Kanpur Development Authority Gears Up for ‘New Kanpur City’ Project with Land Purchase Meet

Kanpur Development Authority Gears Up for 'New Kanpur City' Project with Land Purchase Meet

KDA’s strategic meeting with farmers signals progress for the ‘New Kanpur City’ initiative, offering four times the DM circle rate for acquired land.

The Kanpur Development Authority (KDA) held a crucial meeting with private tenants, with a primary agenda to discuss land acquisition for the development of the ambitious ‘New Kanpur City’ township.

During the meeting, KDA officials presented their vision, urging tenants to provide a consent affidavit for the sale of their land. The tehsildar (Sadar) enlightened the participants that, as per the proposed scheme, the KDA would acquire the land at a rate four times the existing DM circle rate.

The tehsildar also assured that the payment for the acquired land would be seamlessly processed through RTGS and directly credited to the farmer’s account. SB Rai, the law officer and public relations officer of KDA, shared insights, revealing the overwhelming consensus from farmers in Sambhapur, Gangapur Chakbandi, Singhpur Kachar, and Hindupur villages to contribute their land for the ‘New Kanpur City.’

To streamline the process, the KDA established an office at KDA Greens, Mainawati Marg, where private farmers could submit their consent affidavits at 2.30 pm on December 15. Area admins and lekhpals were appointed to collect these documents at the camp office.

Rai emphasised that comprehensive instructions were issued to the regional accountant to determine the tenant’s share of land and its corresponding value. This move ensures fairness and clarity in the compensation process.

Highlighting the scale of the initiative, the KDA proposed the ‘New Kanpur City’ scheme across a 150-hectare stretch between Mainawati Marg and Kalyanpur-Bithoor Road. Recent developments indicate strong government support, with instructions for a substantial release of Rs. 200 crore to facilitate the proper development of new cities under the Chief Minister Urban Expansion/New Cities Promotion Scheme.