Which Are The Upcoming Areas in Pune to Live in?

Considering to move to Pune? If you’re wondering how it feels to live in this city, what are the upcoming areas in Pune? Let’s find out all the answers as you go further in this article.

Pune, also known as Poona, is the second-largest city in Maharashtra and one of India’s most significant educational and industrial hubs. Pune is also known as the cultural capital of Maharashtra, and it is widely regarded as the second major IT hub in India. This city has everything that anyone will need to have a comfortable life – like pleasant weather, affordable places, well-known educational institutes, and IT sectors.

With regular developments, many upcoming areas in Pune promise to offer a better living.

Pune is known for being a contemporary and elegant city. However, still, this city holds its cultural and ethnic values too till these modern days, and these qualities make it one of the top choices among other cities in India to live in.

A Developing Chief Town Pune

As mentioned above, after Mumbai, Pune is the second largest city in Maharastra. It is a popular tourist destination with many famous landmarks such as Shaniwar Wada, Torna Fort, Singhagad Fort, Rajgad Fort, etc., which attract people from different corners of India.

This city is among India’s most populated cities and is considered one of the best cities to live in India. Pune has many educational sites, which include one of India’s top educational institutes.

Pune has so many IT sectors, which makes this city suitable for people with good employment opportunities.

Criteria to Look at Before Deciding to Live in a Place

If you’re buying a house for real estate, then go for the places outside the city near highways or where the government has plans for metro junctions in upcoming years, as you can’t find places in the main city because of the crowding.

When you’re moving to a different city, there are many questions in your mind that you need to answer before making a final decision. The sole criteria of a particular place you should consider are:

  • It should be near schools and colleges.
  • Should have hospitals around.
  • It should be near IT hubs.
  • Malls should be around.
  • It should have both public and private transport which are readily available.

The best residential areas in Pune are always in significant demand as most people are looking for the best, making these places have very high rents for houses and high cost of living.

Here, you will get a list of places you can compare and consider before choosing to live in Pune.

List of Upcoming Places to live in Pune

There are a lot of options when you are planning to settle down in Pune, but managing the living expenses in such a big city is not possible for many people, so here is a list of places which could be a great option in the upcoming time with all the facilities available which are required to sustain in a particular area while spending less:

1: Wagholi

Wagholi is historically renowned and is named after a prehistoric Tiger temple. Because of the very affordable housing in this area, Wagholi is one of the best upcoming areas in Pune for residential purposes.

It is close to the Pune international airport and well-connected to the rest of Pune by the Pune Ahmedabad highway that passes through this area. This area comes under the Gram Panchayat. Because of this, the growth is relatively slow, even with the fact that it has an excellent public transport infrastructure and facilities provided by the municipals.

This area is very near to the mining hub, and because of that, the employees from the hub prefer to live around with their families. The demand for real estate is increasing day by day because of the excellent quality of flats and villas in these localities.

Highlights of Wagholi

  • Student-friendly localities.
  • It has some of the best schools and doctor’s clinics.
  • There is a museum in this area.
  • The condition of the roads is well maintained.
  • Residential areas are safe at night.
  • It has the best parks around.

2: Baner

Baner is located on the outskirts of the northwestern part of Pune. This place has become one of the top locations to buy real estate properties in Pune, with increasing rates day by day.

It has been very famous for Varkari Parampara and Bhakti Aradhana for many years. Baner is known for being the residential and commercial hub of Pune city, and many IT companies occupy its larger areas. Baner is located near the Dehu Road Katraj Bypass and has a direct connection to Mumbai-Pune Expressway.

Highlights of Baner

  • The most preferred location for IT professionals as it has excellent proximity to Aundh and Hinjewadi.
  • Outstanding social infrastructure.
  • Surrounded by well-known schools.
  • Nearby hospitals and shopping malls.
  • Many well-known enterprises are based here.

3: Undri

Undri is an upcoming growing locality situated in the southeast outskirts of Pune. In the past few years, Undri has changed from a rural area to a fast-developing suburb comprising a few industries and IT stations. Pune airport and railway station are within 15 km of distance from this area.

It has good connectivity to the essential and fringe areas of Pune, which is possible because of the roads running through this region. It has a peaceful environment which is required for residential living. This place offers you with variety of living; it comprises villas, plots, and apartments.

Highlights of Undri

  • It has great proximity to commercial hubs.
  • Renowned educational institutions are situated in and around this area.
  • Social infrastructures are developing very fast.
  • It has affordable land rates.
  • Greenery all around
  • Some workplaces are quickly accessible.
  • Shopping avenues are within close reach.

4: Talegaon

Talegaon is a small town situated in the northern parts of Pune on the Bangalore-Mumbai expressway, and it is very close to the industrial zones. It offers great connectivity through expressways, national highways, and railway lines.

Talegaon is among the best upcoming areas in Pune and is only around 30 minutes from Pune and 2 hours from Navi Mumbai, which is why it is an excellent place for both the local people and for commuting. There are many multinational companies and agro-based industries established in Talegaon.

It is also a developing satellite city and a central industrial area. Being here means you have both the option of being connected to the big city life while it offers you the opportunity to live in peace and away from all the unwanted noises of the city simultaneously.

Highlights of Talegaon

  • It has delightful weather throughout the year.
  • It has green surroundings everywhere.
  • It offers good educational facilities.
  • Major employment hubs are at a short distance.

5: Moshi

Moshi is located at the edge of the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation area and it has become the top real estate and commercial destination in the last few years.

It has gained a lot in land redevelopment and price appreciation, and some most reputed National and International companies are close to Moshi. Along with the number of employment opportunities and housing projects, this area also offers amazing investment opportunities for your future.

This place is known for its IT hubs and commercial services. Moshi has exceptional advancement in infrastructure; it can be seen in terms of flyovers, railways, and highways. The Pune metro project extension has proposed metro connectivity to this place in the upcoming years.

Highlights of Moshi

  • It is home to a legion of educational institutes.
  • Proximity to IT and commercial hubs.
  • Covered in greenery with no pollution.
  • Great social infrastructure.
  • Healthcare centres and hospitals are within its locality.

6: Pimpri

Pimpri was once a rural locality on the outskirts, in the northwestern parts of Pune, but today it has become one of the most popular upcoming residential areas. It is well-connected to different suburbs by Wakad Road, Mumbai-Pune Expressway, and Spine Road.

Different bus stands facilitate bus services across the locality. The Pune airport is around 40 minutes away, and there are railway stations at Pimpri. This place has a fast-developing industrial and commercial zone. The great success of the IT and industrial sectors has attracted more investors. Different residential plots, flats, and villas dominate Pimpri.

Highlights of Pimpri

  • There are renowned schools in Pimpri.
  • This place has reputable hospitals.
  • It is widely famous as Industrial Township.

7: Nigdi

Nigdi is an upcoming town situated in the Pimpri-Chinchwad region of Pune. This area is close to the famous Hinjewadi IT Park. It has a meagre cost of living compared to other significant areas of Pune. It is very close to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway and the famous hill station Nigdi is well connected to other major locations by the roadways.

Due to the excellent connectivity in Nigdi, new commercial projects are being built. A steady rise in property rates has been seen in Nigdi for the past 2-3 years. Nigdi is a safe residential locality with a friendly neighbourhood, making it a prime location. It is a highly liveable place with all basic amenities nearby, and it is also one of the major tourist destinations of Pune, with temples, lakes, dams, and parks.

It is a well-planned locality and is very safe, making it a better option for families and the purpose of investment. It’s a residential area and an industrial and IT hub. The transport system is good as the connectivity to schools, colleges, hospitals, malls, banks, etc., is relatively easy by local buses.

Highlights of Nigdi

  • It has good schools and colleges which are within walking distance.
  • Banks and ATMs are also at a close distance.
  • No water logging issues because of the good drainage facilities.
  • The police station is situated within the locality, which makes this place safe.


Pune is a fantastic place to live in; it attracts so many people with its combination of being a contemporary and elegant city. So, above is the list of the best places in Pune to live a comfortable life and the upcoming areas in Pune.

Pune has many qualities, making it a great option for people planning to move to this city. It has everything you would need to have a smooth life anywhere. Besides the purpose of living, you can also invest in real estate as the prices are going up each year, which can be a great deal for you.

Pune has grown to become a metropolis city in India. With the IT sector (which makes it suitable for people with employment opportunities from IT sectors), pleasant climate, proximity to many tourist places nearby, and being an educational hub, so many options available to choose from, moving to Pune will surely be the easiest choice to make for anyone.


What is the cost of living in Pune?

It entirely depends on you; one can survive here for Rs 14,000-15,000 per month, depending on how you spend your money.

Which is the best locality in Pune for an IT professional?

Kalyani Nagar, Aundh, Wakad and more are the best localities in Pune for an IT professional.

Is Pune the safest city in India?

Yes, Pune is one of the safest cities in India. According to government reports, Pune is the second safest city in India.

Is the Weather in Pune Good?

Pune has an average temperature between 19-33 °C. Pretty comfortable/pleasant climate for a nice city to live in.

Which are the cheaper locations to invest within Pune?

The cheaper locations within Pune city are Talegaon Dabhade, Nigdi, Dehu Road, Chakan, and Khadki; these are a few locations that offer affordable housing options to people interested in real estate investment in Pune.

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