Vastu Shastra Guide for North Facing House

Vastu Shastra Guide for North Facing House

What is Vastu Shastra for a North-facing House?

Vastu Shastra is a well-known ancient Indian science that imparts knowledge about the significance of aligning buildings and objects to attract positivity, happiness, and harmony. When we talk about a north-facing house, it refers to a property with its main entrance door facing the north direction. As per Vastu directions, the north direction symbolizes prosperity and abundance, holding extremely positive significance.

Importance of North-facing House

According to Vastu Shastra, the north direction is governed by Kuber, the God of wealth. Constructing a house facing this direction is considered highly rewarding and auspicious. Additionally, this direction is ruled by Mercury, which can bring substantial benefits to individuals in specific sectors such as trading, real estate, and more.

Is North-facing House Vastu for Everyone?

Vastu maintains that no direction is inherently bad or negative; suitability depends on individual principles and needs. In the case of north-facing properties, it is only considered suitable for specific professions and not universally applicable.

Profession Wise

North-facing houses are particularly auspicious for individuals in various professions:

  1. Businessmen: North-facing houses bring great prosperity to those in the business sector.
  2. Accountants or Chartered Accountants (CA): It is highly recommended for accountants and chartered accountants to consider north-facing properties.
  3. Bankers: If you’re in the banking sector, opting for a north-facing property is advisable.
  4. Investors: Investing in properties facing north is highly advantageous for investors.
  5. Stock Market Traders and Brokers: Individuals in these professions should choose houses with entrances facing north.
  6. Communication and E-service Providers: If you or someone you know works in this field, north-facing houses are a suitable choice.
  7. Astrology and Vastu Services: Astrologers and those offering Vastu services are advised to invest in properties facing north.
  8. Tour and Travel Services: North-facing houses are considered very auspicious and positive for professionals in the tour and travel industry.
  9. Hotels and Hospitality Sectors: If you’re in the business of hotels and hospitality, consider North-facing properties for investment.

Zodiac Wise

  • Karka or Cancer

    If your zodiac sign is Cancer or Karka, north-facing houses are best for you.

  • Vrishchik or Scorpio

    Vastu says Vrishcik Rashi or Scorpio highly benefit from north-facing properties.

  • Meen or Pisces

    People of the zodiac sign Meen or Pisces get extremely lucky if they invest in north-facing houses.

Direction and Placement Plan for North-facing House as Per Vastu

There are certain assigned directions and placement for objects and rooms inside the North-facing house that you should know.

Position of the main door

Vastu scholars advise placing the main entrance in the 3rd, 4th, and 8th pada in some North-facing houses

Bedroom position

The west, south, northwest, and southwest corners of the north-facing houses are best for bedrooms.


In the north-facing properties, the kitchen should be in the southeast, south, and northwest direction.


South of the southwest and west of the northwest are very prosperous for positioning bathrooms in north-facing properties.

Living room

The living room should be positioned in the northeast corner of the north-facing properties.

Puja room

If you have a north-facing house, the puja room should be placed in the northeast corner.

Drawing room

Vastu says the drawing room should be positioned in the northeast direction of some North-facing property.

Study room

The placement of the study room should be in the east corner and in the west corner of the north-facing house.

Balcony or Verandah

Balconies are said to attract wealth and prosperity if they are placed in the northeast corner of a north-facing property.

Guest room

The guest room should be placed in the northwest portion of the north-facing properties.

Advantages of a North-facing House as per Vastu

Receives sunlight

Opting for a north-facing house ensures that you receive gentle and beneficial sunlight without the discomfort of harsh rays.

Ruled by lord Kuber- attracts wealth

Lord Kuber, the deity associated with wealth, governs the north direction. This makes north-facing properties conducive to attracting prosperity.

Predominance of the water element

The water element also influences the North direction. Incorporating features like fountains or water paintings can enhance prosperity and promote happiness.

Emphasis on open spaces to the north

Vastu advises that the North corner of a north-facing property should remain unobstructed and open, allowing for a free flow of energy.

Considered to be good as per Vastu

According to Vastu principles, north-facing properties are believed to bring positivity, wealth, good health, and overall prosperity.

Disadvantages of a North-facing House as per Vastu

Limited sunlight, cooler environment

North-facing houses receive less direct sunlight, potentially resulting in cooler interior temperatures, which can be a concern during winter.

Restriction on planting tall trees in the front

Due to the guidelines against blocking north-facing houses, planting tall trees in the front area may not be feasible.

Potential health issues

Vastu Shastra advises keeping the north-facing entrance unobstructed to avoid attracting health problems. Blocking this entrance could lead to various health-related concerns.

Vastu Tips for North-facing Houses


Avoid adding a slope stretching north to south in a north-facing property.


Place the kitchen in the southeast or northwest corner of the house for optimal Vastu alignment in north-facing houses.


Refrain from keeping clutter in the north or northeast corners of your north-facing house, as advised by Vastu scholars.


According to Vastu principles, avoid adding trees or plants in the north direction for north-facing properties.

Placement of holy symbols

Ensure that holy Vastu symbols are placed appropriately and not scattered around.

Circuit board

The southeast corner is recommended for placement for circuit boards in north-facing houses.

Study room

Consider locating study rooms in the east, northeast, or northwest directions if your property faces north.

Puja room

The northeast direction is considered highly auspicious for Puja rooms in north-facing houses.

Mirror placement

When adding mirrors in north-facing houses, avoid placing them in the north and east corners.

Do’s of North-facing House Vastu

  • Entrance door: Choose the 3rd, 4th, and 8th pada for the entrance door in your north-facing property.
  • Money plant: Add a money plant in the north direction of your house for positive energy flow.
  • Water storage tanks: Place water storage tanks in the north, northeast, east, and west corners of the property for balanced Vastu energy.
  • Bedroom placement: Ideally, situate the bedroom on the first floor of your north-facing property for harmonious energy flow.


Vastu scholars affirm that north-facing properties are conducive to welcoming prosperity, happiness, and good health in both one’s professional and personal life. These houses are particularly beneficial for individuals engaged in banking, real estate, politics, astrology, and Vastu services. The north direction, associated with the water element, is especially suitable for those in the media and entertainment industry.

  • Importance of North-Facing House: A house facing this direction is considered highly rewarding and auspicious.
  • Profession-wise importance:Business, real estate market, politics and others.
  • Colors for a north-facing house: White, Blue, Grey, Beige and others.
  • Zodiac Wise importance of North-facing property: Karka or Cancer, Vrishchik or Scorpio, and Meen or Pisces.
  • Do’s of North Facing House Vastu: Choose the 3rd, 4th, and 8th pada for the entrance door in your north-facing property, Place water storage tanks in the north, avoid blocking the main area and others.
  • Advantages of a North-facing House as per Vastu
    • Receives sunlight
    • Ruled by lord Kuber- it attracts wealth
    • Predominance of the water element
    • Emphasis on open spaces to the north
    • Considered to be good as per Vastu
  • Disadvantages of a North-facing House as per Vastu
    • Limited sunlight, cooler environment
    • Restriction on planting tall trees in the front
    • Potential health issues


What is vastu shastra for a north-facing house?

For a North-facing house, it is recommended to place the entrance door in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th pada. Additionally, incorporating positive Vastu symbols can attract happiness and positivity.

Is it good to have a west-facing house?

West-facing houses are highly auspicious for teachers, politicians, leaders, and more.

What is the significance of a north-facing house, as per Vastu?

North-facing houses are regarded as positive and auspicious, which attract wealth.

According to Vastu, does a north-facing house bring wealth?

North-facing houses are believed to attract and bring wealth.

Who can buy a north-facing house, as per Vastu?

Individuals involved in trading, banking, brokering, accounting, stock market trading, and related professions are advised to invest in north-facing houses.

Where should the entrance be in the north-facing house?

According to Vastu, the entrance door in some North-facing houses should be in the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 8th pada.

Is north-facing house property considered most auspicious as per vastu?

According to Vastu, a north-facing house is considered highly auspicious and conducive to attracting wealth and prosperity.

What are the benefits of a north-facing house?

North-facing properties offer a bright, cheerful, and positive living environment for the residents.

What things should we avoid in a north-facing house?

Avoid placing septic tanks or bathrooms in the Northeast corner, refrain from using Yellow, Maroon, and Red paints, and ensure the front door is never blocked.

What are the advantages of a north-facing house?

A north-facing property receives ample sunlight. This creates a cheerful, happy, and prosperous environment for the residents.

Are there any disadvantages of a north-facing house?

If you own a north-facing property, planting trees can be challenging, and blocking the entrance may lead to health issues for the residents.

Which colors are best, as per Vastu, for a north-facing house?

Blue, Beige, Green, Grey, and White are considered ideal colors for a North-facing property.

What are the Vastu doshas remedies in north-facing houses?

Use only Vastu-approved colors, place salt in the toilets (change weekly), and incorporate positive Vastu symbols within the property.