What Are The Best Posh Areas in Pune?

What Are the Best Posh Areas in Pune

Pune is India’s IT capital. It may not have the best connectivity but has many upscale neighbourhoods. Here is a list of the best posh areas in Pune.

Pune, Maharashtra’s cultural capital, is gaining importance in terms of property values over time. The number of posh areas in Pune has also increased due to new start-ups and multimillionaires looking to invest in these areas.

Historically, backed-up crowds, or elderly residents with ancestral plots, have drawn luxury apartment builders and real estate investors to these Pune posh residential areas.

So, if you’re searching for the best residential areas in Pune for your family or want to know what are the best posh areas in Pune, keep reading!

What are posh areas?

A posh area is one where residents live a comfortable but luxurious lifestyle. But why do people like posh areas? Posh areas are the areas of a city that offers the best lifestyle at expensive rates.

A posh residential area includes entertainment centres, restaurants, hotels, commuting facilities, religious sites, electricity and water supply, malls, etc. All of these things make up for a high standard of living.

These posh areas are generally home to India’s top politicians, celebrities, and start-up entrepreneurs.

10 best posh areas in Pune you must invest

1. New Kalyani Nagar

New Kalyani Nagar, an extension of Kalyani Nagar, is experiencing significant residential and commercial growth. It is the best neighbourhood in Pune for a newcomer to the city.

New Kalyani Nagar is easily accessible to other popular areas of Pune. This location is among the best in Pune and is close to the railway and airport station.

Because it is an IT hub, it has gained popularity among the IT crowd and has become the best area to live in Pune for families. Koregaon Park, another posh locality in Pune, is next door to New Kayani Nagar. There are also apartments and luxury homes from well-known builders, making it a posh area in Pune.

This area has many restaurants, pubs, and malls in this area, making this one of the best posh areas of Pune, filled with entertainment centres.

2. Eran Dwane

Eran Dwane is land to several film schools, including the renowned Film and Television Institute of India. This area is considered the most expensive in Pune and has grown significantly over the last 3-5 years. It is one of the multiple prestigious residential locations in Pune, with well-established amenities and infrastructure.

Eran Dwane is the first pick of people looking to purchase large, luxurious villas. This area offers options for large bungalows, luxury apartments, housing complexes, etc. Commuting from this area to other parts of Pune and travelling outside Pune is very easy, as Eran Dwane is close to both the railway station and the airport.

3. Shivaji Nagar

Shivaji Nagar is one of Pune’s greener neighbourhoods. Despite having many important government offices, city courts, and educational institutions, this area makes up the list of Pune’s richest areas.

Shivaji Nagar gained popularity after well-known builders purchased lands to construct homes. Because of rising housing demand, this area of Pune has developed into a posh neighbourhood. Many residents come to Shivaji Nagar because of its lush greenery. Real estate is booming in this area, and land prices are expected to rise even further in the coming years.

4. Koregaon Park

Koregaon Park is well-known for its lush greenery and immaculate cleanliness. It is a renowned area in Pune with commercial establishments and luxurious villas surrounded by greenery.

Koregaon Park is not only a prestigious residential area, but it has also become a commercial area. This neighbourhood has a lot of restaurants and pubs that attract young people. The well-planned roads here are a blessing when commuting to Koregaon Park.

5. Boat Club Road

Boat Club Road is an attractive and posh area in Pune, located east of the city. It has villas and bungalows that are ultra-luxurious. The Royal Connaught Boat Club was named after this location, a popular hangout for well-funded start-ups in Pune.

The Pune-Mumbai highway connects this neighbourhood to the rest of the city and is a significant reason for its growth. Within a 2-kilometre radius, you have all the necessary amenities. Rents are very high because this is one of Pune’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

Boat Club Road is close to a railway station and an airport, making it convenient to travel. Because there are so many entertainment options, such as malls, food stalls, and marketplaces, the Boat Club Road is the most lively and active of all the posh areas in Pune.

6. Kothrud

Did you know Kothrud is Asia’s fastest developing suburb?

Kothrud is located in Pune’s southwest region and has seen rapid growth in real estate in recent years. It has some beautiful residential properties as well as commercial buildings. Kothrud is the most sought-after residential location due to its well-developed social and civic infrastructure.

The IT companies and well-known colleges in the area make this a popular destination for professionals and students.

7. Wadgaon Sheri

Wadgaon Sheri is a famous posh locality in Pune, catering to many IT companies, educational institutions, health centres, and eateries. The accessibility to this location is excellent for all, and it is the most desired location for residential purposes.

Wadgaon Sheri, only 5 kilometres from Pune International Airport and 6.5 kilometres from Pune Railway Station, has become one of Pune’s more affluent neighbourhoods.

8. Senapati Bapat Road

Senapati Bapat Road is a well-known posh area in Pune, located on the city’s west side. It grew in popularity because of Symbiosis College.

Senapati Bapat Road is filled with malls, hospitals, temples, and tall buildings.

Senapati Bapat road connects Aundh, Model Colony, Baner, Pashan, Pune University, Shivaji Nagar, and many other neighbourhoods. You can rent or buy villas, bungalows, and apartments for a luxurious lifestyle here.

9. Model Colony

Model Colony, located very close to the railway station and many other educational institutions, makes one of the prominent posh areas in the list of posh areas in Pune.

Near Model Colony are basic amenities such as hospitals, schools, colleges, markets, malls, etc. As a result, this is one of Pune’s most affluent neighbourhoods. It is home buyers’ first choice because it has many eateries, hotels, shopping malls, markets, theatres, etc.

10. Sopan Baug

Located in Pune’s Northern region, Sopan Baug has well-planned infrastructure and connectivity to the rest of the city.

People are attracted here because of its green, clean, and open spaces. Its proximity to the railway station, airport, and Central Business District (CBD) makes it a popular choice for residents. Private pools, landscaped gardens, and other high-end amenities, along with all other basic amenities such as schools, colleges, restaurants, and pubs, are available in this area.

To conclude:

In the last two decades, Pune has transformed from a sleepy city for the retired and senior community to one of the most happening places for college students, young adults, and corporates.

The IT and industrial booms have greatly aided the city’s development in large residential townships, improved infrastructure and public transportation, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Pune is a fantastic city to live in, and it begins as a reasonably priced city to live in but quickly becomes quite pricey. Now that you know the best posh areas in Pune, consider your options before investing in real estate in Pune.