and make the safest place for women in India.


Which is the safest city to reside in for women?

Kolkata has bagged the position of being the safest city for women.

Which are the places that have low crime rates against women?

Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Bangalore etc., have lesser crime rates against women.

What are the most common methods of transportation in the metropolis?

Taxis, cabs, public buses, auto rickshaws, rails etc., are the most common transportation methods in the metropolis.

Is it safe to travel at night in Mumbai?

It is common for stores, malls, and transportation systems to be available at all times. Also, it is common for people to stay out late at night outdoors, and this city is famous for always being awake.