Best Vastu Direction for Your Home and Its Importance

Best Vastu Direction for Your Home and Its Importance

It is not only about where rooms are located; it’s about making your home a happy and peaceful place. This comprehensive Vastu Shastra guide will help you understand the importance of the direction your home faces.

Here is a thorough explanation of how different directions can affect your life and how following practical tips can help you create a home that brings positivity and balance and makes dreams come true.

What are the Directions in Vastu for Home?

There are four main Vastu directions for a home in Vastu Shashtra: North, South, East, and West. Each direction has its special powers that can affect your life. According to Vastu Shashtra, the direction of our home is important as it creates a happy and prosperous home.

North: If your front door faces North, it can bring you money and success.

South: South makes you strong and secure. Sleeping in a room facing South can help you feel safe.

East: Facing East is good for your health. Eating in a kitchen that’s in the East can make you feel better.

West: West helps your dreams come true. If your living room or children’s room faces West, you might see your wishes come to life.

Why is Vastu Direction for Home Important?

Vastu Shastra teaches us that the direction our home faces is super important. It affects our lives in several ways. So, paying attention to Vastu’s directions can make lives happier, healthier, and more successful.

Positive Energy Flow: When the home is in the right direction, it creates a good and balanced feeling. This makes you feel happy and calm.

Health and Wealth: The direction of your home can also impact your health and wealth. For example, if your home faces the east, it can make you healthier. A north-facing entrance might bring more money and success.

Less Stress: Living in a home with the right direction can make you feel less stressed and more clear-headed.

Better Relationships: Following Vastu direction can also improve your relationships with your family and make your home a better place to grow and be happy.

Vastu Direction for Home: Significance and Importance

East Direction

Imagine the sun rising in the east, bringing light to a new day. If your front door faces east, it can bring you good things like money, health, and wisdom.

West Direction

Now, think of the sun setting in the west, marking the end of the day. Having your bedroom in the west can help you sleep better and feel emotionally stable.

North Direction

The North Direction is like a compass pointing to growth and opportunities. If your front door faces north, you attract wealth, business luck, and personal growth.

South Direction

The South Direction is strong and solid. Sleeping in a south-facing room can make you feel safe and healthier.

Northeast Direction

The Northeast corner is extra special as it is like a divine place. If you set up a prayer room or meditation space here, it can make you spiritually connected and mentally clear.

Northwest Direction

The Northwest Direction is about connections and support. It’s a good place for guest rooms or hanging out with friends.

Southeast Direction

The Southeast Direction is all about action and ambition. A kitchen or a study room here can boost your energy, creativity, and success.

Southwest Direction

This part is all about stability and long-lasting things. If you put your bedroom in the southwest direction, it can make you emotionally intense and feel like things are going to last.

Vastu and Directions: How to Identify the Correct Facing of Home

Knowing the direction your home faces is the first step in applying Vastu principles.

Step 1: Start by standing at your front door as if you’re about to leave your house.

Step 2: Use a compass to record the direction you are facing while standing at the door. You have now found out which way your home is facing.

This simple process helps determine whether your home faces north, south, east, or west. Once you know the facing direction, you can align your home’s interior and exterior with Vastu guidelines. By doing so, you can create a living space that promotes positive energy, harmony, and overall well-being. So, take that first step and discover the direction your home is looking, which can have a significant impact on your life.

Vastu Direction Tips for Home

The Right Direction for Your Home According to Vastu

Vastu suggests that an East or North-facing entrance is auspicious. These directions are believed to bring positive energy, prosperity, and overall well-being into your home.

Understanding the Other Effects of Vastu Directions

Each direction carries unique influences and impacts on your life. By comprehending the effects of different directions, you can make informed decisions about the layout and arrangement of rooms in your home.

Avoiding the Southwest Direction of Your House

In Vastu, the southwest direction is generally considered inauspicious. This area can disrupt family harmony and financial stability, so it’s advisable to avoid placing critical rooms or entrances in this direction.

The Inauspicious Nature of the Southeast Direction in Your House

Similar to the southwest, the southeast direction is also seen as unfavourable in Vastu. It’s associated with negative energies that can hinder financial growth and well-being.

Materials to Use for Your Main Door According to Vastu

The material and colour of your main door are significant factors in Vastu. Choosing suitable materials and colours can attract positive energy and prosperity.

The Main Door Direction According to Vastu

It is believed that the main door is the entry point for energies that influence your home. The main door should be in the Northeast, North, East or West as these direction enhances the flow of positive energy into your living space.

Vastu Tips for Each Main Direction of Home

Vastu Shastra teaches us how the direction our home faces can influence our lives. These simple Vastu tips, based on our home’s direction, can help create a balanced and harmonious living space, making your life more positive.

Vastu Tips for East-Facing Home

An East-facing home is all about positivity and success. It’s great to have your front door facing the East because the morning sun brings good energy. If you put the kitchen in the southeast and a study or prayer room in the northeast, it can bring even more positive vibes.

Vastu Tips for West-Facing Home

Homes facing the West are about fulfilment and change. Having your bedroom in the West can make you sleep better and feel emotionally stable. Try not to put heavy things in the western part of your home; it’s good to keep it open and balanced.

Vastu Tips for North-Facing Home

North-facing homes are linked to growth and opportunities. If your front door faces North, you might attract money and good business chances. Place your bedroom in the South or Southwest for a good night’s sleep. It’s best to avoid having a bathroom in the North, as it might block your prosperity.

Vastu Tips for South-Facing Home

Homes facing the South are about being strong and safe. Put your bedroom or main bedroom in the South; it can make you feel secure and healthy. Placing the kitchen in the southeast corner can bring warmth and good vibes. But don’t build a bathroom in the South; it could cause problems.

Direction for Different Rooms in Home as per Vastu


For a good night’s sleep and a peaceful atmosphere, it’s nice to have your bedroom in the South, Southwest, or West. Putting your bed facing South or West can make your sleep more comfortable and your emotions steady.


The Southeast corner is an appropriate direction for the kitchen. It can make your food taste better and bring in positive energy. But avoid having the kitchen in the Northeast; it could upset the balance.

Pooja Room

For your prayer or meditation space, the best spot is the northeast corner. It is believed to have a special connection to divine energy, making it an excellent place for spiritual practices.

Dining Hall

The dining hall should be in the West or Northwest. It can make your meals more enjoyable. It is good to set the dining table so everyone faces East or North while eating.


Bathrooms are good in the West, South, or Northwest. But Northeast corner can mess up the positive energy in your home.

Kids Room

For your children’s room, it’s good to have it in the West or Northwest. This can help them grow and develop. Put the beds so that their heads point East or South.

Office/Study Room

The East or North is great for an office or study room. It can help you concentrate and work better. Set up your desk so you face East or North while you work.

Drawing Room

If you want an excellent place for chatting and hanging out, put your drawing room in the North or East. Arrange the seating so everyone faces North or East, making the conversations more pleasant.

Store Room

A storage room is fine in the South or West. This can help keep your home feeling stable and balanced.

Best Direction for Home as per Vastu

  • East or North: In Vastu, East or North-facing homes are believed to be the luckiest. They bring in positive vibes and good luck. The morning sun in the East and the North direction have special energies that can make your life better.
  • East-Facing Entrance: If your front door faces East, it’s like inviting positivity and success into your home. It is a good direction for starting new things and attracting good energy.
  • North-Facing Entrance: When your front door faces North, it can help you attract money, growth, and new opportunities. It’s like opening the door to good things in your life.
  • Room Placement: According to Vastu, it is good to have a bedroom, prayer room, or study room in the right spots in the East or North-facing home. This can make your home a positive and happy place.
  • Balancing it Out: While East and North are the best directions, depending on your home, other directions can also be considered. The important thing is to arrange your rooms following Vastu guidelines to create a peaceful and happy home.

Direction-Based Home Colour as per Vastu

The colours you pick for your home can do more than just look pretty. They can also affect how you feel in your space. In Vastu Shastra, the colours you use depend on which direction your rooms face. These colours are chosen to bring good vibes and happiness to your home.

Given below is the list of colours for different parts of your home according to Vastu and the reasons to choose.

Direction Colours Reason
Northeast Light Blue Light blue represents tranquillity and promotes a calm and serene environment.
East White / Light Blue White signifies purity, while light blue enhances a peaceful atmosphere.
Southeast Pink, Orange, Silver Pink represents love, orange signifies enthusiasm, and silver adds a touch of elegance and balance.
North Green / Pista Green Green symbolises growth and harmony, while pista green exudes a soothing and restful vibe.
Wes Blue Blue brings a sense of calm and coolness, creating a relaxing ambiance in the western part of the home.
Northwest Light Grey Light Grey complements the Northwest direction by creating a balanced and composed atmosphere.
Southwest Peach / Mud Colour Peach adds warmth and comfort, while mud colours ground the energy, making the Southwest cosy and stable.
South Red / Yellow Red signifies energy and passion, while yellow represents optimism and liveliness, making the South vibrant and lively.
South and Southeast White, Pink or Orange These colours promote positivity, enthusiasm, and purity, ensuring an inviting and energetic ambiance in these areas.

Vastu Remedies for Home in South Direction

Per Vastu, the South direction of your home can sometimes create a bit of trouble. A few Vastu fixes for the South direction can make your home feel more balanced and positive. The energy can flow freely, and your home will be a better place to live.

Following are some practical ways to make the South-facing home better:

  1. Warm Colours: Colours like red, orange, or pink in your South-facing rooms can make your home feel cosy and lively.
  2. Declutter: Don’t let things pile up in the Southern part of your home. Keeping it tidy and organised lets the good vibes flow freely.
  3. Ample Light: Make sure the South side of your home is well-lit. Natural light is excellent, but you can also use bright, warm lights to keep things cheerful.
  4. Red and Pink Decor: Adding red or pink things like cushions, curtains, or art can give an energetic feel to the Southern part of your home.
  5. Red Lamp: Putting a red lamp or candle in the South can give it an energy boost. Light it up from time to time to keep the good energy coming.
  6. Art with Red Tones: Hang up art with red colours or pictures of the sun in the South. It can make the place feel more lively and positive.
  7. Keep It Light: Avoid putting heavy furniture or big storage things in the South. It can slow down the good vibes. It is good to keep the South area open and airy.


Directions for a home in Vastu Shastra: Vastu Shastra emphasises the significance of home directions. North brings wealth; the South ensures strength; the East promotes health; and the West grants wishes.

Why Vastu direction for home is important? Vastu directions impact life positively, fostering well-being, prosperity, reduced stress, and improved relationships.

Identify the correct facing of the home: Standing at your entrance door and using a compass can help determine your home’s direction.

Vastu Shastra direction tips for home: Optimal directions include East or North entrances, specific room placements, and avoiding the Southwest and Southeast directions.

Direction for different rooms in a home as per Vastu: Vastu principles guide room placements: South, Southwest, or West for bedrooms, Southeast for kitchens, Northeast for pooja rooms, and more.

Best direction for a home as per Vastu: East and North directions are generally considered auspicious for overall well-being, wealth, and positive energy flow.

Direction-based home colour as per Vastu: Use colours like light blue, white, pink, orange, green, blue, light grey, peach, red, and yellow per your room’s direction to enhance the ambience.

Vastu remedies for home in south direction

For the challenging South direction, incorporate warm colours, declutter, ensure good lighting, add red or pink decor, use a red lamp, display art with red tones, and keep the space open.


What is Vastu for home directions?

Vastu Shastra for home directions is a traditional Indian architectural system that guides the positioning and layout of a home based on cardinal directions.

Why is a Vastu direction for home important?

Vastu direction for home is crucial as it impacts the energy, well-being, and harmony of the occupants and aims to create a positive living environment.

What is the significance of directions in Vastu?

Directions in Vastu hold significance in influencing the flow of energy, affecting various aspects of life, including health, wealth, and relationships.

What is the importance of directions in Vastu?

The importance of directions in Vastu lies in their power to shape the energies within a home and influence residents’ lives.

How many directions are there in Vastu?

Vastu recognises eight primary directions: North, South, East, West, Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest.

What are the key vastu directions?

The key Vastu directions include East for the main entrance, North for wealth, South for strength, and West for wish fulfilment.

Which direction is considered bad in Vastu?

The Southwest direction is considered challenging in Vastu and is believed to bring financial instability and personal conflicts.

What is the best direction in Vastu?

The best direction in Vastu depends on individual needs. For overall well-being, East or North-facing homes are often considered favourable.

What is the importance of directions in Vastu?

Directions in Vastu are vital for creating a harmonious living environment, as they impact energy flow, relationships, and overall quality of life.

What should be the home direction as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, the ideal home direction can vary, but East or North-facing homes are generally preferred for a positive and prosperous living space.

What should be the direction of entrance as per Vastu?

As per Vastu, the entrance direction should ideally face East or North, inviting positive energies into the home.

What direction should the pooja room be in, as per Vastu?

The pooja room in Vastu is typically placed in the Northeast direction to foster spiritual growth and mental clarity.

What are the suitable colours for different home directions?

Suitable colours for different home directions in Vastu include warm colours like red and orange for the South, calming blues in the West, and vibrant greens in the North to enhance the energy flow and ambience.