Pune Cost of Living & What Sets it City Apart?

Here is everything you need to know about Pune’s cost of living for working professionals and families. And what makes this city; the best city to live in India?

Pune has to be undoubted the fastest growing, most lively & vibrant city. Although being just a short drive away from Mumbai, Pune cost of living is relatively cheaper! Plus, it is also quite inexpensive compared to the standard of living in Delhi! That makes it the most affordable city for people looking to call it their homes. The living cost is majorly determined by the area you choose to live in, the property owned and many other factors. Considering relocating to a new city, it is crucial to consider all the expenses and savings that can happen. To understand what Pune has in the offering, let’s discuss it in detail.

Rental costs for different categories of people:

Various factors determine the cost of living. Including accommodation type, locality, number of members in the family & standard of living. Let’s have a view of the average rent for:

Students and bachelors:

For this category of residents, the Pune cost of living is quite manageable, especially when compared with other cities like Delhi & Mumbai. You can find exceptional 1BR apartments for monthly rent as low as ₹15,000. It is highly convenient, especially if groups of people/bachelors want to share the apartment.


If you’re relocating for work purposes with your spouse and looking for a decent or plush area to live in, like Koregaon Park or Viman Nagar, for a high standard of living, expect a monthly rent of 20,000 to ₹25,000 per month. Again, for working couples, the 1BR apartments for rent are manageable.

Family with children:

Living with kids need more space, like a 2BHK plush apartment, and it has to be comfortable, with basic amenities and facilities. The rent for a 2BHK flat in a decent locality ranges from around ₹20,000 to ₹45,000. Although the pricing depends upon the area, the more expensive living, you can spend about ₹30,000 to ₹45,000 at the same time, a decent address in Pune can bring rent from ₹20,000 to ₹25,000.

What makes Pune one of the best cities to live in India?

Let’s find out what makes this city different from the rest of the cities in India.

Its weather:

Most cities in India have terrific heat waves and rain showers. Such that it is pretty inconvenient to live a quality life! Pune seems to have a very balanced climate and good weather. Summers are bearable since the city is closer to the key hill stations of Maharashtra. Winters are amazing, and rain showers are beautiful to experience.

An IT hub:

Pune attracts a lot of IT enthusiasts! It is an IT hub and is ideally a great place for working professionals or students. There are exceptional offices and endless MNCs, housing some of the biggest IT parks in India. You name it, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc., have their base in Pune. With the low Pune cost of living, many companies are building their presence in the city. An ideal space for job seekers.

Holiday destination close by:

Whether you’re a beach person or a mountain, Pune keeps you closer to all. There’s an endless trekking destination, just a short drive away from the city. Konkan and Ratnagiri, Mahabaleshwar, Matheran, and Lavasa are some of the most famous landmarks in Maharashtra. Living in Pune allows you to travel to these key spots easily!

Pune cost of living: The different factors


As discussed, accommodation is quite affordable in Pune. The rent for 1 BR usually goes to ₹15,000 whereas 2BR can be from ₹20,000 to ₹45,000 per month. It depends upon the locality you choose to live in. There are affordable to expensive homes in Pune, based on the residents’ taste.


You will be surprised to know that the electricity cost in Pune is relatively low compared to other cities. It is because of the weather condition that doesn’t let one have AC on all the time. The need for air conditioning is merely for a couple of months during summer. Other than that, the weather is chilly, manageable and quite amazing. For a 1BHk home, bills can be around ₹1,000 and ₹1,500. While ₹2,000 for a 2 BHK. When talking about the internet, you can access the unlimited net at ₹1,000 to ₹1,200 per month.


For daily commuters, transportation may be a hassle and add up to Pune cost of living. One can pick up a monthly bus pass ranging from ₹580 to ₹1,500. However, through buses, you’re restricted to fewer areas only. The traffic can be terrible during working hours. Taxis and rickshaws are ideal modes of transport, meaning one can spend a monthly ₹2,000 to ₹2,500 on travelling. Pune Metro railway system is on the verge of progressing, which can bring additional comfort.


Many food ordering spots in Pune give daily foods like ‘Dabbawalas’ in Mumbai. It is ideal for working professionals or couples, costing monthly ₹4,000- ₹6,000. If you’re preparing your meals at home, monthly groceries can cost between ₹4,000 and ₹6,000, especially if you have a family of four to serve. If you are choosing a maid for you to cook, it can cost 3,000 to ₹5,000 every month.


While you decide to cook at home, groceries may add up to your living expenses. However, it might be cheaper than spending money when eating out daily. Regular groceries will be expensive; think of buying bulk for a month. Depending on the monthly heating habit and the family size, it can stretch from ₹3,000 and ₹6,000. Groceries can quickly be delivered to your doorstep, a plus point!

Wrapping Up

Now, it is easier for you to determine the Pune cost of living. The cost, however, is decided by various factors that you pick, based on location, and so much more. The list mentioned above can help you determine the total living cost in the city. Accordingly, it will be easier to make a rational decision and decide what’s ideal for you! With that, Pune is a peaceful place to live with your family. Even those considering relocating for job purposes can consider residing in the city. It is safe and secured, and people are very friendly with many entertainment options.