Crackdown on Unverified Tenants: Ghaziabad Landlords Face Legal Action

Crackdown on Unverified Tenants: Ghaziabad Landlords Face Legal Action

Ghaziabad police launched a door-to-door drive to verify tenants. Landlords risk legal consequences for non-compliance under IPC Section 188.

Ghaziabad police have intensified efforts to crack down on unverified tenants. House owners are now required to undergo a verification process for their tenants or else face legal consequences under Section 188 of the IPC. This move comes in the wake of multiple arrests revealing that criminals, expelled from neighbouring districts, found refuge in Ghaziabad without proper verification.

As part of the initiative, police officers are conducting a door-to-door drive, distributing forms for landlords to fill with details about their tenants. These forms are subsequently submitted to the nearest police station. The verification process includes cross-referencing criminal history by making calls to the tenants’ hometown police stations.

The data indicates a substantial number of residents in Ghaziabad live in rented accommodations due to affordability compared to other NCR places. However, only 30% of house owners in areas like Loni have completed tenant verification, leaving room for potential security risks.

Senior police officials emphasise the importance of this drive in curbing crimes, especially street crimes. The initiative aims to collect tenant data, providing a crucial tool for law enforcement to address and prevent criminal activities. Police Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra plans to kickstart the drive within a week, with collaboration from RWAs and society associations, to ensure widespread compliance and community support.