Why is Pune Also Known as The “Queen Of The Deccan”?

Why is Pune Also Known as The “Queen Of The Deccan”?

Pune City is the Queen of Deccan; what about Pune? Know some famous food items and why Pune City is so amazing.

Pune was also known as the seasonal capital of the Presidency of Mumbai, and in the present, it holds a lot more in this country that offers so much. It is also one of the most prominent hubs for working professionals and students for their world-class education.

India is so exceptional in its rich culture, heritage, traditions, and much more in every city of the country, one of which is Pune City. Pune is also known as the queen of the Deccan and is also known as the cultural capital for people in Maharashtra. It is also known as the Oxford of the East and the Queen of Deccan.

There must be so many curious questions running in the minds of everyone, such as why Pune is named as such, what are the other reasons that make this city unique, and several more.

Why is Pune Known as the Queen of Deccan?

Pune (Punewadi) is known to have lush greenery all around the city and a beautiful hill station, making it a part of heaven. This remarkable city is also known as one of the best cities on the entire Deccan Plateau, and due to all these prime reasons, this city is called the Queen of Deccan.

People living in Pune City have immense love and respect for this place, their culture, and the heritage this city holds. Because of these many things and even the importance of politics, Pune is known as the Queen of Deccan.

Pune is known to have emerged along the banks of the river Mutha, and 18 Peths are also known to be located in the heart of Pune City. These 18 Peths are also called wards and hold prime roles in this fantastic city’s everyday lives, daily routine, and administration.

Many celebrated people used to belong to this lovely city, including Chhatrapati Shivaji, Mahatma Jyotiba, Savitribai Phule, Gopal Krishna Gokhale, Swatantrayaveer Savarkar, and many more.

3 Things That Make Pune City Unique for Living

1: Exceptional Weather

People living in Pune City are always talking about the exceptional weather, and that’s not just bragging but a fact! The weather in Pune City is chilly and cool in the winter season, and it is dry and hot in the summer season, and in the monsoon season, it rains moderately. These sorts of lovely weather in Pune make it so perfect for long drives, outings, open-air events, and many others.

2: A City of IT Professionals Plus Students

Another factor that makes Pune City unique and a great city for living in India are that it is one of the best cities for IT Professionals and students. There are also so many excellent top-level universities that make it more fantastic for students to get educated and find a job for themselves. Also, life is secured for them in this lovely city in respect of their education and career in the future.

3: Rich Cultural Heritage

The next thing that adds up to make this fantastic city a unique city to live in is its extra-rich cultural heritage. Pune City was the epicenter of the empire of Chhatrapati Shivaji in the past, and this is one of the prime reasons that makes Pune City very rich in culture and heritage.

The culture of Maratha is also very prominent in Maharashtra, and this also makes it culturally very rich. People of Pune also celebrate so many exciting festivals on an enormous basis, such as Gudi Padwa, Ganesh Chaturthi, Shivratri, Sankranti, and many others.

Dishes in Pune City, Not to Miss Out

Pune city will also be heaven for die-hard fans of food, and their love for food is inseparable. This amazing city has so much to offer; no one can forget the food on this exciting list.

One of the most famous food items that one should never miss out on once they are in Pune city is Vada Pav; one can try from Joshi Vade Wale, Sainath Vada Pav center, JJ Garden, Priyadarshan Snacks, and the following food items to try out in this lovely City is Mastani. Mastani is known as one of the most prominent street food items that must be tasted by everyone in Pune City in places like Durga hotel, Cream Corner, Sujata Mastani, Gujar Mastani House, and many others.

One should try other food items, like burgers, Pav Bhaji, Pani Puri, Macaroni, Musk Melon Faluda, and many more.


Pune is also known as the Queen of Deccan as it is surrounded by endless green beauty, hills, and rivers. This city holds a lot in history, being considered one of the most politically charged cities. There are so many architectural beauties around the city. Apart from all these primary things, this beautiful city is the prime hub for students looking for quality education and world-class facilities and is a hub for IT professionals.


Which city of India is also known as the "Queen of Deccan"?

Pune, a city in India, is also known as the “Queen of Deccan “.

What is the estimated population of Pune?

The estimated population of Pune City is approximately 7.4 million.

Why is Pune City so unique?

Someone may wonder why Pune City is extraordinary. Many reasons add up to this, including the rich cultural heritage of this beautiful city.

What are some of the famous food items in Pune City?

Some of the most famous food items in Pune City are Vada Pav, Mastani, Samosa with delicious Chutney, Bhel Puri, Amti and so on.