How Much Does a Modular Kitchen Price in Pune?

A modular kitchen has become a part of our lives over the years. Let’s see how much a modular kitchen price in Pune.

With amazing technological advancements in the kitchen space, various new appliances and kitchen fixtures have aided the modern lifestyle. However, you may need some inspiration to enhance the visual appeal of your modular design.

Considering this, financing it slowly and energy into the Kitchen interior style could be a sensible plan. The functionalities of a modular kitchen make it unique from the civil kitchen, and the biggest advantage is it can be assembled and reassembled.

With their customised, innovative accessories, the high-tech appliances turn daily kitchen activities into a blissful and beautiful experience. Your kitchen will be stylish, novel, efficient, aesthetic, and impeccable. So if you’re designing a Kitchen makeover but have invariably been reluctant to form the primary move, now is a decent time. Explore the subsequent titbits from the details available about the modular kitchen price in Pune.

What is a Modular Kitchen?

There are various modular kitchen options according to styles, colours and finishes. One can arrange the kitchen structure as per the required kitchen functionality. A modular kitchen is a concept that is well-designed in a compact space with a modern touch. Organising the space for a modular kitchen is even more important than making a beautiful one.

Why Having a Modular Kitchen is Important?

Better Space Management

In the normal kitchen, there is a waste of space as certain areas are not accessible due to the cabinets’ design and construction. But in a modular kitchen, if you have very little kitchen space, with the modern concept, you can make your kitchen look super spacious. You can design the kitchen keeping functionality in mind, and the kitchen d├ęcor can contain extra storage.

Elegance Combined With Functionality

You can make all your necessary functions easy in the modular kitchen, which is modern and easy to manage. You can get various designs, colours and materials to choose from.

Easy Installation

It is easy to install or uninstall, and a technician can do this quickly. You can also shift your modular kitchen from one house to another. Most of the homemakers feel that the cabinets require more work to install.

Storage Spaces

Provide efficient storage spaces like drawers, shelves and cabinets. The storage spaces help you manage your kitchen items, cooking, and working in the kitchen easily and cost-effectively. It helps more helpful for your cooking, and you don’t have to go anywhere to search for your products at any place. The storage spaces can help to contain all your products.


It is easy to clean, and you don’t need to put effort into your cleaning process. It also helps to save time, and you can repair any modular kitchen parts. You don’t clean all the time.

Customisation Available

The modular kitchen is designed to fulfil Indian women’s needs in available space. Some dealers provide online designs so people can have some idea before buying them. Modifying modular kitchen furniture in Pune makes their life easier and more peaceful for the metropolitans as easy to maintain and movable from one place to another during shifting. You can easily clean and maintain the modular kitchen.

It is developed with custom-made modules, cabinets, and shelves, exactly fitted to save your kitchen space. There are many interior designers in the market. But only the best interior designers can do an attractive style of design.

Factors Determining Modular Kitchen Price in Pune

Modular kitchen prices can be pocket-friendly if you consider all factors carefully. Modular kitchen price depends on the various factors mentioned below.

Size of Your Kitchen

Your kitchen’s size and layout (U, L, straight, parallel, peninsula, with island) directly decide the price. A large kitchen with all the necessary amenities is more expensive and completely depends on your needs.

Right Cabinet Material and Finish

There are several cabinet finish options available: acrylic, polymer, membrane foil and laminate. Out of these, acrylic and laminate are preferable options. One can also choose acrylic, which is the most expensive as it is scratch-resistant and give a glossy look. The interior and exterior finishes of your cabinet affect the modular kitchen price.

Accessorise Your Kitchen

You have to select accessories that complement a kitchen design. If you do not use the cabinets or drawers, your loss will be. So the diverse range of accessories will affect the price.

Modular Kitchen Price in Pune

These kitchens are budget-friendly. The price range may vary but will be affordable if you specify accordingly. The price of a modular kitchen may vary according to the area of the kitchen, the customisation, the design etc. L shape kitchen prices may differ from 3000-4500 per sq. Ft. Straight shape kitchen prices vary from 600-2200 per sq. Ft. Similarly, you can choose a parallel shape layout which costs 1200-1750 per sq. Ft and U shape kitchen layout cost 225 per sq. Ft.


The materials used in the kitchens do not accumulate dirt and can be washed off easily. A modular kitchen can be much less expensive than a custom-made kitchen since everything is already constructed. The best part of having a modular kitchen is that it is unique because different colour combinations of full units fit each size and style.

A modular kitchen price in Pune is manageable in a small area. Trying to make it spacious also creates a respectable image in society and makes the kitchen the most comfortable place for cooking.

These days apartment system is in metros, so the modular kitchen is well designed and planned for correct space management, and customer find lots of storage that can be created even in the smallest areas. Repairing work can be easily done, and individual modular components of a modular kitchen can even be replaced without affecting the rest of the kitchen components.


Is there any warranty/guarantee provided?

Your kitchen manufacturers will give a replacement warranty against all manufacturing defects.

What are the main advantages of a modular kitchen?

Some advantages are space management, kitchen hygiene, and cost-effective, easy repair.

What are the accessories used in a modular kitchen?

Wall units, worktops, and kitchen appliances are accessories.

Is PVC suitable for a modular kitchen?

PVC is not suitable for kitchen cabinets.