A Vastu Shastra Guide to Direction of Bedroom

A Vastu Shastra Guide to Direction of Bedroom

In this comprehensive guide, we explore Vastu Shastra to assist in determining the optimal direction for your bedroom. The objective is to establish a space that aligns with Vastu principles, fostering harmony and positive energy. By delving into the nuances of Vastu, the aim is to guide you in positioning your bedroom for a harmonious ambience that promotes good vibes. This journey ensures that your space looks appealing and feels just right, encouraging positive energy flow and a harmonious living environment.

What is the Vastu Shastra for Bedroom Direction?

As per Vastu directions, it is recommended to situate the bedroom in the southwest or south direction of the house for a sense of security and stability. For a restful sleep, position the bed with the head towards the south. To maintain a tranquil atmosphere, avoid placing mirrors and electronic devices in the bedroom, as suggested by Vastu. Additionally, ensure the room is well-ventilated and clutter-free to promote positive energy flow.

Importance of Right Direction of Bedroom as per Vastu

According to Vastu, the right direction of your bedroom is crucial for a sound living space. Placing the bed in the south or southwest promotes stability and ensures a good night’s sleep. This direction enhances the positive energy flow, fostering a sense of security. Avoid positioning the bed in the north, as it may disrupt the magnetic balance, leading to health issues.

East-facing bedrooms encourage early morning light, bringing in positivity and vitality.

Choosing the correct direction aligns your personal energy with the natural forces, promoting well-being and peace in your life. An ideal arrangement based on Vastu principles can truly make a positive impact on your daily life.

Guide to Direction of Bedroom as per Vastu

Vastu for Bedroom in East Direction

Ensure the bed is positioned in the southwest corner to harness the earth’s positive magnetic energy. Avoid placing a mirror in front of the bed, as it may disrupt the peaceful energy flow. Use calming colours like light blues or greens to enhance the serene atmosphere of the room.

Vastu for Bedroom in West Direction

Choose the southwest or northwest corner for the bed for restful sleep and positive energy. Make sure it’s not directly under a beam, as this can create a sense of discomfort. Consider incorporating warm, neutral tones in the decor to promote relaxation and balance.

Vastu for Bedroom in North Direction

Position the bed in the south or west of the room to align with Vastu principles. Avoid having a mirror facing the bed, as it may cause restlessness. Use soft and muted colours to maintain a tranquil ambience that encourages relaxation and rejuvenation.

Vastu for Bedroom in South Direction

Place the bed in the south or southwest corner to instil a sense of stability and security. Keep the bedroom free from mirrors reflecting the bed to ensure a good night’s sleep. Consider using earthy tones and warm lighting for a cosy and comforting environment.

Vastu for Bedroom in Northeast Direction

Ideal for a master bedroom, position the bed in the southwest corner and maintain a clutter-free environment for a serene ambience. Use light and soothing colours and minimalistic decor to create a tranquil retreat that promotes harmony and well-being.

Vastu for Bedroom in Northwest Direction

Select the south or west of the room for the bed, avoiding clutter under the bed to facilitate smooth energy flow. Decorate with open spaces and light colours to enhance the overall positive energy in the room, promoting a sense of openness and tranquillity.

Vastu for Bedroom in Southeast Direction

Place the bed in the southeast corner while avoiding heavy furniture in this direction to maintain a light and positive atmosphere. Consider incorporating vibrant yet soothing colours in the decor to encourage a lively and refreshing energy flow.

Vastu for Bedroom in Southwest Direction

Opt for the southwest corner of your bed to establish a sense of stability and security. Ensure the room is well-lit to enhance positive energy, and use warm, earthy tones for a cosy and inviting atmosphere that promotes relaxation and a night of restful sleep.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Direction of Bedroom

The arrangement of your living spaces is believed to influence energy flow and, consequently, your well-being. Let’s explore some easy-to-follow tips to align your bedroom with positive energies.

  • East: Ideal for the master bedroom. It promotes good health and a harmonious relationship.
  • Southeast: Suitable for unmarried children. It enhances their focus and concentration.
  • Northwest: A good direction for guest bedrooms. It fosters a welcoming and social atmosphere.
  • West: Avoid placing the bedroom here, which may lead to disturbed sleep and health issues.
  • South: Not recommended for the bedroom. It may cause unnecessary conflicts and disturbances.
  • North: Good for financial prosperity. Placing the bed in this direction is believed to attract wealth.
  • Southwest: Best for the master bedroom. It promotes stability, strength, and a positive family environment.
  • Northeast: Avoid this direction for the bedroom, which may lead to health issues.

Ideal Directions of Different Bedrooms as per Vastu

Vastu, believes that the directions in which different bedrooms are situated can influence the well-being of the occupants. Let’s break it down:

Main Bedroom Direction Vastu

In Vastu, the southwest direction is associated with the Earth element, symbolising stability. Placing the main bedroom in this direction enhances the grounding energy, providing a solid foundation for the relationship. Positioning the bed so the head faces south is recommended for better sleep quality and overall well-being.

Master Bedroom Direction Vastu

The south or southwest direction for the master bedroom is thought to bring a sense of authority and control. This positioning is believed to contribute to a balanced and harmonious life, fostering security and confidence. It is advised to keep heavier furniture in the southwest part of the room to optimise this energy.

Couple’s Bedroom Direction Vastu

Choosing the southwest direction for the couple’s bedroom is seen to strengthen the romantic bond between partners. This direction is associated with the energy of Venus, adding a touch of love and passion to the relationship. Soft and warm colours and romantic décor are recommended to enhance the ambience.

Kids Bedroom Direction Vastu

For the little ones, the northeast or east direction is considered auspicious. These directions are associated with water and sunlight, creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere. Placing the study table in the east can encourage learning while ensuring the bed is in the southwest part of the room, promoting restful sleep.

Guest Bedroom Direction Vastu

The northwest or west direction is suggested for a guest bedroom to attract positive energy and social connections. This positioning creates a welcoming environment, encouraging harmonious interactions with guests. Keep the room well-lit and clutter-free to maintain a positive atmosphere for visitors.

Directions to Avoid for Bedroom as per Vastu

When arranging our bedrooms, Vastu Shastra offers advice on creating a peaceful sleep space. Let’s discuss the directions that may not be ideal for our bedrooms, keeping it simple and easy to understand.

  • Don’t Put Your Bedroom in the Southeast:

    Vastu says it’s better to avoid having your bedroom in the south-southeast direction. This corner can have too much active energy, which might disturb your sleep. Choosing another direction can help create a calmer atmosphere for better sleep.

  • Be Careful with a Bedroom in the Southwest:

    While the southwest is usually a stable direction, be cautious about putting your bedroom here. Too much stuff or a messy room might make you feel weighed down. Keep things balanced and tidy for a more peaceful sleep space.

  • Avoid Putting Your Bed in the Northwest:

    According to Vastu, placing your bed in the northwest might not be the best. This direction is connected to air and movement, which can lead to restless nights. Choosing a more stable direction for your bed can give you a sense of security and calm.

  • Stay Away from the Center of the Home:

    Vastu says the centre of the house has strong energy. Putting your bedroom here might mess with the good energy flow and affect your sleep. Choosing a spot on the edges of your home can create a more balanced and restful bedroom.

  • Be Mindful of the Northeast Direction:

    While the northeast has positive energy, it’s good to be careful. Too much energy from this direction might make it hard to relax and sleep. Keeping a moderate balance can help your bedroom feel calm and peaceful.

Bedroom Direction as per Vastu: Do’s and Don’ts


  • Place your bed in the southwest corner of the bedroom for stability, prosperity, and a good night’s sleep.
  • Ensure that your head points towards the south or west direction while sleeping to enhance positive energy flow.
  • Maintain a tidy bedroom; clutter disrupts the energy flow, affecting peace of mind and overall well-being.
  • Use pairs of bedside tables, lamps, or any décor items to create a sense of harmony and balance in the room.
  • Allow ample natural light during the day; it promotes a positive atmosphere and wards off negative energy.
  • Opt for calming and soothing colours like light blues, greens, or earthy tones for bedroom walls and furnishings.
  • Place mirrors on the northern or eastern walls to amplify natural light, but avoid mirrors reflecting the bed.
  • Keep electronic gadgets out of the bedroom or at least maintain a distance while sleeping to ensure a peaceful environment.
  • Open windows regularly to allow fresh air circulation, promoting a healthier and more energetic atmosphere.
  • Display uplifting artwork or images in the bedroom, avoiding any disturbing or negative visual elements.


  • Do not place the bed in the northeast corner, as it may lead to health issues and disturbed sleep.
  • Avoid placing mirrors directly across from the bed, as it is believed to invite negative energy and disrupt sleep.
  • Refrain from accumulating unnecessary items under the bed or in the bedroom, as it hinders positive energy flow.
  • Avoid using excessive red or fiery colours in the bedroom, as they can create an agitated atmosphere.
  • Keep electronic devices away from the bed, as their electromagnetic fields may interfere with sleep patterns.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture or curtains that obstruct natural light and ventilation from windows.
  • Avoid using single decorative items; opt for pairs to maintain balance and harmony.
  • Remove any sharp or pointed objects from the bedroom, as they are considered negative symbols in Vastu.
  • Avoid sleeping directly under exposed ceiling beams if possible, as they may create a sense of pressure.
  • Minimise water-related décor or imagery in the bedroom to prevent imbalance and promote a more serene environment.

Bedroom Directions as per Vastu: Best Suitable for Different Family Members

Parents’ Bedroom

The southwest direction is considered highly significant in Vastu, often referred to as the “power seat” for the head of the family. It is believed to promote stability and strengthen familial bonds. When it comes to sleeping, placing the head towards the south is recommended for restful sleep and better overall health. This alignment with Vastu principles is thought to contribute positively to the well-being and harmony of the household.

Children’s Bedroom

According to Vastu, the west or northwest is the sweet spot for aligning the children’s bedroom in your household. This location helps in fostering creativity and a conducive environment for learning. Keep the head towards the east for a bright and focused mind, waking up with a burst of sunshine.

Guest Bedroom

As per Vastu Science, northeast is your go-to direction for the guest bedroom. It promotes a positive and welcoming atmosphere for your guests. The sleeping position should be with the head towards the east or south.

Elderly Family Members

The location of the south or southwest works wonders for the elderly members of the family. It ensures their well-being and provides a sense of security. The head should be towards the south for tranquil and undisturbed sleep.

Singles or Unmarried Individuals

Northwest is the hotspot for the singles or unmarried individuals in the family. It’s like setting the stage for new connections and opportunities. Keep the head towards the West for a good night’s sleep and drift into dreams with a sense of openness.

Bedroom Directions: Best Suitable as per Business and Profession

The direction your bedroom faces plays a crucial role in influencing the energy of your business and profession, contributing to the overall atmosphere of success. Here’s an elaboration on each direction to guide you in choosing the most fitting orientation for your endeavours.

East-Facing Bedroom

An east-facing bedroom is beneficial as it welcomes the energizing morning sunlight, creating a positive and vibrant atmosphere. This direction is particularly well-suited for businesses that require creativity and innovation, providing an inspiring environment to foster these qualities.

West-Facing Bedroom

A west-facing bedroom enjoys the warm afternoon sunlight, creating a cosy and relaxing ambience. This orientation suits professions that demand calmness and strategic thinking, offering a conducive space for focused and thoughtful work.

North-Facing Bedroom

A north-facing bedroom receives balanced sunlight throughout the day, promoting a harmonious environment. This direction is well-matched for steady and stable professions prioritising long-term goals, creating a conducive setting for sustained efforts and success.

South-Facing Bedroom

A south-facing bedroom typically stays cooler and receives indirect sunlight, contributing to a calm and composed setting. This orientation is advantageous for careers requiring patience and a composed approach, providing an environment that supports these qualities for professional success.

Southeast-Facing Bedroom

A southeast-facing bedroom combines the benefits of the South and East directions, creating a dynamic and lively space. This orientation is ideal for ventures requiring creativity and practicality, offering an environment that fosters innovation and effective, practical decision-making.


This compact guide shares secrets about arranging your bedroom the Vastu Shastra way. Good vibes fill your room when you put your bed in the right direction. Follow these tips to make your bedroom a calm and balanced place. With Vastu wisdom, your sleep space becomes a peaceful haven for a good night’s rest.

What is the Vastu Shastra for Bedroom Direction?

  • Ideal direction: Southwest or south
  • Bed orientation: Head towards the south for peaceful sleep
  • Avoid: Mirrors and electronic devices for a calm atmosphere

Importance of the Right Direction of Bedroom as per Vastu

  • Crucial for sound living space
  • Southwest or south promotes stability and good sleep
  • Positive energy flow enhances security and well-being

Guide to Direction of Bedroom as per Vastu

  • Bedroom alignment influences energy and harmony
  • Each direction has a unique impact on cosmic energies

Vastu Shastra Tips for Direction of Bedroom

  • Align living spaces for positive energy flow
  • Specific directions cater to different aspects of life

Ideal Directions of Different Bedrooms as per Vastu

  • Main Bedroom Direction Vastu: Southwest for stability
  • Master Bedroom Direction Vastu: South or southwest for authority
  • Couple’s Bedroom Direction Vastu: Southwest for cosmic boost
  • Kids Bedroom Direction Vastu: Northeast or east for positivity
  • Guest Bedroom Direction Vastu: Northwest or west for social connections

Directions to Avoid for Bedroom as per Vastu

  • Southeast: Too much active energy, disturbed sleep
  • Southwest: Be cautious about clutter for peaceful sleep
  • Northwest: Connected to air, restless nights
  • Center of the Home: Strong energy, affects sleep
  • Northeast: Positive energy, be careful for relaxation

Bedroom Direction as per Vastu: Do’s

  • Place the bed in southwest for stability
  • Head points south or west for positive energy
  • Maintain tidy bedroom for peace of mind

Bedroom Direction as per Vastu: Don’ts

  • Avoid bed in northeast corner for health issues
  • Refrain from mirrors facing the bed
  • Keep bedroom clutter-free for positive energy flow

Bedroom Directions as per Vastu: Best Suitable for Different Family Members

  • Bedroom in East: Ideal for oldest family member
  • Bedroom in West: Good for second eldest person
  • Bedroom in South: Best for the breadwinner

Bedroom Directions: Best Suitable as per Business and Profession

  • East Facing Bedroom: Ideal for creativity and innovation
  • West Facing Bedroom: Suitable for calmness and strategic thinking
  • North Facing Bedroom: Suitable for steady and stable professions
  • South Facing Bedroom: Good for patience and composed approach


What is the Vastu Shastra for the direction of the bedroom?

Vastu advises placing the bedroom in the south or southwest for overall well-being, as these directions are believed to enhance stability, promote positive energy flow, and contribute to a harmonious living environment.

What are the Vastu Shastra tips for the direction of the bedroom?

For optimal positive energy flow, it is advised in Vastu to position the bed with the head towards the south. This alignment is thought to enhance the overall well-being and tranquillity of the individual.

What is the importance of the right placement of bedrooms as per Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, proper bedroom placement is crucial for overall harmony, health, and prosperity. Aligning the bedroom with specific directions enhances positive energy flow and influences aspects like career success and family bonding. For instance, facing east is recommended for businessmen, while the southwest direction is significant for the master bedroom, fostering stability and family connections.

According to Vastu, which direction should the bedroom face?

East-facing bedrooms are considered ideal for students as they are believed to promote concentration and academic success. The alignment with the East is thought to harness positive energies that can positively influence a student’s focus and learning capabilities.

What should the bedroom direction be in the west-facing house?

Vastu suggests that west-facing bedrooms are particularly suitable for individuals in administrative roles, as they are believed to foster and enhance leadership qualities. The alignment with the West is thought to positively influence decision-making and overall effectiveness in managerial positions.

What should the bedroom direction be in the guest bedroom?

Guest bedrooms benefit from a northeast direction, ensuring a harmonious stay. This orientation is believed to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for guests, enhancing their overall experience during their stay.

What should be the bedroom direction in the master bedroom?

The master bedroom thrives in the southwest, promoting stability and strong relationships. This direction in Vastu is considered the “power seat” for the head of the family, fostering a sense of security and enhancing familial bonds.

Can the bedroom face the east direction as per Vastu?

East-facing bedrooms are believed to bring prosperity and health according to Vastu principles, making them a favourable choice for sleeping. The alignment with the east is thought to invite positive energies, contributing to a conducive environment for well-being and success.

Can the bedroom face the north direction as per Vastu?

North-facing bedrooms, according to Vastu, are believed to enhance career prospects, making them particularly suitable for professionals seeking positive influences on their work life and success.

What are the ideal directions for placing a bedroom as per Vastu?

Vastu advises choosing bedroom directions such as south, southwest, and west for positive energy. These orientations are believed to enhance the overall well-being and harmony of the occupants by aligning with favourable energy flows.

Which directions to avoid for the placement of the bedroom as per Vastu?

For Vastu balance, it is advisable to avoid placing bedrooms in the northeast, southeast, and northwest. These directions are believed to have specific energies that may disrupt the harmonious flow of positive vibrations in the living space.

According to Vastu, what happens if we place the bedroom in the wrong direction?

As per Vastu, placing the bedroom in the wrong direction can result in health and relationship issues, underscoring the importance of proper alignment.

What are the do’s and don’ts of bedroom direction as per Vastu?

To achieve optimal Vastu harmony, it is advised to place the bed in the southwest direction, and it’s recommended to avoid having mirrors facing the bed. This positioning is believed to enhance the bedroom’s stability and positive energy flow.