Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Floor Flats?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Top Floor Flats?

Homebuyers look at various factors before buying a flat. If you are looking to buy a top-floor flat, here is all you need to know.

High-rise residential buildings are architectural prodigies that are becoming extremely popular today. The population in developed cities is rising, and these towering buildings hold great promise to cope with the ever-increasing demand for residential properties. Living on the top floor feels unique from other floors as it offers natural fresh air and magnificent views.

You can also receive the maximum amount of sunlight here. There are various options for homebuyers in their preferences. From the suitable direction of the property to the floor level, buyers now pay attention to every parameter for property selection.

Picking the right flooring for your home is more significant than you might realize, and getting the proper effect to match your home decor style is essential for creating a comfortable living space. We will share some advantages and disadvantages that can help you decide to buy a residential flat on the top floor of the building.

5 Advantages of Top Floor

1: It is Silent and Disturbance Free

Living on the top floor keeps you away from the noise disturbance from traffic, people, and other activities on the ground floor. All you would hear is the noise of fresh and cool air. Apartments on higher floors have the minimum effect of noise from the streets and other occupants.

Furthermore, high-rise buildings are always equipped with elevators. Thus, the chances of noise from the stairways are generally minimal. You can easily concentrate on your work, listen to your favourite songs and enjoy your favourite movie without distractions and disturbance.

2: Less Energy Consumption

Power consumption decreases as you go to a higher floor to live, as you won’t have to keep your lights turned on. We know that the higher floors are pretty hot during summer and the AC consumption increases, but still, you are saving the consumption of lights.

You will get better sunlight and fresh air while living on the top floor in winter. The entire flat will be flooded with sunlight, which will also help you reduce the dampness in your home.

3: The View is Beautiful

Imagine waking up in the morning and catching the serene view of skyscrapers, children playing in the parks, the touch of sunlight in the water, etc., from your balcony. It’s fantastic, but you cannot get such a beautiful view on the lower floors and get all these perks on the top ground.

According to some best architects, developers typically plan and build towering structures in scenic or prime localities. Thus, unobstructed panoramic views emerge as one of the primary advantages of living in an apartment in a high-rise building. However, people can only savour this advantage if they buy an apartment on a higher floor.

4: It is Safe

The top-floor flats are safe from the thief and casual break-ins. It is private, and you can live without any tension of theft and robbery. Your children would also be safe on the top floor of residential apartments. The best architectural firms in India provide maximum attention to the security aspects of high-rise buildings and societies.

These buildings have modern security amenities like CCTV cameras, telephone entry systems, smoke detectors, and a proper security guard force. Furthermore, modern high-rise buildings are also earthquake resistant.

5: Ventilation and Natural Light

Every home buyer should prefer this as the top criterion. Upper floors in high-rise buildings enjoy excellent ventilation and access to sunlight, which largely contributes to the energy efficiency quotient of the apartment.

Furthermore, people living on upper floors don’t face the problem of insect intrusion (especially mosquitoes). A recent study revealed that 84% of people consider this the most critical factor when buying a home.

4 Disadvantages Of Top-Floor Properties

1: Too Many Stairs

How many stairs can you climb daily to get to your home? Most people start getting tired after reaching the second floor. If you buy a flat on the 3rd floor or above and there is no lift, this will be a problem.

For older or less mobile people, it could be a big problem, and they may experience difficulty in mobility. Moving furniture and luggage while shifting will be a big challenge on the top floor.

2: Poor Thermal Insulation

Top-floor flats are typically hotter than lower ones because of the direct sunlight. Therefore, you need more energy consumption to cool the top floor.

If the apartment is poorly insulated, this can increase your heating costs during the colder months and your air conditioning costs in the summer. So this will result in high energy bills.

3: Emergencies

Top-floor flats are harder to access. In case of any emergency, it is harder to exit. Whether it’s a fire or an expectant mother going into labour, leaving the building fast will be a problem. Imagine an emergency evacuation situation, and if the stairs are already full of people- then in such a situation, your mobility will be reduced. In case of fire or earthquake, the elevators may be out of use, creating a problem.

4: No Outdoor Space

Many ground floor flats have outdoor spaces like a garden or the occupier to use. It may have good amenities for better living and entertaining, and you can not find outdoor space in top-floor properties.


The key to choosing a perfect floor number for your home is always understanding your present needs and estimating your future needs. Consider and consult your loved ones for a floor plan that will prove ideal for your dream home.

Still, if you can’t decide, take a 3D view of your floor number. Avail of a home builder’s services in your locality to better understand the space layout.


Do top-floor apartments get hotter?

Due to the direct sunlight, top-floor apartments are often the hottest compared to other floors.

What are the disadvantages of the top floor?

You may face problems with the Movement of furniture, luggage or new items, electricity bills in summer, roof leaks etc.

Why are the upper floors more expensive?

The upper floor will get good ventilation as adjacent buildings do not obstruct it. It makes the flats more preferable and costlier than apartments on lower floors.

Is the top floor flat have a view?

The Top floor flats usually have the best views.