A Glimpse Into Star Thalapathy Vijay’s House


Joseph Vijay Chandrasekhar, known as Thalapathy Vijay to his fans, is a highly respected actor in the Tamil film industry. He began his career in Tamil cinema at ten and has since starred in over 64 films spanning more than two decades. Vijay has received acclaim for his work addressing social issues and his achievements in acting.

Thalapathy Vijay has made multiple trips to the United States for film shoots, family vacations, and other events. He has expressed his admiration for Tom Cruise’s beach house in interviews. Drawing inspiration from the design of Cruise’s home, Vijay has built a similar residence in Neelankarai, Chennai.

Interestingly, the Indian actor is seen constructing his house with elements reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s beach house. The area of this residence is well-known for its peaceful environment and is an ideal place to reside for nature enthusiasts worldwide.

Thalapathy Vijay’s House

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Thalapathy Vijay’s house in Chennai offers a comfortable retreat with a spacious garden ideal for gardening or spending time with his children. The residence combines natural beauty with contemporary elements, surrounded by abundant greenery.

The house features a modern entrance gate, a brown perimeter wall, a sturdy structure, and a white facade. The property stands out on Casuarina Drive Street. Vijay’s home design reflects his confident demeanour, intellectual curiosity, and unassuming nature.

Vijay’s house features simple yet modish white colour schemes and clear glass creating a charming blend of modernity, elegance, luxury, and minimalism. Vijay’s Chennai home offers a comfortable retreat with a spacious garden ideal for gardening or spending time with his children.


Thalapathy Vijay’s house is located in Neelankarai, a convenient and posh area, which makes it reasonable to expect a high price tag for this house. Reportedly, Vijay purchased his home for a staggering amount of Rs. 54 Crore.


The front entrance of Vijay’s house includes a spacious porch enclosed by a stone wall and small patches of greenery and plants. A gazebo-like structure, which is prefabricated, visually expands the main entrance by extending the door area.

Living Room

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The living room contrasts an ivory sofa and dark wood panelling with an Indian influence. This room combines a classic charm with a contemporary style. In this inviting space, Vijay cherishes moments spent with family, friends, and loved ones, engaging in lively conversations and laughter for extended periods.


Thalapathy Vijay’s house features a beautiful, verdant garden that serves as a serene retreat from the busy city life of Chennai. The garden provides him with a peaceful sanctuary and a cobblestone pathway nearby for vehicles to access the property. Vijay frequently shares photos of himself gardening and enjoying the serenity of his garden.


The porch area is beautifully designed and connected to the garden. It is covered by gently swaying trees, providing a cool escape from the intense heat during the summer. Additionally, the porch is sheltered from above, allowing Vijay to enjoy a rainy day without worrying about getting wet.


Glass elements outside create a contemporary appearance for the exterior, reminiscent of Tom Cruise’s beach house. Thalapathy Vijay and his family can enjoy a hot cup of coffee on the outdoor patio, which features glass railings and offers views of the lush surroundings of Neelankarai.