A Glimpse Inside Telugu heartthrob Ram Charan’s House

A Glimpse Inside Telugu heartthrob Ram Charan's House

Ram Charan is a well-known Indian producer, actor, and entrepreneur primarily working in Telugu films. He hails from a family deeply rooted in the film industry, being the son of megastar Chiranjeevi and grandson of legendary comedian Allu Ramalingaiah. Ram Charan’s journey into acting began with his debut film “Chirutha” in 2007, which received both commercial success and critical acclaim, marking his entry into the spotlight.

His breakthrough came with the blockbuster hit “Magadheera,” where his acting, dancing skills, and horse-riding prowess garnered widespread recognition. Despite facing setbacks with movies like “Zanjeer” and “Thoofan,” Ram Charan bounced back with a successful comeback in the movie “RRR”.

Throughout his career, Ram Charan has carved a niche for himself in the industry, earning accolades and establishing himself as one of the leading actors in Telugu cinema. Ram Charan resides in a magnificent abode in Hyderabad’s prestigious Jubilee Hills neighbourhood.

Inside Ram Charan’s House in Hyderabad

Address and Price

Ram Charan’s house is at Plot No – 303 N, Road No – 25, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana, India. This luxurious property, sprawling over 25,000 sq ft, was reportedly purchased for over Rs. 38 Crore. Located in one of the most posh neighbourhoods of Hyderabad, this house reflects the actor’s affluent lifestyle and rich taste.

Architecture and Design

Designed by Mumbai-based architects Tahiliani Homes, Ram Charan’s house is a seamless blend of heritage-inspired design and contemporary features. The house exudes elegance and sophistication, resembling a modern-day palace.

The interiors have intricate marble work, classic motifs, and patterns from various parts of India. The main façade retains its original charm while incorporating modern amenities for a luxurious living experience.

Interior Highlights

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Living Room: Adorned with jade-studded walls and ceilings, the living room exudes royalty. Wooden panels and classy furnishings add to the grandeur, complemented by exquisite paintings on display.

Dining Area: Thoughtfully designed to blend archaic and contemporary features, the dining area in Ram Charan’s house is a stunning space illuminated by unique lighting fixtures.

Chiranjeevi’s Bedroom: A particular room dedicated to Ram Charan’s father, Chiranjeevi, features a chess board-themed design and checkered flooring, where the veteran actor spends his leisure time.

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Pooja Room: Reflecting Ram Charan’s religious beliefs, the pooja room is decorated in a South Indian style, serving as a serene space for family gatherings during festivals.


Tennis Court: Reflecting Ram Charan’s love for sports, his home boasts a tennis court where the actor enjoys leisure time.

Swimming Pool: A crystal-clear swimming pool offers a refreshing retreat for the family to unwind.

Gym: Equipped with modern fitness equipment, the home gym reflects Ram Charan’s commitment to health and fitness.

Personal Touches

Family Inputs: Ram Charan, his wife Upasana, and his mother Surekha have provided primary inputs for the home’s design, ensuring it reflects their tastes and preferences.

Jade Room: A highlight of the house, the Jade Room incorporates the ornamental

mineral, symbolising protection, and prosperity. This concept resonates with the family’s ventures in the movie production business.

Ram Charan’s House in Mumbai

In addition to his expansive home in Hyderabad, the Telugu superstar possesses a stunning residence in Mumbai. Ram Charan frequently travels to Mumbai for work and reportedly owns a luxurious penthouse in Khar.

Situated by the sea, this abode provides a serene atmosphere with unique decor like jute wallpaper and wooden floors, complemented by custom-made furniture from KKD Studios. Furthermore, the penthouse boasts modern amenities, including biometric scanning, advanced security systems, and electronically controlled glass panels for added privacy.