16 Most Attractive Balcony Tiles Design

16 Most Attractive Balcony Tiles Design

Who doesn’t love a beautiful balcony? If you want to decorate your balcony floor with new ideas, here are some fantastic balcony tiles designs.

Balcony design has always held a unique place in everyone’s hearts – these tiny areas are a welcome comfort in any home. With the right kind of balcony tile patterns and flooring options, even the simplest balcony can transform into a place of solitude, a blooming garden or a recreation area.

Tiles play an assertive role in specifying the functionality and aesthetics of a space. Balcony tiles have varied patterns and designs that will make your space gap spectacular.

The balcony can be a place where you can unwind comfortably with family and friends. So it is crucial to make this place more elegant and pretty.

Regardless of the intent of the balcony, the balcony tiles design makes the whole look different. Just as a balcony grill must be, above all else, safe and secure, the design of balcony tiles demands the same kind of reflection and consideration.

Types of balcony tiles design

Artificial grass balcony tiles to have a garden look

Artificial turf or grass lays a decorative layer of grass on the floor of your balcony. It is simple to manage and is also not too costly. So you can have your green floor and have easy maintenance! In addition, this kind of flooring is uncomplicated to replace from time to time.

Also, if you are wondering how to choose decent types of tiles for your home, you can use artificial grass instead of typical tiles for a garden effect. There are several designs of artificial grass floors which you can use for your balcony flooring.

Moroccan balcony tile designs create a genuine atmosphere

There are no limitations to using Moroccan balcony tiles only in the kitchen. With their subtle patterns and vibrant colours, these tiles will update your balcony floor into a work of art.

These balcony tiles designs create outstanding design possibilities for balcony tiles that also look pleasant. These tiles are fierce, radiant and attractive and add a bunch of character to this space.

Patterned Moroccan tiles like these come in a motley of designs, motifs and gorgeous colour blends. Such tiles infuse charm and character into any area, and balconies are no exception. You should keep the overall design and furniture minimal and classic in combination with patterned tiles.

Wood balcony tiles for a subtle style

The texture of wooden balcony tiles delivers a neutral background for furniture and other embellishments. Also, if it is a large balcony where children can play, wooden tile is a solution to protect children. The wooden tile offers the balcony floor a rustic look and warm feeling.

Softwood balcony tiles designs for neutral background

These balcony floor tiles are a bigger version of textured tiles and are smooth to the touch. Softwood panelling is an excellent choice if you intend to use the interior in light colours on the balcony, and it’s neutral and flawless for sporting bright colour pops and a fantastic look.

Wenge cut tiles for vintage essence

This shade of dark wood is called wenge and immediately takes us back to the Victorian era. The log cabin design panelling gives the balcony an extremely vintage feel. If vintage is your style, there’s nothing quite as refined as dark wood panelling.

Pinewood deck for an outdoor party

If you have plenty of fun, use your balcony with a wooden deck for an outdoor party. Pine wood is a type of soft wood that can get utilised as a wooden balcony floor, and it is also highly durable when well maintained. Its best feature is its aesthetic value, making it ideal for outdoor parties like this one.

Mosaic balcony tile with vibrant patterns

Mosaic floors were common before different kinds of porcelain and sintered tiles entered the market. Mosaic tiles are also a cost-effective alternative.

But the decent thing about using mosaics is the appropriate selection of many patterns and lively colours that can illuminate your balcony.

Mosaic balcony tiles design may not be the most obvious choice, but they make a beautiful floor coating! Mosaic tiles come in beautiful colours and have a magical appeal that adds to the unusual design.

Etched balcony tiles design for the modest look

Etched tiles are ordinary ceramic tiles engraved or etched with a laser. They have a raised surface and often get used in wet areas such as bathrooms. These tiles offer a textured floor look which also helps to ensure that people do not slip and fall if the balcony is wet. It may be necessary for homes where there are elderly family members.

Hand-painted tiles for rustic beauty

Hand-painted tiles are a work of art and lend a rustic charisma to balconies. You only need to remember that you must take good care of them as they are soft and delicate.

For example, these dotted and dashed geometric patterned tiles have us swooning! When every tile is exceptional, and your balcony floor is a work of art. You must create and design every inch of it as if it is your canvas.

Landscaping with pebbles and wooden floors on the balcony

Landscaping on balconies is a trend that is catching up. Dry landscaping and wood for melodious balconies are the perfect options for people who adore stones and pebbles framed in wood.

Dry landscaping with stones and pebbles is a Japanese concept: often call it a "Zen garden". This type of landscaping occupies some parts of the balcony floor. The wooden floor on the balcony complements the zen gardens for the perfect balance of energy.

Ethnic balcony tiles design for an elegant look

An interpretation of earthy colour complexions for your balcony seems attractive and alluring. Ethnic Indian patterns cast in ceramic tiles are an outstanding choice for balconies, and earthy colours are generously suited to this type of balcony paving. You can use a combination of dark and light balcony tiles to give your balcony floor a greased finish.

Mangalore tiles for a trace of tradition

A typical dose of nostalgia and earthy clay from Mangalore’s coasts blends to give you transitions to the natural environment. Made from a special clay, the dark red Mangalore tiles are redolent of history and artistic references. In expansion to being eco-friendly and sustainable, these balcony tiles design offer a fantastic deal of aesthetic recollections.

Decorative ceramic tiles for smooth tone

A mix of sun and shade for your balcony is an ideal combination of beauty and comfort. Shaded tiles consist of darker and lighter gradients of the same colour and comprise granite, ceramic or clay. So instead of a monotonous shade, the balcony tiles can have two different shades.

Digitally glazed sintered balcony tiles

Non-slip, non-porous, durable, and vitrified is always a good option for any outdoor floor. Here, the patterned details on these tiles set them apart from other tiles in many manners. Darker tiles like these look great in contrast with light walls in colours like yellow, making the balcony look extra enchanting and inviting.

Regular casual vibe ceramic balcony tiles

Basic and affordable ceramic tiles are a reasonable option for balcony tiles design for an attractive exterior look. Modest and subtle, the standard ceramic tiles used in our homes can be affordable and easy to maintain. You can decorate the balcony with plants and props.

Porcelain tiles for a graceful balcony look

Porcelain is one of the most prevalent floors for outdoor use. They are fantastic balcony tiles to design a balcony royally, and these tiles are popular and widely available in the market.

Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are dense, smooth and highly durable. These tiles are non-porous, making them an excellent choice for outdoor spaces exposed to rain during the monsoon.

Thanks to the variety of matt surfaces, the floor is non-slip. They are available in a combination of colours and are a breeze to maintain!

What are the different flooring options on balconies?

Artificial grass, composite decking, wood flooring, natural stone, etc., are among the most prominent balcony flooring resorts. However, even today, tiling works as a classic and a unique variant of the balcony floor.


Some balconies allow a snack and tea with the family. So let’s prepare the space as glamorous and peaceful to use. Balconies are the most crucial part of any home, and they give you space to relax, recreate your hobbies or chitchat with your family.

It is essential to design your balcony most elegantly and attractively to give your home exterior an alluring charm.

So, choosing the right balcony tiles design will be the first step when you think of doing a makeover of the balcony. With the number of options available, you can choose the balcony tiles design as per your choice.