Exploring Some of the Best Places to Live in Pune for a Comfortable Life

Some of the Best Places to Live in Pune for a Comfortable Life

Confused about where to live in Pune? Here is a list of some of the best places to live in Pune.

Pune, famous as the Queen of the Deccan, is a green, beautiful cosmopolitan city! Renowned for its weather, education, tourism, and IT hub, the city has gained huge recognition! Due to its presence of highly reputable educational institutions, the city has gained the title of “Oxford of the East. With that, many major companies are setting up their base in the city!

It is what makes Pune ideal for not only working professionals but also for students and families! It is a perfect abode for everyone who wishes to begin a new journey and embarks upon happiness and success! The comfort offered here is incomparable; it instantly makes you feel at home.

The city has everything, from good weather to good, to entertainment, leisure, education and career! So, when it’s time to decide to live here, the question is, where exactly? Let’s find some of the best places to live a comfortable life in Pune.

Best Places to Live in Pune

Koregaon Park

Introducing an elite, most prestigious area in Pune, known for its posh and sophisticated experiences. It is one of the prime areas of the city that has also turned into a commercial space. There is a unique range of residential choices, plus fun-packed with eateries, pubs, hangout spots and more. It has become a hotspot for families and even young individuals wishing to live remarkable lives!

In addition to its commercial element, and residences, the area is surrounded by greenery. Several parks, gardens, and landscapes add to the soothing views of your home. Indeed, with all the comfort, property pricing in the area is a bit expensive but worth it.


Tucked beautifully in the southwest region of the city lies Kothrud. What’s special about this neighbourhood is its title in the Guinness Book of World Records as the “fastest-developing suburb in Asia”. The ambience is soothing and vibrant for you to lead a comfortable life! You can stroll around freely, create memories, and build lasting relationships with your neighbours.

This area is not only stealing attention in its residential choices but also for commercial projects. Its convenient commuting and connectivity to various parts of the city make it a perfect residential choice. Moreover, you will find many entertainment and dining spots to spend quality time at.

Viman Nagar

The most sought-after, most comfortable address is located on the eastern side of Pune, Viman Nagar! It is renowned due to its excellent connectivity to the iconic Pune Airport. Moreover, in the center of the city, you have lots of malls, dining spots, leisure spaces, IT Parks and educational spots nearby. There’s comfort, a sense of belonging, and safety when you step into this neighbourhood.

Living here makes sense, especially for those who want to benefit from all. With that comes the comfort of the views and the people around you. You can rely on the comfortable and safe atmosphere that this place has to offer you.


This area has now become a hotspot for both commercial and residential comforts. It is ranked as one of the best places to live in Pune for several reasons. The area hosts lots of IT businesses, along with premium education institutions. Moreover, you can enjoy its road connectivity, which smoothly takes you to different corners of Pune.

Another fascinating part of Kharadi is its affordably priced apartments. Here, you invest less amount, but the returns are terrific. If you want to live with your family, Kharadi has to be the right and smart address. Maximum comfort is guaranteed!


Hadapsar, as a region, has grown vividly from what it was a few years back. It is now home to some of the best IT hubs of Pune, with gigantic IT companies making it their base. People will love commuting to this area because of its excellent connectivity. Here, you are never lost, and you will always find out the ideal transport option to transport you!

With several exceptional educational institutes in the region, it is a great deal for families. You and your family will get everything to your doorstep without stepping out! It is what makes life here entirely meaningful. Here you bond and build relationships, socialize with others and live happily!

Wrapping up

Pune is home to some of the most iconic areas. Each neighbourhood has a distinctive element that makes it unique. Some are renowned for their IT hub, while some are known for their educational institution. There are areas famous for their greenery and nature, while some are known for their vibrance and positive experiences. Choosing some of the best places to live a comfortable life in Pune is the key to a happy and satisfying life. If you want comfort, whether alone or with your family or friends, this list will top it all.