Which are the Posh Areas in Mumbai to Live a Lavish Life?

Which are the Posh Areas in Mumbai to Live a Lavish Life?

To live a lavish life in Mumbai, you must choose one of the posh areas. So dive in to learn about the top post areas to live in Mumbai.

The city of dreams, Mumbai, is the entertainment and financial epicentre. It has enticed many well-known Indian figures who have come and made Mumbai their home over the years. These prominent figures and upper-middle-class people live in the areas that come under Mumbai’s most posh area type. These facts make them wonder what the best places to live in Mumbai are. So, numerous regions in Mumbai top the charts for being posh areas.

Well, there is no right or wrong choice for housing, as buying a house is a dream for most people. With each area having its unique character, these posh areas in Mumbai include multiple affluent neighbourhoods.

The real estate costs could also differ significantly, depending on the region’s infrastructure, community, and comforts. Since the prices of houses in these areas are extremely high, these areas have become the most desirable in Mumbai.

You can obtain a ballpark in the most costly area in Mumbai, but the real estate price differs highly from region to region. Most posh areas in Mumbai are situated close to the sea or present a water body view. Many celebrities, businessmen, and entrepreneurs buy or rent homes in these posh areas of Mumbai. These posh areas in Mumbai are the envy of everyone.

Top Post Areas To Live In Mumbai

1: Worli Sea Face

Worli Sea Face has some of the increased real estate costs in Mumbai city. The average property price here is Rs. 37013 per sq. ft. Its area is right next to the Worli entrance of the Rajiv Gandhi Sealink, thus creating it well-connected to Bandra and the nearby suburbs.

It is also conveniently situated near the commercial area of Lower Parel, thus making it on the list of the posh regions in Mumbai. Besides being a desirable locality for excellent connectivity, residents of the site can also relish glorious sea views.

Numerous celebrities in high-rise apartments are likely to live in Worli, which has a slew of high-end lodging societies.

2: Malabar Hill

Malabar Hill is another posh area situated in South Mumbai. The average property price here is Rs. 51480 per sq. ft. It is famous for its costly houses and luxury cars. The neighbourhood of this region spreads across a hill that tilts upwards from Chowpatty, giving incredible views of Marine Drive.

The Gulmohar-lined paths of Malabar Hill provide comfort in this fast-paced city. The area is also known as the residence of the Bangaga Tank. This posh region of Mumbai makes for a scenic effect for taking amazing pictures. The architecture of this area makes for an excellent aesthetic appeal.

3: Altamount Road

This region is located in town and is one of India’s most expensive homes because of Antilla (Mr Mukesh Ambani’s house).

The average property price here is Rs. 58100 per sq. ft. This makes it one of the posh areas in Mumbai. Thus buying a property on Altamount Road gives you pleasure if you live next to rich and eminent personalities.

It has been deemed one of the best areas to live in Mumbai for the accessibility that it delivers to its residents. It has a roundabout way, away from the always-bustling Peddar Road, which adds to its appeal.

Numerous consulates are placed in this area, making it the home of several panjandrums. All these things make Altamount Road one of the posh areas in Mumbai.

4: Bandra Bandstand

Bandra is undoubtedly one of the most happening suburbs situated within Mumbai. The average property size in this area is approximately Rs. 42,691 per sq. ft. The Bandstand region is called home to famous and rich people.

Apartments in this area give a stunning view of the Arabian Sea, and from the balcony, you shall be able to see Mumbai’s famous attractions and landmarks, such as the Mount Mary Church and the Bandra Fort. Many celebrities live in Bandra Bandstand.

This area is literally above everything, such as pollution and noise-free, basking in a calm and relaxing sea breeze. People here also enjoy access to one of Mumbai’s best-preserved. It is known as the top-rated and poshest area in Mumbai because it is planned meticulously and lifts the standard of living of its inhabitants.

5: JVPD Scheme

JVPD Schemeā€”a neighbourhood that numerous celebrities call their residence, the JVPD Scheme is close to Juhu Beach. The average property price here is Rs. 39400 per sq. ft.

The iconic Prithvi Theatre is also located in this region, along with luxurious residential buildings, bungalows, and the incredible green Kaifi Azmi Park. JVPS Scheme puts itself on the list as one of the posh residential areas in Mumbai.

The area is packed with trendy restaurants, cafes, and clubs. The only problem is the traffic, but the positive side is that you might see a celebrity anytime around. This area of the town has the trendiest salons and restaurants. If a person is experimentative, there are numerous authentic vegan restaurants that one can try.

6: Seven Bungalows, Versova

Versova is a posh area in Mumbai’s northwestern outskirts. The average property price is Rs. 31610 per sq. ft. The Versova Fort and the seashore are the city’s most prominent features.

Versova beach underwent a massive cleanup effort, dubbed the world’s biggest beach cleanup. Versova is the home to several sitcom celebrities and several celebrities and is a residential suburb compared to Andheri.

It is also connected to the central suburb of Ghatkopar by the Mumbai Metro, with near connectivity to Juhu. The Versova beach is excellent for an evening workout while also bringing in the area’s sights.

7: Pali Hill, Bandra

Pali Hill is named after the endemic Pali town of Bandra, and this upmarket neighbourhood is set a notch above the other suburbs.

The average property price here is Rs. 35970 per sq. ft. It stands for what it depicts under the list of Mumbai’s posh regions. Here you can meet a celebrity anytime and anywhere. Its contemporary buildings, masterpiece bungalows, and some of Mumbai’s best-known restaurants make this area an incredibly popular locality.

Pali Hill and Bandra are also the best places to live in Mumbai as it is a residential market region and offers excellent accessibility to everything.

8: Hiranandani, Powai

The plush Hiranandani Complex is located in the northern suburbs of Powai. The average property price here is Rs. 75000 per sq. ft. This area is an example of how a neighbourhood can alter the face of a diminishing suburb.

This area has also been named the best region to live in Mumbai because of the economic growth that it has aided the city with. This region has nearly everything from shopping galleries, upscale residential apartments, sprawling gardens, reputed schools and colleges, and excellent restaurants.

9: Breach Candy

The coastal area of Breach Candy is one of South Mumbai’s most costly locations. The average property price here is Rs. 24140 per sq. ft. It is known for its excellent Breach Candy Club, the only club in the city with a saltwater pool.

The Breach Candy Hospital also stands as a milestone in the area and is one of the most reputable establishments around. It also has numerous vendors selling prominent street-side bites. Breach Candy also has some of Mumbai’s most respected schools and colleges.

On the periphery of the sea is the eighteenth-century Mahalaxmi Temple, which commemorates the Hindu deity of prosperity and understanding. It is one of Mumbai’s most famous temples, enticing millions of supporters and tourists yearly.

10: Cuffe Parade

Cuffe Parade is situated at the southern end of Mumbai. The average property price is Rs. 48750 per sq. ft. This area is part of Mumbai’s Central Business District and is situated near Nariman Point on the city’s southern outskirts. The site was built after reclaiming 75,000 square meters of ground on Colaba’s western shore, one of the best areas in Mumbai.

This seaside area is another region with rising real estate costs as it is next to Navy Nagar and adjoining Colaba’s shopping district.

The iconic Taj President Hotel is situated in this area. Mumbai’s World Trade Centre and Maker Towers, both well-known landmarks, are located here. Cuffe Parade is also the residence of numerous dignitaries.

11: Tardeo

Tardeo is a prosperous region that extends from Nana Chowk to Haji Ali Junction and is located in South Mumbai. The average Property Price here is Rs. 47786 per sq. ft. Its main claim to fame was opening Mumbai’s first full-fledged shopping mall, Crossroads.

Tardeo is among India’s most expensive luxury residential areas in primary real estate in 2019. The Film Centre Building and AC Market Building on Tardeo Road have various commercial offices.

It is residence to several residential complexes and high-rises. Several of these complexes offer public views of the sea, racecourse, and world-class facilities. Tardeo has the Imperial Towers, the most famous complex and the tallest building in India. Moreover, the region has the most costly flyover bridge in Mumbai.

12: Colaba

Colaba is the home to one of India’s most beloved tycoons, Mr Ratan Tata. It is the most famous residential area in Mumbai, and the average property price is Rs. 45,400. It is a one-of-a-kind area and is renowned as the art and culture hub of the city. From museums and art galleries to theatres and architecture, Colaba is a lineage of nostalgia. It is among the posh areas in Mumbai and is primarily known for its fabulous boutiques. Cafe Mondegar is a well-known tourist attraction in Colaba. The area also relishes outstanding connectivity and integrates some of the best educational institutions and healthcare places.

13: Juhu

Juhu is situated in the western suburbs of Mumbai and is known to be one of the poshest regions in Mumbai. It houses numerous celebrities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Hema Malini, Sachin Tendulkar, Sonam Kapoor, and Shahid Kapoor.

There are a few significant real estate investments in the area and a variety of low-rise structures with self-reliant builder floor opportunities. It makes Juhu one of the most costly areas in Mumbai. You will also find various prestigious educational institutions and lively cafes.

Apart from the residence of Bollywood celebrities, Juhu is well-known for its iconic beach. Other famous attractions comprise JW Marriott, ISKCON Temple, Prithvi Theatre, and The Orchid Hotel. In Juhu, a ton of designer boutiques and outlets are preferred by the upper class of society.

The Juhu Chowpatty, where street food traders prepare their stalls in the evening, is also prominent in the region. Therefore, in addition to being a premier neighbourhood, Juhu is also a well-known tourist area in Mumbai.


Many aspects specify whether these Mumbai expensive areas have the glam factor. Whether it is near the beach, its infrastructure or extravagance facilities are accessible in those regions. Posh neighbourhoods in Mumbai are some of the most elite areas in the city. If you are a visitor to Mumbai, visit these areas to find your niche in the city’s busy life. Now that you have learned about Mumbai’s most costly areas choose where you would like to live.


Which area is the most posh area in Mumbai?

Altamont Road is the most expensive area in Mumbai, with an average property rate of approximately Rs. 58100 per sq. ft., thus making it the most expensive street in the world.

Which are the best areas to buy a house in Mumbai?

The best residential areas in Mumbai include Cuffe Parade, Altamount Road, Powai, Bandra, Worli, Tardeo, Breach Candy, and more.

Are the posh regions in Mumbai safe at night?

Yes, Mumbai’s posh area is far safer than any other city. People also roam in Mumbai’s poshest area till 3 or 4 am.

Is Malad a posh area?

Within the excellent location, easy access to all amenities and future metro station, Malad is a posh area.