5 Most Expensive Areas in Pune to Live

5 Most Expensive Areas in Pune to Live

Pune is among the major IT hubs of India. The city is affordable, and the growth is expected to go higher. It has a lot of posh areas. Read more to find out more about them.

Pune is a beautiful blend between nature and the modern world. With the capital’s growth, the place’s property values are also rapidly increasing. A recent survey shows that Pune was considered the most livable city.

The consistent growth can also be seen here, with startups, millionaires, and foreign investors looking into the city for investment. The market value of the place will go higher in the coming days. Many wealthy and famous people invest here, be it for settling down or to rent their property. If you’re looking to settle down or invest, keep reading to learn more about the most expensive areas in Pune.

5 Most Expensive Areas in Pune

1: New Kalyani Nagar

This area is an extension of Kalyani Nagar. The place is seeing a lot of business, private developments, and growth.

Kalyani Nagar is easily connected to other famous areas around Pune. Kalyani Nagar is situated in the heart of the city, near the railway station and the airport. Kalyani Nagar is also a central IT hub, meaning there’s a vast IT crowd, and it has quickly grown to become a famous residential area.

Some prominent builders and developers have already established their projects in New Kalyani Nagar. The Nagar also has plenty of cafes, shopping centres, bars, and so on, making this a popular area. Koregaon Park is the neighbouring locality of New Kalyana Nagar, also a very posh area.

2: Erandwane

This locality is known for its prominent educational institutions, including the Film and Television Institute of India in Erandwane. It is also known for its temples, considered one of the best areas for settling.

Erandwane has a well-set-up infrastructure, and many places are nearby for amenities of all kinds. Erandwane is also home to many villas and bungalows, making it popular among those looking for comfortable and spacious housing solutions. Apart from villas, many high-end apartments and gated communities are also coming up.

The locality is well connected since it’s close to the railway stations and the Pune airport. Erandwane is also near Platinum Tech Park and many other employment hubs making access easy for those working there.

3: Shivaji Nagar

A well-known residential area became quite popular when many prominent developers invested in the land there. This also led to the development of many high-end housing societies. These developers are providing the growing need for housing demand. Shivaji nagar also situates some of the government offices.

The city court is also situated in Shivaji nagar. The locality is student-friendly and has many eateries. There are many clothing stores and temples, and the Mahatma Phule Museum is also situated here. Apart from that, there are many educational institutions, and with the developing state, the rates in this area are expected to increase. There is high demand for residential areas in the locality. Shivaji nagar is lush with greenery, which is also a significant point for investors.

4: Koregaon Park

One of the most well-known localities, Koregaon Park, is considered one of the most expensive areas in Pune. It is known for its lush greenery and is regarded as one of the cleanest localities in Pune. There are many commercial hubs in the locality in addition to restaurants, retail outlets, and many more. There are also nightclubs and shopping malls.

This expensive and posh area is soon becoming Pune’s famous entertainment hub, attracting many office-going crowds from the city. Koregaon Park is just as renowned for residential settlement. The locality features well-planned roads, and since it’s well-connected, it’s also easy to commute.

5: Boat Club Road

Coat Club road is located in the east of Pune. There are many luxurious and ultra-luxurious housing communities here. This place is a central hub for up-and-coming startups in the city. Boat Club Road is well connected to the rest of the town because it is close to the Pune Mumbai Highway.

There are many amenities around the place, and the connectivity is the main reason for the growth of this area into a very posh locality. There are many luxurious areas, and it is also quite close to the airport and railway station as well humanity it straightforward to travel. The Boat Club Road is busy and has a lot going on with its entertainment options, like malls and marketplaces, and so on. The locality is expected to grow in its real estate in the coming years.


Pune is a fast-growing city and is known for its growth in the IT sector. The Pune real estate market is constantly growing, and more investors are looking to invest in the city. Pune is considered one of the most livable cities in India. New Kalyani Nagar, Erandwane, Shivaji Nagar, Koregaon Park, and Boat Club Road are a few of the most expensive areas in Pune. The city is increasing with prominent developers and foreign investors investing in the town.