7 Suburbs in Pune—Exploring Living In Pune

Consider the options when planning to live in Pune and its luxurious areas. This article shares all details about it. READ MORE here in this article!

Pune is a special place. It has a rich cultural legacy with a strong foundation in classical Maharashtrian culture and a modern edge brought on by its growing IT sector. Pune, India, is known for possessing some of the finest people, climate, and living expenses in the entire country.

With fantastic weather, exciting nightlife, mouthwatering cuisine, and incredible vacation spots close by, PUNE provides everything a person could need for a happy life. The residents of this city continue to uphold its values and culture while being known for leading modern, stylish lifestyles. Pune is the most fantastic city in India to reside in because of its seductive personality.

Now if you are planning to live in Pune, here are some things you may know about Pune. It will give you a better space and options to explore and learn.

What Makes Pune A Unique Place To Live?

The cause of the city’s great weather. The region experiences temperate winters, and stifling summers, with monsoons that bring only moderate amounts of rain.

  • Pune experiences no particularly harsh weather, making the city comfortable throughout the year.
  • The climate does not limit road vacations, marathons, outdoor workouts, and other outdoor activities since it is nearly always enjoyable due to the fantastic weather.
  • Pune has an ideal population because of its wealthy and diversified populace.
  • The lack of congestion maintains open, expansive public places, creates room for huge residences and reduces traffic throughout peak hours. It also guarantees Pune’s safety as a residential area.
  • Young people are the city’s lifeblood, and Pune has some of the world’s best educational institutions and IT firms.
  • The academic and college environments guarantee that students receive the most excellent education possible, while the existence of IT firms offers several work prospects for students who graduate.
  • Pune is a safe area to live and raise a family because students and working professionals enjoy very secure lives.
  • Every day of the week, special events are held in each of these nightclubs.

The Top 7 Luxurious Suburbs In Pune

Pune has experienced a rapid rise in the number of startups recently. Also, many MNCs have made investments here, raising the value of the local real estate. Besides that, the cultural centre of Maharashtra draws visitors from all around the nation due to the abundance of work opportunities.

Pune continues to draw wealthy real estate investors and home builders. Housing societies are built with high-rise structures and various amenities to make life more spacious and enjoyable. Hence, you should be informed of the locations that provide luxury houses in Pune if you purchase or rent a home for your family.

1: Model colony

Due to its proximity to all the necessary amenities, including schools, supermarkets, and healthcare, Model Town is recognised as one of Pune’s most significant residential areas. Also, the Model colony is adjacent to several academic institutions and train terminals.

Real estate investors favour these Pune suburbs because of their great transportation options to the city’s other neighbourhoods. Due to the abundance of restaurants, theatres, shopping centres, and markets nearby, this is the perfect residential area for families looking to settle in a suburb of Pune.

2: Boat Club Road

It is among Pune’s most elite neighbourhoods. With a lot of activity nearby, The Boat Club Road is one of the busiest and liveliest areas in the city. You can access a range of businesses in this area, including markets, eateries, shopping malls, and local restaurants. In addition to some of these, the city’s commercial worth is increased by the presence of medical and educational facilities. There are numerous residential structures in this Pune suburb.

3: Sopan Baugh

Sopan Baug, a posh neighbourhood in Pune, is in the city’s northern region. It is a well-established residential area with reliable communications and utilities. However, the vast expanses and flora are this area’s most significant draw for tourists. Residential communities in Sopan Baug, like many other upscale residences and suburbs in Pune, offer all of the latest conveniences, including swimming pools, medical services, beautifully lush greenery, etc.

4: Viman Nagar

One of Pune’s largest and most affordable residential neighbourhoods is Viman Nagar. Travelling is convenient because of its accessibility to the airport as well. Also, the region has access to the services of banks, restaurants, shopping malls, and IT parks, which are important to raise the standard of living in every residential community.

5: Senapati Bapat Road

On the western part of the city, Senapati Bapat Road is located. It is considered one of Pune’s well-known and posh neighbourhoods. Numerous renowned colleges and schools are situated close by. The Senapati Bapat route has more shopping centres, temples, and hospitals. The premium category of apartment buildings makes it incredibly distinctive. If you’re looking to relocate with your household to one of Pune’s neighbourhoods, Senapati Bapat Road has the best amenities.

6: Wagholi

One of Pune’s trendiest residential neighbourhoods, Wagholi has a solid connection to the city’s IT industry. In addition, Wagholi is surrounded by a lot of schools and universities. There is a great demand for home developments in this area. In addition to providing luxurious houses in Pune, this region also offers several reasonably priced flats with all the necessary amenities.

7: Kharadi

The airport and main residential areas are close to Kharadi. Due to the availability of reasonably priced homes, Kharadi is a fantastic location for individuals looking to make real estate investments.

It has become one of the most sought-after rental areas in the city, this area may be your best option if you’re seeking luxury houses in Pune. Even a residential property can be rented out to make additional income. Finding valuable tenants is simple year-round, thanks to the short commute to Pune, a centre of the IT industry.

Unquestionably, Pune is one of India’s cities with the highest urban growth. If you intend to move here for personal or professional reasons, consider selecting a home in one of the Pune suburbs highlighted above.

5 Reasons Why People Prefer Living Around Pune

Pune is said to be the home to many commercial and residential properties. Many people also come across the world to Pune to reside here. This is where people usually think of why you may think of living in Pune. Here are a few reasons why most residents consider residing in Pune.

1: Booming It Hub Of India

Everyone knows that India generates the most software professionals globally and that the IT sector has developed into the foundation of the country’s economy.

Pune is renowned for several of India’s largest and most beautiful IT parks, including over 110 MNCs. Job candidates in India’s Technology Companies benefit significantly from the exposure provided by this expansive landscape of businesses.

2: Easy Reach With Hill Stations

The primary motivation for my decision to relocate to Pune would be this. Everything here is close to this city, including beaches and hill stations.

There are several places to go trekking within and outside of the town. During the rainy season, when you enjoy the most beautiful views, the area is inundated with backpackers.

3: Experience The Fantastic Nightlife

Pune has a younger population than most other major Indian cities, and it makes sense that such a metropolis would have fantastic spots to hang out.

The city is home to top-notch bars, breweries, and eateries. Everyone, from graduates to professionals, a family to a group of friends, may discover a home that meets their needs for Ambience, especially within a reasonable price range.

4: Living With Ease

Even at night, everyone is highly protected in the metropolitan area. Locals in the city get along well with visitors. Meals and transportation are reasonably priced. Without encountering traffic issues, one can drive their automobile around the city.

Pune has numerous army outposts, which help to keep the city more likeable, greener, and better. The city’s Law & Safety is likewise excellent. A family can reside happily all together.

5: Well-Managed Traffic And Roads

One of the encouraging factors for Punekar is to feel pride. Compared to other Indian megacities, the city boasts relatively large and well-kept roads. To top it off, Punekars own the most two-wheelers in all of Asia, and the city’s affordable cost of living gives you the confidence to buy a car.

By these points, the people feel like they live freely here. There are also hospitals, schools, and colleges located nearby, which can be really helpful for all the people who live in this city. Also, the malls, shopping places, and markets are nearby and easily accessible.

The Increasing Demand For Luxury Areas In Pune

Due to the city’s numerous benefits, Pune is quickly growing as a real estate market for luxury houses. Several professionals and well-off individuals consider investing in or purchasing luxury real estate in the city as their primary residence or vacation home. Most buyers come primarily from Mumbai or the Pune region.

Compared to prominent cities like Mumbai, the cost of a luxury home in Pune is far lower. Compared to Mumbai, Pune’s favourable climate is a crucial selling point for luxury home purchases, and Pune’s luxury residences are also larger. Luxury housing prices in Pune are constantly rising due to the massive desire for such properties.

These homes’ potential buyers are looking beyond financial limitations. Their main priority would be to purchase a high-end, luxurious home that exudes style, elegance, and sophistication. Here are a few of the standard features that customers anticipate. The city’s preferred location for upscale properties has recently shifted. Before, buyers of these residences preferred urban areas because of their ease and amenities.


Pune is a lovely city with diverse activities, settings, and places. It has a rich culture ideal for all personality types, and its many characteristics make it a distinctive location. Pune must be at the forefront of your priorities if you consider relocating to a city.

In recent times, the number of businesses in Pune has rapidly increased. The worth of the local property investment has also increased due to the numerous MNC investments in this area. Maharashtra’s cultural centre’s wealth of employment opportunities also attract tourists throughout the country.

Pune is, without a doubt, one of the Indian cities with the fastest urban expansion. You may consider relocating here if you need to for personal or business reasons.


Is Pune a safe place for students?

Since Pune has a lot of educational institutions, it is a hub for students. However, it is very safe for all the students to reside here as law and order are adequately maintained here.

Can I go to Pune to get better job opportunities?

Yes, you may look forward to going to Pune and settling. Since it is an area where many MNCs and IT companies are located, it can surely give you many job opportunities.

Is Pune an excellent place to live with family?

Pune has a straightforward going life. There are a lot of valuable and other places available, which makes it the best place to reside with family. Children can have better education too.

Are the luxurious areas easily accessible?

Yes, all the areas are well accessible with the local transportation and well connected with the city.