Mastering Vastu in the Northeast Corner of Your House

Mastering Vastu in the Northeast Corner of Your House

This comprehensive guide explores the significance of Vastu Shastra, focusing specifically on the northeast corner Vastu within your home. Vastu Shastra harmonizes living spaces with natural forces, promoting balance and positive energy. Now, let’s talk about the significance of the northeast corner and how simple adjustments can invite prosperity and well-being into your living space.

The northeast corner, known as the ‘Ishan’ or ‘God’s corner,’ holds special importance in Vastu Shastra. Ensuring this area is clutter-free fosters a sense of peace and clarity, creating a conducive environment for health, wealth, and happiness to flourish in your home.

What is the Vastu for Northeast Corner?

Simple adjustments can bring about profound positive changes when it comes to Vastu Shastra for the northeast corner of your house. This corner is associated with water, so incorporating water-related elements like a small fountain or a water bowl can enhance its energy. It’s advisable to avoid heavy storage or construction in this area, allowing for a light and open space that facilitates positive energy flow. By ensuring cleanliness and simplicity in the northeast corner, you invite a sense of peace and spiritual well-being into your living space, aligning it with the principles of Vastu Shastra for overall harmony in your home.

Remember that Vastu Shastra is about creating a balanced and harmonious environment, and paying attention to the specific guidelines for the northeast corner can contribute to a more positive and vibrant living space.

Importance of Northeast Corner Vastu

The northeast corner in Vastu Shastra is believed to be the entry point for positive energy into a home. This gateway of positivity is thought to contribute to good health, wealth, and overall progress for the occupants.

When selecting a plot or constructing a new house, paying attention to the northeast is paramount. This direction is highly charged with divine energies, providing a maximum influx of vital energy compared to other directions. To optimise the flow of positive energy, it’s advised to keep the northeast zone in each room free from blockages or heavyweights, creating a harmonious environment for well-being and prosperity.

The auspicious presence of Lord Kuber governs the northeast direction and is home to Lord Shiva. Designating this corner as a sacred space, such as a home temple, can invite abundant blessings for good health, wealth, and overall prosperity.

For the northeast corner to work its magic, it’s crucial to keep it obstacle-free. A clutter-free and harmonious environment in this corner ensures the smooth flow of positive energies.

Northeast Corner Vastu: Ideal Placement of Rooms

In Vastu Shastra, understanding the ideal placements within the northeast corner is key to creating a wholesome living space. Let’s uncover each room’s placement:

Pooja Room:

  • Position the sacred Pooja room in the northeast corner to invite positive spiritual energies.
  • Use calming colours and soft lighting for a serene atmosphere.
  • Include sacred symbols or idols facing east for divine blessings.

Living Room:

  • Foster family bonding by placing the living room in the northeast corner.
  • Opt for light, soothing shades to enhance the sense of calm and togetherness.
  • Arrange furniture to allow free movement and ensure a clutter-free space.


  • Channel productive energies by locating the office in the northeast corner.
  • Position the desk to face east for enhanced focus and success.
  • Use natural light and green plants to create a refreshing work environment.


  • Create a tranquil outdoor space in the northeast corner for relaxation.
  • Place comfortable seating and greenery to connect with nature.
  • Avoid excessive clutter to maintain a peaceful ambience.


  • Optimize the northeast corner for a welcoming and open hall space.
  • Choose neutral tones to promote a balanced and inviting atmosphere.
  • Ensure adequate lighting for a warm and spacious feel.

Study Room:

  • Enhance concentration and learning abilities by situating the study room in the northeast corner.
  • Provide a clutter-free environment with organised study materials.
  • Use ambient lighting to create a conducive study atmosphere.

Rooms to Avoid in Northeast Corner as per Vastu

In Vastu Shastra, the northeast corner holds immense importance as it is associated with positive energies and overall well-being. Placing certain rooms in this corner might disrupt the harmonious flow of energy.

Guest Room:

The northeast corner is considered sacred, and hosting guests in this area might disturb the tranquillity associated with this space. If placed in this corner, guests may not experience the intended peace and positive energy.

Servant Room:

Allocating a servant room in the northeast might bring about a sense of imbalance, as it is traditionally associated with purity and spiritual energy. It’s advisable to place servant quarters in other directions to maintain the positive aura in the northeast.


The kitchen, being an area with fire and intense activity, is generally not recommended for the northeast corner. Cooking activities may conflict with the calm energy sought in this direction.

Dining Area:

Placing the dining area here might disrupt the serene atmosphere that is ideal for this corner. It’s recommended to position the dining space in more dynamic directions to maintain the balance.

Kid’s Room:

Children are typically associated with high energy and activity, which may not align with the serene vibes of the northeast corner. Consider placing the kid’s room in other zones to ensure a more suitable environment.

Vastu Tips for Northeast Corner

The northeast corner of Vastu Shastra is considered highly auspicious. By incorporating a few Vastu Shastra tips, you can create a harmonious and spiritually uplifting atmosphere in the northeast corner of your home.

Here are some tips to enhance the positive vibes in this corner:

  • Clutter-Free Space:

    Ensure the northeast corner is free from unnecessary items and clutter to allow the smooth flow of positive energy. A clean and uncluttered space promotes a sense of tranquillity and openness.

  • Water Element:

    Incorporate a water feature like a small fountain or a bowl of water in the northeast corner. Water symbolizes flow and purification, enhancing the spiritual energy associated with this direction.

  • Sacred Space:

    Designate the northeast corner as a sacred space for meditation or prayer. Keep it simple with minimal decor to create a serene atmosphere conducive to spiritual practices.

  • Natural Light:

    Maximise natural light in the northeast corner to invite positive energy. Use sheer curtains or light-coloured window treatments to allow sunlight to brighten the space.

  • Crystals and Gemstones:

    Place crystals or gemstones like amethyst, clear quartz, or rose quartz in the northeast corner. These stones are believed to amplify positive energy and promote spiritual well-being.

  • Plants:

    Introduce greenery with small, vibrant plants in the northeast corner. Plants symbolise growth and life, contributing to the overall positive energy in space.

  • Colours:

    Opt for light and soothing colours such as pastels or whites for the northeast corner. These colours evoke a sense of calmness and purity, aligning with the spiritual energy of this direction.

  • Sacred Geometry:

    Consider incorporating sacred geometry patterns or symbols in the decor. Mandalas or yantras can enhance the spiritual vibrations of the northeast corner.

  • Balanced Furniture:

    Arrange furniture in a balanced manner to maintain a harmonious energy flow. Avoid cluttering this space with excessive furniture to allow a sense of openness.

  • Regular Cleansing:

    Regularly cleanse the northeast corner through smudging or other purification rituals. This helps to dispel any negative energies and keep the space spiritually charged.

  • North-East Wall:

    Keep the northeast wall light and free from heavy structures. A light-coloured wall contributes to the overall brightness and positivity of the corner.

  • Avoid Fire Element:

    Minimise or avoid using fire elements like candles or intense lighting in the northeast corner. Fire can disrupt the peaceful energy associated with this direction.

Vastu Colours for Northeast Corner

Selecting the right colours for the northeast corner per Vastu principles can enhance the entire space’s positive energy and spiritual ambience.

Suitable Colours:

  • Whites: White is considered the most auspicious colour for the northeast corner. It symbolizes purity, peace, and spiritual clarity.
  • Pastel Shades: Soft pastel colours like light blue, light pink, and subtle greens are also suitable. They evoke a sense of calmness and serenity.
  • Metallic Tones: Metallic colours, especially silver and gold, are believed to attract positive energy to the northeast corner.

Colours to Avoid:

  • Dark and Bold Colours: Avoid using dark or bold colours such as deep red, black, or dark brown in the northeast corner. These colours may disrupt the peaceful and harmonious energy associated with this direction.
  • Earth Tones: While earthy tones are generally grounding, it’s advisable to limit their use in the northeast corner, as they might bring heavier energy that contrasts with the desired light and spiritual atmosphere.

Northeast Corner Vastu: Things to Know

Clutter-Free Space

A clutter-free northeast Corner promotes the free flow of positive energy, fostering an environment of serenity and balance. Remove unnecessary items and maintain a minimalist approach to allow the energy to circulate freely, contributing to a calm atmosphere.

Remove Barriers

Ensure that there are no physical barriers that obstruct the northeast corner, allowing energy to move without hindrance. An open and barrier-free space encourages the influx of positive forces, creating a conducive environment for spiritual practices.

Shree Yantra for Success

Placing a Shree Yantra in the northeast corner is believed to attract success, prosperity, and the blessings of Lord Kuber. This sacred geometry is considered a powerful symbol for inviting wealth and fortune into the home.

Vastu Pyramid for Rectification

Utilise a Vastu pyramid in the northeast corner to rectify Vastu imbalances and harmonise energies. The pyramid shape is thought to amplify positive vibrations, promoting overall well-being and balance.

Daily Lighting Ritual

Turning on a lamp or candle daily in the northeast corner is a ritual that helps maintain a positive and well-lit atmosphere. The act of lighting is symbolic, representing the dispelling of darkness and stagnancy and inviting positive energy.

Locker Orientation

Orienting your room’s locker to face northeast aligns with Vastu principles for financial stability and security. This placement is believed to attract wealth and reinforce a sense of financial well-being.

Water Elements for Vibes

Introducing water elements such as aquariums, water pots, or fountains in the northeast corner symbolises abundance, peace, and good vibes. Water is considered a powerful element that enhances the positive energy associated with this direction.

Northeast Corner Vastu: Things to Avoid

Staircase in Northeast

Refrain from placing the staircase in the northeast direction during the floor plan design. Believed to lead to financial difficulties, this placement may disrupt the harmonious and prosperous energy sought in this corner.

Locker Placement

Avoid situating lockers in the northeast direction, as it is thought to counteract the positive financial influences and stability desired in this space. Opt for other directions to maintain the financial harmony of the northeast corner.

Problems Associated with Northeast Corner Vastu

Health Issues:

The northeast corner is closely linked to health and well-being. When Vastu guidelines are neglected in this area, it may contribute to health-related problems. Incorrect placement of heavy furniture, clutter, or imbalance in the elements can disturb the flow of positive energy, potentially impacting the physical and mental health of the inhabitants. To maintain a healthy environment, keeping this corner clean, clutter-free, and imbued with positive elements such as light and fresh air is crucial.

Family Issues:

The northeast corner is considered the zone of tranquillity and spiritual growth. Disregarding Vastu principles in this area can lead to disruptions in family harmony. Negative energies may prevail, causing conflicts, misunderstandings, and strained relationships among family members. Creating a sacred and harmonious space in the northeast corner, with appropriate decor and positive elements, helps foster a conducive atmosphere for family unity, peace, and understanding.

Financial Issues:

The financial prosperity of a household is often associated with the correct alignment of the northeast corner. Violations of Vastu principles in this area, such as the placement of heavy structures, improper water elements, or clutter, can obstruct the flow of positive energy conducive to financial stability. Financial issues may manifest, including obstacles in career growth, income instability, or difficulty in accumulating wealth.

Vastu Defects in Northeast Corner

Certain placements and structural arrangements in the northeast corner can lead to severe defects, disrupting the calm flow of energy and affecting various aspects of life. Here are specific Vastu defects associated with the northeast corner:

  • Toilet in this area:

    Placing a toilet in the northeast corner is considered a severe Vastu defect. This placement is believed to bring misery and challenges into the inhabitant’s life.

  • Kitchen in the northeast zone:

    Having a kitchen in the northeast zone of the house is cautioned against due to potential negative consequences. This placement is believed to attract poverty and sickness to the family members.

  • Double floors towards the northeast zone:

    Constructing double floors towards the northeast corner is considered a Vastu defect. This arrangement is believed to invite endless problems for the house owner, affecting both personal and professional aspects of life.

Remedies for Northeast Corner as per Vastu

Misalignments or improper placements can disrupt the peaceful flow of energy in the Northeast Corner Vastu. Let’s discuss remedial measures to counteract such disturbances and fortify the positive energies in the Northeast corner.

Direction of the House:

The directional alignment of the house plays a pivotal role in Vastu. It is advised to have the main entrance facing a favourable direction, such as the north or east direction. This ensures the house receives optimal cosmic energy, enhancing the overall positive ambience.

Bedroom in the Northeast Corner:

Placing the bedroom in the northeast corner is discouraged due to potential disturbances in energy flow. If it’s unavoidable, opt for light-coloured decor and minimalistic furniture to maintain a serene atmosphere conducive to restful sleep and positive energy circulation.

Kitchen in the Northeast Corner:

The kitchen in this corner is considered unfavourable, as it may lead to financial instability. If repositioning the kitchen is not feasible, incorporate bright lighting and keep the space immaculately clean. Introducing a water feature or a vibrant green plant can help restore balance.

Staircase in the Northeast Corner:

Staircases in the northeast corner can disrupt the upward flow of positive energy. If relocation is not an option, mitigate this by employing bright lighting and strategically placing mirrors to create an illusion of space, thus minimizing the energetic impact.

Toilet in the Northeast Corner:

Placing a toilet in this corner is considered inauspicious, potentially leading to health issues. If relocation is impractical, employ neutral colours, maintain excellent ventilation, and introduce a bowl of sea salt to absorb and neutralise negative energy.

Septic Tank and Water Tank in the Northeast Corner:

The placement of septic tanks or water tanks in the northeast corner can disrupt the natural energy flow. Opt for relocation to a more suitable area to prevent hindrances in the overall positive energy circulation.

Burning Incense Sticks:

Burning incense sticks, especially in the northeast corner, is a time-honoured practice to purify the atmosphere. Select fragrances like sandalwood or lavender for their calming properties, fostering a positive and spiritually uplifting environment.

Adding a Water Fountain in the Bedroom:

Introducing a small water fountain in the bedroom amplifies positive energy. The gentle flow of water is believed to bring tranquillity and balance to the space. Ensure the water is clean and the fountain is appropriately placed in the northeast corner.

Installation of Pyramid:

The pyramid is believed to possess energy-correcting properties. Installing a pyramid in the northeast corner can act as a harmonizing force, balancing and amplifying positive energies within the living space.

Adding Shree Yantra:

The Shree Yantra, a sacred geometric symbol, is revered for attracting prosperity and positive vibrations. Placing it in the northeast corner enhances the overall abundance and harmony within the home.

Placing a Vastu Tortoise:

The Vastu tortoise symbolises stability and support. Placing it in the northeast corner is believed to fortify the foundation of the dwelling, bringing strength and positive energy to the household.

Placing Mirrors on Opposite Side:

Mirrors strategically placed to reflect positive energy into the northeast corner can enhance the overall vibrancy of the space. Keep the mirrors clean and position them thoughtfully to redirect and amplify positive energies.

Worshipping Lord Shiva:

Lord Shiva, a revered deity in Hinduism, is often worshipped for his role as a destroyer of negative forces. Keeping a small shrine or image of Lord Shiva in the northeast corner and regularly offering prayers is believed to safeguard the home from negative energies and promote spiritual well-being.

Tips to Enhance the Northeast Corner

  • Natural Light and Ventilation:

    Ensure the northeast corner is well-lit with natural sunlight. Keep windows unobstructed to allow fresh air and positive energy to circulate freely.

  • Clutter-Free Space:

    Maintain the northeast corner as a clutter-free zone. Remove unnecessary items to allow the smooth flow of energy and create a sense of spaciousness.

  • Light Colours and Earthy Tones:

    Opt for light colours and earthy tones in decor. These colours evoke a sense of calmness and contribute to the positive ambience of the northeast corner.

  • Green Plants and Flowers:

    Introduce vibrant green plants or fresh flowers to bring in the element of nature. Plants symbolise growth and vitality, enhancing the positive energy in the corner.

  • Crystal or Gemstone Display:

    Display crystals or gemstones associated with positive energy in the northeast corner. Clear quartz or amethyst can be particularly beneficial for amplifying positive vibrations.

  • Water Feature:

    Consider adding a small, aesthetically pleasing water feature, such as a fountain or bowl of water. Flowing water is believed to attract positive energy and prosperity.

  • Artwork or Symbols of Abundance:

    Hang artwork or symbols that represent abundance and positivity. This could include paintings of lush landscapes or symbols like the Swastika, a traditional sign of good fortune.

  • Sacred Geometry Elements:

    Incorporate sacred geometry elements like mandalas or yantras in the northeast corner. These geometric patterns are believed to resonate with positive energies.

  • Aromatherapy:

    Use aromatherapy to enhance the corner. Pleasant scents like lavender or eucalyptus can contribute to a peaceful and positive atmosphere.

  • Candles or Soft Lighting:

    Utilise soft lighting through candles or gentle lamps. This adds warmth to the space and fosters a soothing ambience.

  • Vastu-friendly Furniture Placement:

    Arrange furniture in alignment with Vastu principles. Avoid placing heavy furniture in the northeast corner to maintain a sense of openness and positive energy flow.

  • Mirrors for Expansion:

    Strategically place mirrors to create an illusion of space and expand the energy in the northeast corner. Ensure the mirrors are clean and reflect positive aspects of the room.

  • Spiritual or Meditation Corner:

    Designate a corner for spiritual practices or meditation in the northeast. This reinforces the positive energy and promotes mental clarity.

  • Regular Cleansing and Purification:

    Conduct regular cleansing rituals in the northeast corner. This could involve using sage smudging or other purification methods to remove any stagnant or negative energy.

  • Positive Affirmations:

    Practice positive affirmations in the northeast corner. Speak words of abundance, success, and happiness to resonate with the positive energy of the space


This comprehensive guide on Vastu Shastra for the northeast corner simplifies the art of creating a wholesome living space. By understanding the importance and significance of this corner, avoiding common pitfalls, and implementing practical tips and remedies, you pave the way for positive energies.

  • Vastu Shastra for northeast corner:

    The northeast corner aligns with Vastu principles for a balanced and positive living space. It optimises energy flow and promotes harmony.

  • Importance of northeast corner Vastu:

    The Northeast Corner plays a huge importance in Vastu, as it is believed to be the source of positive energy, contributing to overall well-being and prosperity.

  • Northeast corner Vastu: ideal placement of rooms:

    Strategically position rooms like the pooja room, living room, office, balcony, and study room in the northeast corner to maximise positive influences in these areas.

  • Rooms to avoid in northeast corner as per Vastu:

    Be cautious about placing guest rooms, servant rooms, kitchens, dining areas, kids’ rooms, staircases, master bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, and overhead tanks in the northeast corner due to potential negative effects.

  • Vastu tips for northeast corner:

    Implement practical tips such as maintaining a clutter-free space, incorporating water elements, creating sacred spaces, ensuring natural light, using crystals and gemstones, choosing appropriate colours, and avoiding fire elements for a harmonious environment.

  • Northeast corner colour as per Vastu:

    Select suitable colours like calming blues and greens, while avoiding aggressive reds and blacks, to enhance positive energy in the northeast corner.

  • Things to know:

    Be aware of key practices, such as keeping the area clutter-free, removing barriers, placing a Shree Yantra for success, using a Vastu pyramid for rectification, lighting a lamp daily, orienting room lockers to the northeast, and incorporating water elements for peace.

  • Things to avoid:

    Avoid common mistakes like placing the servant room or staircases in the northeast direction, and refraining from placing lockers in this corner to prevent financial difficulties.

  • Problems associated with northeast corner:

    Address potential health, family, and financial issues linked to Vastu defects in the northeast corner.

  • Vastu defects in northeast corner:

    There are Vastu Shastra defects such as placing toilets or kitchens in this area, and their effective remedies to counteract these negative influences.

  • Remedies for northeast corner:

    Apply remedies like aligning the house direction, positioning bedrooms, kitchens, staircases, toilets, and bathrooms correctly, and incorporating symbols like burning incense sticks, water fountains, pyramids, Shree Yantras, Vastu tortoises, mirrors, and worshipping Lord Shiva.

  • Tips to enhance the northeast corner:

    Enhance positive energy by following tips such as burning incense sticks and worshiping Lord Shiva, contributing to a harmonious living environment.


What is the Vastu for a northeast corner?

The northeast corner holds immense significance in Vastu Shastra. Ensure it is clutter-free, well-lit, and maintains a serene ambience to attract positive energy. Place auspicious symbols or idols, and avoid heavy furniture. This harmonious arrangement fosters a sense of tranquillity and prosperity in your home.

Is the northeast corner good?

Yes, the northeast corner is considered highly auspicious in Vastu Shastra. It is associated with positive energy, prosperity, and overall well-being. Proper alignment and arrangement of elements in this corner contribute to a harmonious living environment.

Is the northeast corner inauspicious?

No, the northeast corner is not inauspicious; rather, it is considered highly auspicious in Vastu Shastra. However, it is crucial to follow Vastu guidelines for this corner to harness its positive energy.

What is the importance of the northeast corner as per Vastu?

The northeast corner is termed the “Ishaan” or sacred space in Vastu. It symbolises clarity, spirituality, and prosperity. Proper Vastu alignment in this corner invites positive cosmic energies, promoting overall well-being and success in life.

What is the significance of the northeast corner as per Vastu?

The northeast corner is pivotal in Vastu as it represents the direction of the deity Shiva. A well-balanced and energized northeast corner enhances mental clarity, spiritual growth, and financial prosperity. Aligning your living space with Vastu principles in this area fosters a positive and harmonious atmosphere.

What are the Vastu tips for the northeast corner of the house?

To optimise the northeast corner, keep it clutter-free, well-lit, and use soothing colours like light blue or green. Install sacred symbols or idols, and avoid heavy furniture. This ensures a positive flow of energy, fostering a conducive environment for meditation and spiritual activities.

Which are the suitable colours for the northeast corner as per Vastu?

The ideal colours for the northeast corner are light blue and green. These colours represent peace, serenity, and spiritual growth. Applying these shades in the form of paint, decor, or furnishings enhances the positive energy flow in this sacred Vastu direction.

Which colours should we avoid in the northeast corner as per Vastu?

Avoid using dark or fiery colours such as red and black in the northeast corner. These colours may disrupt the harmonious flow of energy in this sacred space. Opt for light, calming hues to maintain a balanced and positive Vastu environment.

What are the things we can keep in the northeast corner as per Vastu?

Place sacred symbols, idols, or a small meditation area in the northeast corner. Additionally, keeping light or soothing decor elements enhances the spiritual and positive energy flow in this Vastu direction.

What are the things we should avoid in the northeast corner as per Vastu?

Avoid placing heavy furniture, clutter, or items with negative connotations in the northeast corner. Keep this space clean, well-organized, and dedicated to activities that promote spiritual growth and mental clarity.

What are the problems associated with the northeast corner as per Vastu?

Improper Vastu alignment in the northeast corner may lead to issues like mental unrest, financial instability, and obstacles in spiritual growth. Addressing these problems involves correcting the Vastu defects and creating a positive energy flow.

What are the Vastu defects of the northeast corner?

Defects in the northeast corner can manifest as financial challenges, health issues, or obstacles to personal growth. Common Vastu defects include clutter, wrong colour choices, or improper placement of sacred symbols. Remedial measures are essential to rectify these defects.

What are the remedies for Vastu defects in the northeast corner of the house?

Rectify Vastu defects in the northeast corner by decluttering, using appropriate colours, and incorporating positive symbols. Installing energized crystals or symbols of auspiciousness can also neutralize negative energy, fostering a balanced and harmonious living space.

What are the tips to enhance the northeast corner?

Enhance the northeast corner by maintaining cleanliness, using soothing colours, and incorporating spiritual elements. Regularly energize the space with positive intentions and activities like meditation. This fosters a continuous flow of positive energy, promoting overall well-being in your home.