List of Top 10 Builders in Pune

Top 10 Builders in Pune

It is almost everyone’s dream to own a beautiful house with a nice view and the best facilities. We surely want to own a home in a very popular address, built by some of the best builders in the city and has everything for our comfort. Therefore, every time you buy a home, the first question is, which building and developer to pick?

Choosing the right developer is crucial since you’re assured of the quality, product, interior, architecture, and facilities offered! A good builder is not afraid to answer your questions, and they are the ones who understand your vision and help curate homes that meet the need of each family member.

Top 10 Builders in Pune

Here’s the list of the top 10 builders in Pune where you should invest.

1. Godrej Properties

Being a part of Godrej Group, they have entered into real estate with Godrej Properties. The company is already an established brand, becoming a leading player in the property market. They follow their concept, of culture, tradition, and commitment towards quality, even in real estate. Their 119-year-old values and morals, and followed in the properties and projects they curate for the resident.

The company is not merely into residential but even retail, township, and high-profile commercial projects. Now their project extends to more than 11.90 million square feet. They have projects in more than 10 cities, and their main focus is to deliver customer satisfaction.

2. Kolte Patil Developers

Kolte Patil is another reputable builder in Pune, holding an incomparable experience. They bring their 2 decades of expertise and service into this domain.

Kolte Patil is the right choice for all those looking for decent, affordable flats. They have brought to notice an array of residential and commercial projects.

They have become the most renowned brand for reliable quality homes. Being headquartered in Pune, Kolte Patil understands what people in the city desire. They also have a strong sense of concern for the environment, and therefore, they curated green developments.

3. Oxford Properties

This Canadian corporation has a base in real estate, property investments, developments, and even management. The company came into the picture in 1960 and had a legacy of over three decades. Over the years, they have handled hundreds of projects, and their business runs on residential, commercial, and industrial projects.

4. Majestique Landmarks

Initially began its presence in the world as a textile company in 1975. Later, the company extended its avenues with multiple domains. One of which is real estate, which started in the year 2007. Majestique Landmarks, as the name suggests, offers majestic and grand homes with highly opulent living.

Indeed, their projects and experience have led to their rank as one of the top developers in Pune. They are known for their timely completion of projects, which matches the current standards.

5. Kalpataru Group

Kalpataru Group has built an immense reputation in the real estate world, not only in Pune but overall in India. The company strongly emphasizes premium development, be it residential or commercial, and they also extend their practice into developing township projects that have gained substantial recognition.

Kalpataru is known for its excellence, brilliance, and charming projects! They extend their operation in many popular cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Chennai, and even Hyderabad. Each development has gained huge attention regarding quality, reliability, and pricing.

6. Puravankara Projects

Headquartered in Bangalore, they are India’s leading and well-renowned business. Their excellence in construction is what makes them, out of the box, extraordinary. Being founded in 1975, they have strong expertise, skill, and knowledge in what they do. They have been fulfilling people who dream of owning a decent house for their family. They have embarked on a journey of becoming a premium brand.

7. Lodha Group

Another renowned name, and a well-established brand, Lodha Group, has changed the course of real estate. Established in 1980, imagine the kind of expertise, skill, and knowledge the company holds. Known for cutting-edge development, modern interiors, and sophisticated facilities impress all. Since their inception, they have maintained an estimate of more than 45 million sq. ft. They focus majorly on high-end luxurious properties.

8. Kumar Properties

Kumar properties came into the picture in 1996 and changed the course of the real estate world. They have gained huge strength through their appealing brand name and exceptional brand ambassadors. Their focus is majorly on extraordinary commercial projects that are known for their class. They work on eco-friendly developments that please customers in all senses. Their well-equipped, well-finished residential developments are gaining a huge name too. They have given the workplace a new and meaningful vision, with modern and latest amenities on board.

9. Rohan Builders and Developers

Established in 1993, the developer is now at the forefront of the real estate industry! Their customers approach hugely based on goodwill and construction quality.

Rohan builders believe in innovation, technology, design, and excellent quality. They follow strict quality control guidelines in all their projects. Rohan Builders have specialized experts who have been in the business for a long time.

10. Pristine Properties

The company has immersed itself as a well-reputed, world-class developer in India. They started their business in 1988 and have initiated different projects in Pune since then. They work strongly to implement style and creativity into their project. Their projects work on Vastu Shastra, and therefore they put excellence into the picture. The company also keeps in mind the eco-friendly element.

Wrapping Up!

When you know the right builder, you go in the right direction to buy a property in Pune. You must know beforehand and do a proper check before investing your money. Buying a home is not a small job; it requires your money, your emotions, and a lot of paperwork. Making the right decision for investment can only happen when you know the developer, which is why we concluded the top 10 builders in Pune for you.