Why the Pune city called “Oxford of the East.”

Why the Pune city called “Oxford of the East.”

History of several that allures thousands across the globe to cherish the exclusivity offered by the cultural capital of Maharashtra.

With its rich cultural heritage, ease of living, and several other undeniable facts, Pune has been ranked as India’s second-livable and seventh most populous city. Furthermore, different ancient versions of its name, such as Queen of the Deccan or Poona, signify the importance of its inception from the Maratha Empire.

Pune has grown immensely within the last few decades, making it the most innovative city. Whether it’s the IT sector, housing domain, or educational institution, Pune caters to everything that awards it with excellence. The desirability to work and live in the city has increased with time, making it earn the title of “Oxford of the East.

By maintaining its prominence locally and internationally, statics worldwide shows Pune as a hub of resources that amplifies the development yet sustains the heritage and nature available. Let’s dive deep

9 Reasons for tagging Pune as the best city to live

1: Educational Hub

Yes, Pune is well known for its educational legacy. However, other magnetic contours of Pune cannot be shrugged off because of their eminence in adding up to the appreciation value of the city.

Prominent educational institutions that have a firm grasp of its glorious past and introduce promising innovation to its present and future bring us to the majestic city of Maharashtra, Pune.

Every field of study you can imagine is accessible and available in Pune, with outstanding research institutes to share the legacy of education with future generations.

In this article, we’ll learn about the remarkability Pune has earned from the perspective of education and other rapid changes.

Some Best Institutes in Pune

  • Savitribai Phule Pune University
  • Fergusson College
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
  • College of Engineering
  • Symbiosis International University
  • ILS Law College
  • St. Mira’s College for Girls
  • Dr D.Y. Patil Institute of Technology

2: Historical Initiatives for Educational Prominence

Pune’s education system can be traced back to the time of British Rule in India when the then-ruling government introduced the English education system in India.

New English School in 1880, Deccan Education Society in 1884, Earliest girls school of India in 1848 and Pune University in 1949 are some of the highlights from the rich history of Pune’s educational system that demarcates it by complementing the sustaining quality of education with the prestigious Oxford University.

3: Diversification of Courses and Students

A pool of educational courses, besides the professional ones, are offered by varied universities and academic institutions of Pune in the form of certificates, diplomas or training. Diversity is the true essence of Pune, which allows universities to bring in courses that are out of the league of art, science and commerce but comply with the current and upcoming requisites of modernistic skills.

To learn the eminent culture of Pune and being allured by the vast upgradation academic domain has imbibed, students and professionals across the globe having different cultural and religious backgrounds prefer studying in the universities in Pune. This educational acceptance depicts a discrimination-free environment proffered by Pune.

4: Government-associated Institutions and Courses

In current times, private universities are the trendy ones that are introducing a plethora of courses with great stress on practical training that further elevates the value of education and opens up job opportunities. Pune, similar to others, have educational institutions that are privately run, but they also introduce courses that are backed by governmental bodies.

National Institute of Bank Management, Pune, undertakes varied training courses to bestow new direction in the banking system.

Further, the Film and Television Institute of India, affiliated with the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has given an unparalleled contribution to the film industry by bringing up the gems like Rajkumar Rao, Anupam Kher, Naseerudin Shah etc.

Apart from the above facets of Pune education, National defence training and the inter-university centre for astronomy and astrophysics are an active part of Pune’s rich heritage.

5: Weather

Most of the infrastructures in Pune are surrounded by lush green nature and hilly regions, which bring in a serene view at your doorstep and pleasant weather around the clock. This city is a bliss in the climate change circumstances suffered by most of the cities of India. You’ll indulge in the delightful and amusing environment in summer, winter or monsoon.

6: IT Hub

The software industry received a great deal of contribution from the city of culture, Pune and with time, it has become the hub for startups and entrepreneurs. Culture, infrastructure and nature are great contributors in alluring multinational IT companies to Pune and establishing their brand in the city, which completely changes the city’s horizon.

7: Affordable Housing

With continued growth in population, industries and institutions, Pune housing demands are on the rise. The housing segment of Pune is flourishing, and to fulfil the requirements of home seekers, developers are offering dream residential spaces with timely possession and the best investment options.

8: Great Proximity to weekend gateways

Located amid nature, Pune is surrounded by rejuvenating places like Lonavala, Khandala, Mahabaleshwar, Alibaug and several other holiday destinations within a few hours’ distances.

9: Safety

Pune is on the top list regarding the quality of life, which includes the fundamental aspect of life, safety. A low crime rate and multiple security measures make it the safest city.


Unlike Mumbai, Pune is far from the concept of traffic and costly living style. For students, finance is an essential part of their educational life, and Pune makes it easy for them to procure their academics at affordable prices. Pune maintains equilibrium in quality of life and quality of education with numerous top institutions, and by persistently refining their resources, this city’s education competes with internationally accepted standards.

Almost every discipline of academics and arts is part of this educational hub. By sustaining the richness of the history of education and culture, Pune has become a home to several youngsters, students and educators that exhibits the honour of being called the “Oxford of the East.”