Best Areas to Invest in Pune

Buying real estate is not only the best, quickest, or safest way; it is the only way to become wealthy.

Buying a home is a dream for some people, which gets fulfilled over the years but still, for some, it only remains a dream. Investing in the correct place at the right time is a way of fulfilling your aspiration and getting yourself a place you can call home.

What better place than Pune for getting an extravagant house and not at humongous prices, prices that fit your budget and are as per your needs?

Over the years, Pune has developed in the best possible manner, a place high in culture with the historical value of the Maratha empire modernising into an Information Technology hub, providing people with whatever they desire. Most people settle in Pune because of its calm weather, exciting work life, exquisite cuisine, and great vacation spots. Pune has everything a man needs: education, work life, entertainment, weather to please, shopping complexes, good transportation, developing areas, you name it, and Pune has it.

Now let us look at a few best areas to invest in Pune.

Top 6 areas to invest in Pune

1. Hinjewadi

Located in the north-eastern part of Pune, Hinjewadi is considered the best investment decision as the area is brilliant regarding connectivity to other places like Wakad, Baner, and Balewadi. The transportation and medium of commuting are well defined. Locational advantages of Hinjewadi have contributed to its commerciality and demand. The rent prices of Hinjewadi have also increased by 18.75%, making it a steal for investors.

2. Wakad

Wakad was a suburb of Pune, mainly of farmlands and crops, but the conversion of this place to a modern town is highly appreciated. One of the main reasons for the growth of Wakad is the massive growth of Hinjewadi, an adjacent town. The connectivity of Wakad to expressways, airports, and railway stations is laudable. Wakad has advanced and superior social infrastructures, ensuring its citizens a comfortable and first-rate way of life. One of the best and trusted properties to invest in Wakad include Kotle Patil Western Avenue, Legacy Bliss, etc.

3. Hadapsar

Having the most popular region of Pune, Hadapsar is the best place to invest in getting uncountable returns. A famous IT place with companies like IBM, Accenture, TCS, and SAS provides employment opportunities for thousands of people, so the demand for rented houses typically increases. The rental rates vary from average to high priced. Hadapsar has a well-developed infrastructure; there are many important locations of significance. Hadapsar features roughly 16+ schools, 15+ hospitals, 16+ banks, 15+ gas stations, 14+ upscale eateries, and 18+ grocery shops.

4. Kharadi

It lies on the outskirts of Pune on the eastern side; earlier, an undeveloped area has now transformed into a county town. There are large amounts of residential and commercial properties in Kharadi. Being adjacent to Koregaon Park, Cyber City, and Kalyani Nagar, investing in this town is a plus point. Kharadi is a great investment and house-buying option for those looking for a property due to the presence of offices and commercial spaces in the neighbourhood. The neighbourhood is home to educational institutions such as the Nirmala Convent, URSAL College, International School, and Shankarrao College of Pharmacy.

5. Wagholi

Wagholi is the best place for investment for IT professionals as it has quick access to Bund Garden, Hadapsar, and Kharadi’s current and prospective commercial buildings. These are new commercial places that are growing and employing professionals. With properties available at reasonable prices, bachelors can also benefit from conserving more money while leading full and happy lives. Wagholi is proliferating, and the government has plans to continue its growth. Consequently, Wagholi offers its residents excellent social infrastructure like reputed schools and colleges, hospitals, and malls, making it an appropriate investment area.

6. Chakan

Chakan is known for being the most prominent automobile hub of Pune. Also, most of the industrial work used to happen here, but over the years, the area has been modernised and looks new. Chakan’s strategic location guarantees smooth connectivity due to the Talegaon-Chakan Road and Chakan-Shikrapur Road that passes through the neighbourhood. Additionally, Chakan is home to elite educational institutions like the AMS School, PK International School, and Vidya Valley International School. The best part about investing in Chakan is that it is well connected to other parts of the city. Being an affordable area, Chakan is expected to experience rapid expansion, and manufacturing companies want to establish plants there, tripling the number of specialists moving there.


Pune is a city of high ethnic values, a city of culture, and such a city transforming itself into a highly modernised metropolis is nothing but a massive boon to the country. There is a tonne of residential and commercial property in the suburbs, which has risen quickly in recent years. Such growth makes these localities the best areas to invest in Pune. Although there is still high demand in affluent neighbourhoods, it is more difficult to find homes or businesses to buy there.

Pune is transformed and still into transformation for a better self. The development of new roads, highways, and a new metro project will take it higher, so investing in any real estate in Pune will be profitable for the future.


Which is the best area to invest in Pune?

Balewadi and Hinjewadi are the best locations to invest in Pune.

Which is the wealthiest area of Pune?

Kalyani Nagar and Koregoan park are the wealthiest areas of Pune.

What are the traditional dishes of Pune?

Vada pav and sabudana vada are famous dishes of Pune.

Which landmark is the most famous in Pune?

The Osho Ashram, a reputed “meditation resort,” is one of Pune’s most well-known attractions and has attracted tourists worldwide for many years.